K Camp - WIFI Lyrics

What make you different?
Do you listen?
Is you one to keep it solid?
Is you snitchin?
Is you thorough?
Is you bitchin?
Aye don't front
Is you impressed by what I'm kickin?
What's yo style?
How you comin?
Is you drippin?
Too many hoes, in the water, I'm fishin
My wrist, on snow, is it Christmas?
My bitch, on go, that's the misses
My foreign, on skates, don't miss it
I'm kickin, this flavor, real different
Don't think, I'm from, this dimension
Shawty want, ex-ex, extension
This year, I'm ballin, like the Sixers
Young nigga, above the rim, Ben Simmons
Yellow diamonds, my wrist, is a Simpson
Tryna fall, for these hoes, you trippin
Let's go
Tryna fall, for these hoes, you trippin
Let's go
Aye don't front
Is you impressed by what I'm kickin?

Only thing that I see is the top
Since a youngin, all I wanted was the guap
What that is on yo side? That's a Glock
If that nigga on his shit, give him props
My lil shawty keep on playin with that box
Treat that shit like my dreads, it's on locks
Man I think I should turn it up a notch
Can a nigga put this dick in yo crotch?
When my niggas switched on me I was shocked
Shit I'm feelin, I been feelin this a lot
How the hell you spend bout 60 on a watch?
How the hell you spend bout 60 on a thot?
I got knots
I'm on go, I can see who tryna plot
Up the stocks
Shawty say that I'm slicker than a fox
Geek a lot
I just pray you keep it trill 'cause you my rock
It don't stop
In the hills but we came from the block

And they try to doubt me
If it ain't bout money keep that shit from round me
You keep it 1K, I'll treat you just like family
You say you been searchin
Well look up you found me

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K Camp WIFI Comments
  1. Proudmomma01 G

    OH YEAH.

  2. Sean Garcia

    K camp still bumping it.

  3. Paris Moore

    This my ish

  4. James Poss

    I need the tickets to go see this ROLE MODEL

  5. Danni J J

    Shawty said that im slicker than a fox🔥😜

  6. Jenn Jef

    What you make u different ?

  7. Chance808ify


  8. Adolphus Johnson

    Does anyone know where to find this beat or instrumental

  9. El Drip


  10. Josh Cain

    THis Isnt At 1m Views?🔥🔥💪

  11. Lisa Jack

    Mad slept on man. Don’t go to bed on this guy man y’all tripping

  12. Jesus

    Youtube make this big now 😭😭😩

  13. TeamFlatRadio

    Prolly won’t see this but I remember meeting you at Savannah State waaaaaaaayyy back in the day. Had to been like 08-09 but I’ve watched your journey from the beginning, your music saved my life and it helped me run my path! Room 1102 most slept on song ever but when I get my platform, ima introduce folks to that classic! Keep working, Camp! #SlumSeason

  14. Josh Cain


  15. EviL FleCha


  16. Miguel

    This song so lit yo ⚡️

  17. James Kuczma

    He used a youtube beat 😡

  18. Parker Roofing & Restoration

    If everyones music was different like this, The Industry wouldn't be so watered down with Lames... GoOD ThINg k Camp keep it 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣

  19. Noah Jno baptiste

    Yellow diamonds, my wrist, issa Simpson (Gold Head) .....still my fav line🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  20. HBK Zay

    I feel like Durkio shoulda remix this one

  21. Nicholas Boelter

    2019 anyone💯🔥♾

    Wade Crouch

    Nicholas Boelter this song is a banger I’ll always be back 🔥👌🏼

  22. SetS 4

    Instru of wifi is perfect by euro beats 🔥❤❤❤

  23. Tajanee' W.

    When this song first came out I listened to it everyday for like a month straight 😭🙌🏾

  24. Liquid Poetry

    K. Camp. They stay sleeping on you. I Love Camp!!!

  25. Nyla ReRe

    I ❤️❤️KING K CAMP THIS WHOLE ALBUM IS 🔥 LIT IDGAF WHO DIFFERS let’s go go go only thing that I see is the top it’s on lock

  26. blow blow level niveles big L

    soo hard🔥🔥🔥🔥

  27. G Man

    Bout time ayeee


    This sounds like James harden by Lee Durham video looks alot like our shit too deezam ✌👍

  29. Cynthia Harris

    I promise I love this dude❤️❤️❤️😘💯

  30. that boi zxch


  31. Kingly Man

    How the Hell you spend bout 60💵💵 On a ⌚ How the Hell you spend bout 60💵💵 on a thot🤔 Oh well...

  32. Kingly Man

    💵💵Rare... Sonund🔊🎶

  33. Karen Lee

    I love me some f* cking Camp 😆

  34. Chels 4hunnid

    Since I was young all I want is the gwuop

    Kingly Man

    How The Hell you spend bout 60💵💵on a ⌚ How The Hell You spend bout 60💵💵 on a thot🤔 Oh well...🔥🔥🔥🔥

  35. Vito Kroon

    This song made my 2018🔥🔥

  36. Vito Kroon

    Somebody want k camp to make a song with j cole like this

  37. Mystical Goddess

    This my first time hearing it and I'm hooked on him. Blessed I found him. He feeds a good part of my soul. Thanks Camp much love 🙏

  38. VIVEK M

    RARE frfr

  39. new galaxy

    Camp mad slept on forreal

  40. Liquid

    My Favorite Song off the Album💯🔥🔥🔥Love From Baltimore City Maryland...

  41. Daniel Dear

    My boy fuckin shit up the right way on GANG....Salute homie

  42. C.R W.B

    this a remix to dopeboy cry by derez deshon

  43. Anthony Domoulouka

    Who else found this video from Instagram?

  44. Chels 4hunnid

    Is you????

  45. Ieshah White

    This song is sexy

  46. Awuah Fam

    Good morning K Campbell

    Awuah Fam

    I will have to see you soon King ♔

    Awuah Fam

    Zayna Watson

    Awuah Fam

    Ok Campbell and Zayna is in Georgia

  47. Janessa Madkins

    I love him.

  48. ahmed ali


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  50. maik

    Add song on spotify 🔥

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  53. chambers siblings

    My girl broker Up with me

  54. chambers siblings


  55. Lil Bit

    Sorry whores he has a wife 😘✌🏾💯

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    el mejorsiiii

  57. Karen Lee

    Here in jamaica camp could sing humpty dumpty sat on a wall and i would like 😆

  58. Doc Holiday

    K Camp shit be having me vibing he drop some hot music I have to comment twice 🔥💥☄️ Lava hot #KCamp #SlumpGod

  59. Doc Holiday

    Goat 💯💯💯🎆🎇 need to come to Florida 🥇🏆#SlumpGod

  60. Wade Crouch

    How is this song not viral! Add it to iTunes 🤙🤙

  61. Dasha Stroud

    Wifi mean why fight..get?

  62. Shawnna Malonson

    yup hos everywhere in Houston

  63. Jason Wesley

    Keep going kamp

  64. Austin2D

    This is so under rated

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  66. Derro bigracks

    bro your flow real different RARESOUND

  67. Dusk Golden Diamond Child


  68. Queen V

    I love dis beat 🎼 n song💞

  69. MB Maffija

    mam ciary jak tego słucham

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  71. mydream127

    Kcamp X CashmoneyAP need that! Like if you agree

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    Shawty.. want.. xxx tension

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    #TOD #T8KeOvAorDi3💯🤘🏾🏁

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    Glad KC back with that YAY !! 🔥

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    N da hills but we came up 4rm da blocc!!!!!!

  76. Fransez Green



    Kcamp never fell off he still been dropping heat but that contract was WAC.. Real fans know #djshakes

  78. Aiden Rivera

    0:46 is that a xxxtentacion reference??

  79. Young Reek

    K camp fan 4 life 1000

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    This needs to be on iTunes!

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    I love him 💙

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    k camp with the waviness

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    Bitches change up to camp!!! I'm that rock😘🌏

  86. Ms1BBQ

    K camp they need not to worry about u you 🔥 🔥 he Killin shit

  87. FunkyBlueCat

    I like this song 😍

  88. Dolphin Jet

    You can’t still my song..
    Dolphin Jet x I’m Solid
    On Spotify, YouTube, ITunes...
    Go check out the real version. Mine kid.. you could’ve at least paid homage!!💯💯🔥🔥✔️💪🏾

  89. Thaclutchplug

    People sleep on K Camp🔥🐐 #Facts

  90. Ebony Thornton

    What’s yo style... How you comin.... is you drippin😌

  91. Kinglilg Gang

    What's the meaning of title wifi 🤔dope Wong though💯💪🏾


    Should have A BILLION VIEWS By now

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    Northside ATL

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    K Camp is a blessing ❤️

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