Justin Stone - Brother Lyrics

Had some problems, but I'm doing good
When I was down you were there to say I could
Every night when I was writing 'til like 2 AM
You were sleeping on the couch so I could push a pen
I always told you I'ma make it
Swearing on my words, the title's mine for the taking
Remember playing ball growing up as a kid
Even then you wanted me to be the best that there is
Now my state of mind is every single thing I drop
You told me never lose yourself just to reach the top
You say I'm growing up, but got a lot to learn
Stopped living reckless when I felt the afterburn
Always had a passion that be different from the rest
I'm to driven to give you anything but my best
My brother told me keep working, it's bound to happen soon
Put my city on my back, Columbus knows I'm coming through

Remember when I thought I had this figured out
I don't know what I'm doing now
I don't know what I'm doing now
But I wouldn't be here right now
But I wouldn't be here right now
But I wouldn't be here right now
If it wasn't for my brother now
It's all you, yeah, it's all you
I'ma make you proud of me
I'ma make you proud of me
It's all you, yeah, it's all you
I'ma make you proud of me
I'ma make you proud of me

Put my practice into patience
Promotion Sounds got me spreading 'cross the nation
You had me when no other blog listened to my tape
So I promise when I blow I will fly you to my state
Put Ohio on a track, put my brother in a song
All the hours he lost sleeping just so I could write a song
My family believes ever since I did that show
Growing up I wanted to be someone everybody knows
I chased my dream from the jump, I never turned around
Ever since I call the shots I'm the shooter now
They like to talk me down, but it's not affecting me
Got positives for everything they try to throw at me
It takes some time to be great
Working every night until the day they closing my grave
Yeah I know what they say, I'm a product in the making
I won't quit until they listen, bound to find me on your station, yeah

Remember when I thought I had this figured out
I don't know what I'm doing now
I don't know what I'm doing now
But I wouldn't be here right now
But I wouldn't be here right now
But I wouldn't be here right now
If it wasn't for my brother now
It's all you, yeah, it's all you
I'ma make you proud of me
I'ma make you proud of me
It's all you, yeah, it's all you
I'ma make you proud of me
I'ma make you proud of me

Hey man, I'm just calling to say I'm proud of you brother. I just... It's been exciting seeing you following your dreams, so I love you man and I'm excited to see where you're headed next. And I'ma be right there with you along the way

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Justin Stone Brother Comments
  1. Fed Bow

    Good song/ Respect from Russia <3

  2. Slyhawk beatz

    Song touched me thanks making this song like this makes my day missing my Iittle brother everyday R.I.P.

  3. Moth

    Is the melody in the background yours or from another song?

  4. Jason Stone

    Still my favorite :)

  5. Ashley Atiyeh

    man! so glad I came across this one again. needed these words. ty!

  6. D D

    Cool tune ☺

  7. Magnus P

    What can i say i think the word is awesome! <3

  8. Flicky

    Play at speed 1.25 it makes it flow so much nicer, its too slow at normal speed for my taste...

    Promoting Sounds

    +DUBz Envy i can see it! Thanks for the tip bro


    @Promoting Sounds no problem, love your channel man

  9. Costi1100

    Amazing, Keep growing Justin and their is nothing you cannot do. That goes for everyone if you keep an open mind and work hard their is no limit to what you can achieve :)

    Promoting Sounds

    +Costi1100 for real! He's already done so much and still progressing, amazing to watch

  10. Kasey Stratton

    omg this song 😩😩 and him 😩😍

    Promoting Sounds

    +Kasey Stratton hes just too talented!

  11. ThePianoMan1999

    Name of the instru ????

  12. No one

    I wish that my brother still take to me😖

    Justin Stone

    +Punisher Thanks! Go grab it on Itunes! It was #25 on the charts today! let's climb

  13. JackAllen

    Justin Stone.. Words can't explain how inspirational you can be.. Your songs are great but your passion is what breaks free through each and every word.. You have a love for the music like most don't.. You have the capability of much more than you can imagine.. Just believe in it..

    Promoting Sounds

    +JackAllen so damn true, you can really feel the emotion behind every word


    +Promoting Sounds you guys are really doing something good for the world.. Promoting "unknown" musicians and showing the world their talent.. You guys deserve much more support than you recieve.. And pop some ads on your videos, you guys deserve it ;)

  14. Ryan Hirsch

    +Promoting Sounds same to you promoting sounds you have helped so many people feel like there worth something and making them grow and even yourself grow congrats

  15. Ryan Hirsch

    +Justin Stone no problem man

  16. Beki

    there is a lot of emotions in this song .... and i love it, its going in my playlist ;)

    Justin Stone

    +Bekir bekirov Play it all day everyday ;)

  17. ItsBlockBreaker

    Justin seems like such an amazing dude tbh, so chill and real, always puts 110% effort into all of his tracks and is truly thankful for those who support him, i see big things for him <3

    Justin Stone

    Means a lot! You guys that support me keep me going. I have to give back to you guys:)

  18. miles aseniero

    Get a song from Pryde's new album "I don't belong here" everything in it is good

    Promoting Sounds

    +miles aseniero love Pryde - will do man!

  19. LastHopeForWorld ™

    Justin Stone rise so fast in my personal fav rapper list :3

    Justin Stone

    Glad I'm on that list 👌🏻

  20. Unknown 永遠に

    When steeze is producing you know it'll be good. And Justin always kills it 🔥

    Promoting Sounds

    +aka Selfies so true, the mans got talent

  21. Bruno Outlaw

    Awesome sound!

    Promoting Sounds

    +outlawdasilva agreed man! Justins perfecting it

  22. Kat MTR

    Another great track by one of my favourites.

    Promoting Sounds

    +_ AlohaItsKat _ really glad you feel it!!

  23. jvg1001

    He real for that shoutout

    Promoting Sounds

    +jvg1001 man, one of the most genuine in the game

  24. Jian Huang

    love this!!

    Promoting Sounds

    +Jian Huang happy to hear it Jian!!

  25. Ryan Hirsch

    Yo Justin your music is special bro it's something that people can relate too and I love it keep grinding man your going to make it big!

    Promoting Sounds

    +Ryan Hirsch so true! Thats why i love him so much. We gotta support him every step of the way!

    Justin Stone

    Thanks Ryan!

  26. Fraqs Plays

    very relaxing

    Promoting Sounds

    +Fraqs Plays agreed, such a laid back vibe

  27. Selena Sanchez

    Ohh!! That shout out tho got too real 🎶👌 Great tune for sure!

    Promoting Sounds

    +Selena Sanchez man hes just incredible, when i heard that i freaked out hahaha

    Selena Sanchez

    +Promoting Sounds Hahah! Yep!! Same here :)

  28. L3gionJay

    Another banger by Justin! <3 including Promoting Sounds in the lyrics as well haha :D

    Justin Stone

    +L3gionJay Had to show him some love:)

  29. Humanity

    This new album though!

  30. Haris Jawed


    Promoting Sounds

    +Haris Jawed on point <3

  31. MiniMizzie24

    Such a pretty instrumental... Flowing.

    Thanks for the great upload!

    Justin Stone

    +MiniMizzie24 Steezefield killed it!

  32. James Sosox

    the album is hyped

    Justin Stone

    +_Pixels_ Boii :) go cop it!

  33. vale KRRNZ

    Daaaaamn dope! Nice tune, dude. Cheers from Argentina!

    Justin Stone

    +Electrosuperflashbangs garage band Love the international support!

  34. Gamma Slick

    mudda chill!

    Promoting Sounds

    +SlickDesigns damn SD, back at it with the dope icon change

    Gamma Slick

    @Promoting Sounds ;D <3 bro :P i gotta hook you up with a logo and a banner update soon :P

  35. WhudUP Do

    Been waiting on this song homie, Justin, the way you care, devote real fucking lyrics to what you're feeling, I respect you and wish you the best of luck in your upcoming battle with this rap game. Always keep it real, and jus be you dawg.


    Got chills when he mentioned you pro no, I love you homie

    WhudUP Do

    *pro mo, my mofuckin G, the one who truly has the ear of us all, I know I'm not the only one who shows there friends and family dope ass music BECAUSE of promoting sounds. You shine light on people that actually work hard for the music. So much love brother

    Promoting Sounds

    +WhudUP Do man, all the love in the world to you

  36. Will Fredricks

    Yo, can you post "I know" - Kirk knight ft. Mick Jenkins ✊🏽👍🏽🔥

    Promoting Sounds

    +Will Fredricks will look into the copyright and get it done for you Will!

  37. Hoy Noer

    Im buying the album +Justin stone when does it come out?

    Justin Stone

    +Twitch CoC It'll be on spotify and itunes tomorrow!

    Hoy Noer

    Ok what about Google play store

    Justin Stone

    I believe so !

  38. Monkeyo Dreamz

    saw dude

    Monkeyo Dreamz

    +Justin Stone hi

    Monkeyo Dreamz

    +Justin Stone like the song it's one of my favorites

  39. Cyberrausch

    chillig and great song but i wish more Power behind the voice for some parts! :)

    Justin Stone

    +TheCyberrausch I'm working on it:) just takes time

  40. Squid

    That's what I'm talking bout Bruva!

    Promoting Sounds

    +IForever Throwed HAD to get his one up brotha!

  41. David M

    What's the plan?

  42. Jvstifyy

    chillest song ever!👌

    Justin Stone

    +JokerVII :)

  43. SgtAtomKeks

    it is Justin ... so it has to be awesome ♪♪

    Justin Stone

    +SgtAtomKeks love the support!


    +Justin Stone no problem man ..Stay awesome♥

  44. Kyle James

    Two Justin Stone posts in a day, one from SwagyTracks, one from Promoting Sounds, and on top of that his new album came out! Man, this day got rapidly better with every song!

    Justin Stone


  45. Justin Stone

    Had to give you a shout out bro!:)

    The Album is out now! Get it here - https://itun.es/us/siOCbb

    Reached #25 on iTunes Hip/Hop Album Charts!

    Justin Stone

    +Crucfy The Gods message me man I always try to respond

    Bro Beats

    +Justin Stone yo justin stone can you ever hit me up I know that your a artist and busy but the funny thing is me too and im growing really fast so cool If you hit me up

  46. 610 j

    justin been puttin in work!

    Justin Stone

    Always grinding homie!

  47. oBasy

    This is fresh

    Promoting Sounds

    +oBasy you already know Basy!

  48. Promoting Sounds

    Check out the Promoting Sounds shoutout in the second verse!!

    Kyle James

    +Promoting Sounds Haha! Justin is a saint, especially towards his supporters, that's what makes him wicked dope!

    L Jackson

    +Kyle James True


    thats fuckin awesome