Juris - Baby, I Do Lyrics

You're always on my mind
Since I've had this feeling
I found in you a dream
I've believed to be true

Finally you got me fallin' like this
I don't wanna end a feeling like this

You know I want to share my world with you
I promise to you my feelings will never change
You know I want to forever live in this moment
I wanna spent the rest of my life with you
I do

Dreaming of a life
A happy ever after
I couldn't imagine if it wouldn't be with you
Each day is like a fairy tale come true
I wouldn't ask for more than being with you

You know I want to share my world with you
I promise to you my feelings will never change
You know I want to forever live in this moment
I wanna spend the rest of my life with you
I do

You know I want to share my world with you
I promise to you my feelings will never change
You know I want to forever live in this moment
I wanna spend the rest of my life with you
I do

I wanna spend the rest of my life with you I do
With you, I wanna spent the rest of my life
Baby, I do

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Juris Baby, I Do Comments
  1. Marius Ferrer

    Plgi aq naiiyak sa kantang to pag naririnig ko kasi cgro kht na kinasal kmi ndi ko maramdaman na pinahhalagahan nya ako..
    mgkalayo kami pero kht oras para makamusta ako araw araw ndi nya magawa😞😔
    I hope sana magbalikatd nlng kmi ng stwasyon
    Sana sya nlng yun mahal n mahal ako
    At ako nlng sya para marmdaman nya kung ano ako

  2. Regine Delacruz

    To the One I Love . Thank You for Coming of my Life. Your the Greatest Gift that God Given to me. 😭❤️ I dont ask for more . Iloveyou i will never let anyone to destroy us. ❤️💪🏻😘 I promised, but you promise you will never leave me . I was crying because i already found someone who complete me. 🥰

  3. Regine Delacruz

    Masarap ma inlove sa taong mas mahal ka ❤️ Feeling Inlove again and again everytime i played this song . Ughhh

  4. Anne

    27 years when we say "I do" and we still we do thanks for the love and being a great husband...Love you

  5. Wella Blanco

    I want to share my world with you my foreverlove i love you so much

  6. Mar E


  7. Marie Cabriadas

    Ito yong song kinaknta nya sakin over the phone..☹gabi sa kanila madaling araw dito..

  8. rica shane maranan


  9. Banyo Queen

    Everytime I hear this I imagine myself walking in d aisle in wedding dress IDK why

  10. Banyo Queen

    Will be my wedding song entourage in a piano arrangement 🤗

  11. Lyn Delacruz

    Para sa aking fiance "I DO" Ron Barnhart !

  12. Ivhy Juinio

    Sana all😊

  13. Mayrose Bagalay

    I wanna spend the rest of my life with you...Yes, I DO!!

  14. Esnihaya Ditucalan

    To my future husband ... I may not know you as of now but don't worry I will wait for you, pray for you that sooner you'll get into my way. I love you in advance. 💕

  15. Mariateresa Liggayu

    Iloveyousomuch moo😘😘😘😘

  16. Jheila Magbanua

    I want to play this upon my wedding day. 💒🎉😍😇🎊

  17. Jess Angela Estela

    I remember the drama before THE RICH MAN'S DAUGHTER

  18. Yahje Marino

    nkaka inlove <3

  19. Bejie Sabalo

    i cant imagine myself getting married sucks 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. Charlot Mariza Jean Rizardo-Mainding

    How can I do ?? Kung nakasal na sya sa iba 😭😭

  21. jenny rose

    I love you always baby ko.. 😘😘
    Im always here for you no matter what.
    I won't give up on us!!! Aug 05 2019

  22. Bro. Ray Michael Echavez


  23. denden cabanganan

    I Dream Song from My wedding 💕💕💕

  24. Aasha Susan

    l am wandering the music of
    l am singing the song of love
    l am wandering the only one love
    That is my godgiving special
    Good Night Sweet Dreams

  25. Girly Borgonia-Ballena

    To the man i love Secretly, i love you.

  26. Nenita Rementizo

    Lizquen Brought me here ❤

  27. jackie Nazareno


  28. Crystal Quizon

    I wish I can say I DO to the man meant for me..

  29. Renelyn Arena

    Maybe 5 years from now, I will sing this to the same guy I love today for almost 3 years 😍😍😍

  30. Margie Bautista

    💕 Ang Sarap mainlove sa taong itinadhana sayo ni Lord GOD 😊😊 ..To My Dearest Husband soon , I wanna spend the rest of my life with you 😘 ♥️♥️..

  31. Nhur Hayhathi

    I promise to u my feelings will never change 💋❤to my soon husband nayed

  32. eric ramirez

    i love her so much,but we cant be together 😪😪, in Gods perfect time evrything will fall into place. 🙏

  33. Khaye Neri


  34. Carmen Chicas

    Bello 😍😘😘❤
    Love you Peter

  35. DUH?! YAN

    Chances of fate from wattpad 😍😭😍

  36. lagi wasak ang puso

    Sana gnun din ung naramdaman niya for me I want to spend until the rest of my whole life

  37. Jean Santelices

    I wanna spend the rest of my life with you sweet11 @asthel♥️♥️♥️

  38. Jon Jon

    Her voice is so amazing

  39. Jackie Husein

    ❤ I want to ❤ share my world ❤ with you. ❤ I want to spend the rest of my ❤ life with ❤ you. ❤ Baby, I do. ❤

  40. Jihyo Foster


  41. regulos minor

    To the girl I love the most :) I dedicate this song to you my one and only abs . My soon to be wife :* marie grace h. d

  42. Mish Yashie

    sayang lang kasi wala akong jowa kaya tamang soundtrip nalang😊

  43. Merry Rose Vicente

    Baby!!!!! I’m always here for you,no matter what happened in the future you always had my back😘😍

  44. Jacqueline Alpas

    How i wish may magmahal sakin nang 22o..and makasal..dream q talaga makasal aq huhuh

  45. Angela Naga

    Yung feeling na walang kakanta sayo ng mga ganyan kaya gusto mo na lang maging wedding singer 😂

    Bejie Sabalo

    relate hahha single

    Jovilyn Abella

    mare! wg naman ganun... ahehehe

    Missy31 Missy


    jasmine victoria

    Don’t loose hope always remember there is someone who will be there and waiting for you maybe not now but soon . 😊🥰

  46. Marie Amante

    To my future husband: Eto Yong kakantahin ko pag ikakasal na Tayo..😊

  47. mylene mansing

    I miss you Love ko....kakayanin natin....i know so hard to be part this LDR....but we accept our reality of life...saan ba mag sasama din tayo ulit.
    I miss you so much😔😔😔
    I know God will guide us and bless us more.
    Iloveyou so much..my Love tomas❤❤❤

  48. Daisy Quitor

    Ron paclibar💕

  49. ann

    Yes I do

  50. Janesis Ma. Katrina Castillo

    Ang ganda ng kanta ni Juris, nakakaiyak.

  51. Tintin Ollete26

    I love you so much to the one I really love 💓💕

  52. dex dino

    sana someday pakasalan din ako ng taong mahal na mahal ko

  53. Angela Dutaro

    i just hope he loves me like i do..

  54. Mitch Nunez

    I luv this song,,,, I wanna spend the rest of my life with u,, I hope u happy now I miss u so much mr ,,,

  55. Deborah Coleman


  56. m r

    When he just waited for the very right time for us. He waited so long for me. And now we're happily together. And getting stronger.
    You know you're the only One whom I'll say my "I DO", Hon.... 😍😘
    Before, now, and forever. I will love you!

    AA AY

    Happy for both of and God Bless you both always.🤗🤗

  57. Marsha Karthik

    I love you Karthik. ❤

  58. eva rangas

    Makes me fall inlove all over again and again while listening this and thinking the man I LOVE SOOOO MUCH RH Baby❤❤❤😘😘😍😍😍

  59. eva rangas

    Makes me fall inlove all over again and again while listening this and thinking the man I LOVE SOOOO MUCH Ross Baby❤❤❤😘😘😍😍😍

  60. Michelle Stellie

    I can only pray to the heavens. My heart's prayer is to be with that person. Hi Lean, I love you po.

  61. Gfriend yerin

    To the gay that captured my heart, I want you to know that you are always in my mind and heart. I know it is very impossible to be with you now but I will wait for the perfect time to be with you someday. If we are really destined to each other, our path will cross again....☺💕

  62. Andrew and karen Wilson

    So emotional so beautiful so much in love 😍 with my wife karen. See you soon 🔜 hunny bunny 🐇 dedicated to Karen. Andy Australia 🇦🇺

  63. Jhel Cruel

    I Know We Get Marry Someday And This Song for Our Wedding Swear it To God🙏

  64. jeleen garcia

    sana mkanta ko ito sa kasal ko,kung ikakasal pb ako...hehehe

  65. shanquel mortera

    reminds me of a guy i love for almost a decade...if he only knew what i really feel.

  66. Vanessa De Dios

    same lyrics nh kanta ni Toni G Only with you.. halos

  67. Tiffany Yu

    Love? I don't care the distance we have now.. because you always have me .. and God is the center of our relationship right? .. iloveyousomuch love😍❤️.. imissyousomuch especially your teasing face😊.. the way you tease me and sometimes it's make me pissed off but my love for you will never be change😊.. I always thanks to God for letting me to be happy again❤️..not just a happy but a real happiness in your side😍❤️

  68. Jho Nuez

    I want to spend the rest of my life, with you ,, LIOYD C. 😘💞

  69. Ann Santos

    I always listening this song hoping soon to my man ill say i do and i want to spend the rest of my life with u.hoping and praying God will bless our relationship and last forever.i always inspired and inlove more when i listening this song.😊😊😊

  70. Jo-ann Louw

    Beautiful ❤❤

  71. Anyhelp 71

    I love you (M)

  72. Maricel Buiza

    I loved you po mahal ko.😍


    To the only one guy that i love even if you cheated on me, I will always love you!

  74. manhibay

    Best Song Ever 😉 - Eycie Casto 💕

  75. Mary Arni Marqueses

    Baby I do 😍😘💝

  76. Martina Robin


  77. Angelli Falejo

    I choose this song for my wedding tommorow..

  78. Angel Fame

    Goodluck to your weeding.. illuminate people..

  79. Angelica Autida

    My wedding song puhon

  80. Bandri Girl

    I wanna spend my lifetime...loving you...even we're not together...🙁🙁🙁iloveu from the far...

  81. Sarah Colbert


  82. Mary Tampos

    Hmmm i lising this music i rember here i realy love that boy but i need to keep may self beacuse the one i love he have a gf 😢😢😢

  83. Honeylyn Abes

    I hope one day it will be happen. With the right man who really deserves me well.

    Hillary Thai

    Ummmm, ..... that's right.

  84. sam kp

    Dedicated this song to my love.. Five months long my hard work and patience to open her heart... 😊

    Hillary Thai

    Is that amazing? You are truly terrific awesome man. So proud of you.

    Hillary Thai

    Oh, btw, what about your Cupid systems and Law of attraction. I haven't got time to check it out. Does that help you get laid anyway?

  85. Jessica Clave

    Ito. Ung songs nmin sa kasal namin sa April ,,

  86. Jean

    I promise to you my feelings will never change Vince I want to spend the rest of my life with you.❤❤❤

  87. Rachel Ann Guardacasa

    To the guy I Loved , I hope you will find the right woman, that will fulfilled your happiness in life.

  88. shaniah Co

    To my future husband❤

  89. Nicole Andrea Adoptante

    To the boy I like, Thankyou so much :)) Sana talaga tayo na sa huli. I love you so much! May plano si Lord ❤️

  90. JAPDC Quennie

    You know I want to and I do

  91. Ahna Salvador

    Someday the tine will come 😊🙏


    This will be the song that I want to hear while walking through the aisle sooon with the man whom i love the Most! 😘😍

    Hillary Thai

    If he can sing this song, I'll cry my eyes out. Hahahaha...

  93. Angelica Autida

    Kay gandang pakingga .

  94. Rickey Engle

    thanks honey baby,,i do too,my love,,for the rest of my life,with you,,i love you,baby


    Sana nga IKAW na!😒😞😞 pero d pwede! Saklap!

  96. Mark Nuñez

    i really love this song Baby I Do.coz it touch my heart...if ever i got wedding this song i want to hear ...

  97. sue carrigan

    Let's start asap

  98. holy girl710

    I don’t know why so inlove with you, my future man I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. Not only love you but i want to share to make 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💕 I do love you always 🙏🏻

    Hillary Thai

    Do you dare to say it in person?

    Sareh Hedayati

    holy girl710 please please bring