Juris - A Love To Last A Lifetime Lyrics

We're all just merely passing through
Doing what we can do in a lifetime
We have more than one adventure to take
More than one dream to make in our lifetime
As for me there's only one dream
And that's to love you, my love
With a love to last a lifetime

We're fools we sometimes do crazy things
And our hearts would take wins like a sparrow
But that's life
We'll take each day as it comes
Never leaving the crumbs for the morrow
As for me, all of my days I will spend them all with you
Loving you with love to last a lifetime

If we all could leave something lasting behind to be remembered by
Just a song for me and that at least I would have tried
I agree it's not so much what we have
As how we use what we have in our lifetime

Thirty years is worth a hundred and two
It's really what we can do in our lifetime
All my love I would give for as long as I may live
With a love, true love, to last a lifetime

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