Julian Perretta - King For A Day Lyrics

I feel it burning, yes I feel that pain
I see it changing and why not rearrange
It started raising fires in my brain
Without that damage why don't I complain
I really want you, but I just don't know who you are
On now

Happy, are you happy, do you feel it today
The world is not against us, we've just got growing pains
But why can they not see it from the look on my face
That all I wanna be is just a king for a day
And say...
Oh, oh..

I saw you crying by a crystal lake
And in a mirror it started to break
So why do you take it and feel so ashamed
The sky is changing, it's a brand new day
I really need you, but I just don't know where you are
On now...


Sat on a mountain, look where we can be
The sun is shining on a milky sea
The air is perfect, we can really breathe
You and me...


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