Juice WRLD - Look Alive (Freestyle) Lyrics

Oh, aye, I bet
That's my shit
This beat hard as fuck
What that nigga Blocboy say? You come Hell, hahaha
From the chi, from the chi, look alive
I've been working like a damn 9 to 5 all my life
Put my dick in your wife
Double back, hit it twice
Run up on me that's ok, you a pussy get shot 9 times
I'm in the cut with a super soaker, run up on me and you know it's over
All of my niggas they doin, doin the work like they doin homework
All of my niggas be whippin the work
Probably selling it at church
Run up on me you get murked
Ima put you in a hearse
Ay, ay, they don't understand
I got the upper hand
Poppin like rubber bands
I may kill your friend, I may kill your man
Then I may just fuck you on this track let's go to Japan
I'm up in Tokyo coolin like Uber, everywhere
I may shoot him in broad day I never care
Look alive that shit bright, solar flare
Home run, goin gone, it's outta here
Me and Westwood smokin on the backwood
Pre rolled, filled it good that's a packed wood
I may just pop some perkies
I pray to god they workin
Shit cut too deep surgeon, pull up on the scene I'll murk him
Turn to a whole different person
Flex on a bitch like Percules
Matter fact call me Hercules
Same ol person
Fuck on that bitch, she from Taiwana
I cannot roll wood, with my marijuana
I am not with the DJ, DJ Drama
Andre with the cash, cash the commas
Look alive, please look alive
Cuz if you look too late fuck it then you may die
I'm just coolin trap house
Skate on them niggas no black out
I ain't with the flirtin at all, but bitch I got the Mac out
That shit dead Bernie Mac now
Tell them niggas to calm down
I feel like Osam now, fuck the shit I'm the bomb now
I'm just vibin on em
I'm just high tryna survive-
(Keep this beat goin, I fuck with this shit)
Look alive, look alive
Jet lag but I still look alive, jet lag but I still look alive
I only slept for an hour, that's on the plane
But Im still here, lit as a bitch these niggas be lame
Run up on me then I'm snatching your life, and I'm snatching your chain, probably snatching your main
I'm kickin this shit like, off of the brain
Half of these niggas can't do it
Half of em probably look stupid
Run up on me then I do it
I got my hand on my tool
I use that bitch like a toilet
Flush on that bitch I enjoy it
I just went on a voyage, yeah I just went on a voyage
These shoes cost your mortgage
(Ay I definitely want to drop a remix to this shit, like officially, this beat hard as fuck)
Ay, ay, look, these shoes cost your mortgage
And these bitches Imported
Pull up on the scene I'll torch em
Ball on them niggas full court
Whippin in the trap no fort
I need a sport
I get some head from yo bitch cuz I swear that bitch is a dork
Run up on him with the chopper, I swear ima shoot em for real I don't show no remorse
Nah I don't show no remorse
Shoot em in his head of course
That's what we aim at
Thats what we bang at
Niggas switching over money that's where they change at
I cannot change over change
Bitch I'm remaining the same
I'm screaming fuck all the games, I'll put a shot through your gang
I don't give a fuck what you say
I'm getting money all day
[?] goin bald think I need a toupee
Cross the street the bitch go both ways
Freestyle shit no write
You couldn't pay me to write
I got a .40 on my hip like damn you niggas couldn't pay me to fight
Niggas couldn't pay me to die
Losin too many niggas out this time
What's Juice WRLD on? That nigga probably out his mind
Well, look alive, do or die
Free my nigga, he did the time
He ain't do the crime
Don't believe me I ain't lyin
I ain't tellin, die

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