Juelz Santana - My Problem (Jealousy) Lyrics

I'm sorry....
I mean it too... let me talk to you..
knahmsayin?, tell you what it was all about maybe

We was in love it had to be the (Jealousy)
that had me buggin all for nuttin (Jealousy, yeah)
Now I'm a loner cuz of (Jealousy, yeah)
I'm sorry man, oh

[Verse 1: Juelz]
Baby, all I wanted was a chance with you
little love, little dance, romance with you
shit I had big plans for you
swear to God I never meant to put my hands on you
thats not somethin that a man would do
thats not something I had plans to do, I had plans to move
take you with me, give you the Coupe
give you the shoes, instead I was hearin' the news...
You was out there buggin', fuckin'
doin your dirt when, I was in the studio workin'..
shit I'm tryna make music that's perfect
instead I gotta hear you out there foolin' and flirtin'
You and your friends got a bad reputation already
if I'm not mistaken already...uh
but I gotta 'pologize to your mother and father
shoulda never put my hands on your daughter
But I ain't askin' you to drop no charges shit
I did what I did, deserve the consequence
I can't see myself copping a plea
to one of these niggaz who bleeds the same as me
I'ma G, I will cock and squeeze
the same as E, take it to the same degree, please
so let's leave it alone, we don't need this at home
especially all over some fuckin..

(Jealousy, yeah) yeah thats what it's about right?
(Jealousy, yeah), I never meant to touch you
(Jealousy, yeah)
uh, it was the (Jealousy,yeah)
I was buggin, high (Jealousy, yeah)
whoa (Jealousy, yeah)
God forgive me my... (Jealousy, yeah)

If I could take it back, you know I would, yes I would, yes I would

[Verse 2: Juelz]
Shit, now I don't know what made me..lift my hand up
swing it at you, I musta been crazy
musta been high, twisted off hazy
fuck am I doing?, this is my baby
and now I'm feeling like Kane from Menace II Society
know your brothers wanna come back and fire me
now I'm riding with my riders beside of me
can't get caught slippin so they riding beside of me
and Cam told me not to fuck with you
he told me you known, the blocks corrupted you
I told him nah, I had it locked, threw cuffs on you..
plus I had lots of love for you..huh
so I'm stickin with my heart, that's my nigga to the heart
but I'm stickin with my heart
Now look....I'm sittin in the dark
facin' a charge, gotta go sit up in a court
all because, I was stupid and dumb
shoulda never went through it with hun, shit
but to this day, I never knew this would come
i never thought that I would go through this with hun, no
the one I wanted to marry...wanted to carry my baby through life
maybe this life... we can't be together
can't see together, can't see each other
don't need each other, won't be together
cuz of..

Jealousy, yeah
oh, jealousy yeah
Jealousy, yeah
Damn, why did we have to go through this (Jealousy yeah)
and its all because of this (Jealousy, yeah)
I admit I was (Jealousy, yeah,)
Jealousy, yeah

uh, you was playin them games too
sayin them names too...

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Juelz Santana My Problem (Jealousy) Comments
  1. Unseen Sniper

    I Shouldn't Never Lifted A Hang Str8 Tweaking Smfh !!

  2. Chancia Hayes

    The best love song to the Goddess

  3. Shine Gold

    Santana had some work

  4. Rahsean Hoose

    2020 I’m still bumping this 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💯💯💯

  5. Ba Coleone

    One of the deadliest sin's Jealousy!!! #609 #Jersey....

  6. fullyloaded one

    S/O to a young man from Guadalajara. Remember this, Jorge?

  7. Dio Santana

    imagine even thinking about hitting a women bc she was a thot and you couldnt see it.


    Cam told me not ta fuck you lmaoooooooo try life

  9. GorgeouslyReal T.V.

    Still playing this!

  10. Zachary Corr

    This is a 'COMPLETE' track from the bars to production..


  11. michael jones

    Summer 03😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 what a time to be alive

  12. Laurence Sledge


  13. Craig Davis

    Julez Santana is one of the hidden gem in the Hip Hop game.

  14. Robert Kelly

    nah she deserved it

  15. Reece Q Baskin

    This is one of those beats that has reached a timeless status.

  16. Loyal Philly fan

    One of my favorite beats ever made

    Julius juju Surratt

    I like French version to

  17. Loyal Philly fan

    Lloyd banks killed this beat on pimp till the end.

  18. Patrick Simon

    Best song on album🔥🌋🌡🚀💣🤘🤟🖖🤞💪👏👍👋👊🤙✌👌🔌🐐

  19. Kendryck Davis

    The shit so tru

  20. Christopher Bellamy

    “So Many Backwoods to This Song”

  21. Josh Cardinal

    2k19 still here

  22. Wavy Max

    Nostalgia! Higu school had this on repeat

  23. Kimberly Thomas

    2019..went thru something..came back real quick for some of the real. "You was playin them games too, sayin them names too".

  24. Rashard Pearson

    The song make me not beat up my girl

  25. Joey Medeiros

    This my shit dipset for life ....

  26. Mark Bixby

    i came 2 put the 2019 stamp.on this... i lived this shit..

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    Still playing in 2019

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    I was like 12 13 years old. This was gas then n is gas now.

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  30. Eric B

    Niggas all the way on the West Coast was playin this like crazy!! Definitely a hip hop classic.

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  32. Everything Lijah

    How tf dis dont have 1million views smh fuckin dummys #DipsetFaLife

  33. Grow with Me 1111


    Henry Bunch

    Aint neva lied empress

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    My best friend gave me this album before his life was taking away. S.I.P

    el jefe

    Crazy story

  35. Haru Khonsu

    I thought it was galaxy, not jealousy, I was wrong all this time 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Javan Omari

    It's all good now you can enjoy it with the right words ✊✊

    raenell banks


  36. Sir Peter Gembusii

    Good years

  37. Kengozin - Ken goes in

    2018 still here. Aye


    This whole album was tight. I had a homie who was obsessed with the Dips. Got a lot of fond memories when I listen to these tunes and to this day I still feel this joint.

  39. dwayne blue

    jew got jealousy right 1st hand

  40. dwayne blue

    A 3WAY OF IT

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    I miss the old days

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    julez need to bring back this sound again this was his best music by far

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    Summer 2018

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    I still two step to this .... And the song is to close to home

    Fearless One

    Jenny Jojo awww, r u a jealous bitch

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    “This that sorry I put my hands on you”-song

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    God forgive me my jealousy

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    Only here because i smacked my gurl earlier....then kicked her while she was down...i told that bitch leggo my eggo....and she was preggo......pray for us yall

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    I was 19 eating hella bands...I swear mixtape era

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    Wonder if Fab heard this lol

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    man why is theyre like so many jealousy in this world

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    I deserve the consequence

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    Back 2018 from like 05 04..this my old shit🔥🔥🔥

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    Damn my exes name is juelz😭😭😭

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    Love this track. Back in 05 I was going through some BS with my ex and this song was pretty much summed up what was going on in my life. Still playing it in 2018

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    This came out in 03 B

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    Timeless sh*t 🔥🔊🎵🎶

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    This album was cold but unappreciated imo, Juelz killed it.

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    Legandary track prod. by @realcharlamange. I've just had the honor doing a project with the him myself. Hoping ya'll can check it out let us know what you think, and like the track if its dope! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvuukCmai74

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    Only God Can Judge Me😑🔜🕇👣☢💸💸

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    Songs like this you need to a smoke blunt to

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    man oh man run from any woman that makes you feel like you need to put hands on her RUN!!!. this is my favorite juelz song of all time grew up off this... who would've known as a grown and married man i would go through this wreckless situation im so done and ready to move forward praying for better days

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    just here bc i slapped my gf the other day..

    Keith Pritchett

    Chad Butler 😂😂😂me too bro....then kicked her while she was down...i told that bitch leggo my eggo....and she was preggo......pray for us bro

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    Pieces of shit

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    jealousy ruined my relationship

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    Rivey"s World

    Bro I didnt even strike my girl but after she would keep popping me if she got pissed I held it in and choke her ass up when I found out she cheated and use to play this on repeat all the time....


    Facts, I been there done, she triggered me and I snapped

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    Tyler Johnson couple of the hell Rell n Jimmy mixtapes at time were Hella popping too don't forget.. I miss the Dips

    TM Nation

    tpietropaolo01 i remember all that shit. Even the Candyland mixtape. I really miss the Dips too.

    Steven Bern

    Was a great summer bumping dip vol 1 n Santana first CD. First year I got my L when this dropped.


    @tpietropaolo01 YES - craftsmanship. These people made *SONGS* (as in, with unified, realistic concepts)

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