Juelz Santana - Down Lyrics

[Intro - Juelz Santana]
Uh, Santana, let's do it
Yeah, DipSet

[Verse 1 - Juelz Santana]
Man where ever I go, I hold it down
I blow it down, you see me, believe me it's (Going down)
These hoes love me to death, they mumble under they breath
Lovely duets, boy, I'm (Going down)
I thought Mary J. was under my steps, nah I'm just playing
Love when ya sweat, keep singing (Going down)
I'm so fucking amazin, like Jordan to the league
When he first came in, it's (Going down)
I know you mad, my career's blowing up
Going up, holding up, and your's is (Going down)
Slowly but surely, so coked to the shorty's
Caught by the boys, the judge says your (Going down)
I had to call up my lawyer, gotta make court
And yawning, it's four in the morning, it's (Going down)
I need be out by the morning
Man the streets needs me to be out by the morning, or nothings (Going down)

[Chorus - Juelz Santana]
Yeah, I tryed to help ya, tryed to warn ya
Tryed to tell ya it's (Going down)
But, wouldn't believe it, couldn't believe it
Look I succeded, it's (Going down)
Baby keep walking wit ya hip, I keep walking wit a limp
Yeah you talking to a pimp it's (Going down)
Again, I tryed to help ya, tryed to warn ya
Tryed to tell ya it's (Going down)

[Verse 2 - Juelz Santana]
Now look, I'm back stronger than ever
Money's longer than ever, longer Baretta, it's (Going down)
Man we could get it on, it's whatever
The morns the better, I'm shorter, I'm better whenever it's (Going down)
Got a new chick, badder than ever
Ass fatter than ever, got it together and love (Going down)
No bud, no kiss, no hug
No rub, no bath, no tub, just love (Going down)
Yeah, that's my kind of baby
That's my kind of lady it's (Going down)
And the purse, you might find a eighty
Underneath her lip gloss, shorty keeps some lip gloss she's (Going down)
And that's why I love her, that's also why I don't trust her
Think she got her a sucker, nope (Going down)
Got another thing coming, not a baby but a
?? believe me I done it (Going down)


[Verse 3 - Juelz Santana]
Yeah, mama look at me now, mama look at me how
Ya beautiful child it's (Going down)
Mama look up and smile, you made a beautiful child
Still shooting the pound it's (Going down)
Gotta survive, manuever through towns
Gotta drive, smooth through the town, or it's (Going down)
Cops on my ass, gotta shoot through the town
Shooting the pound, I ruined it now it's (Going down)
Only question is, will I get caught
Will I get cuffed, will I see court, will people see me (Going down)
No they won't, man I'ma survivor
Plus I gotta lady cop that's a rider, so nothing's (Going down)
You might catch me, crossing the border
Crossing the water, three ladies out and deported it's (Going down)
I caught 'em swimming, north of the border
Lost in the water, caught 'em and scored 'em, now they (Going down)


Going down
Going down
Going down
Going down

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Juelz Santana Down Comments
  1. DateMike22

    This video should really be listed as Down/Rain Drops cuz Down takes up more than half the video almost two minutes to be exact.

  2. Wilkler Souza


  3. Hood

    It's been on repeat

  4. Hood

    I lost my mother 2 days ago

  5. Loyal Philly fan

    This song is not called rain drops it’s called down

  6. Paris Scott

    Damn we were are shit baggy as hell that's when rap was still holden😎

  7. Shaheed Santiago

    I miss this kinda music

  8. oliverrando

    Juelz is half Dominican I think but he dosent look like it

  9. Надежда Васильева


  10. Kadeem Coppin

    what the sample there using for the 2nd song

  11. Ana perdomo

    dammm classic i was in like 8th grade man when this came out yoooo so much precious memories

  12. mannie's Art And Fitness Channel

    "This was the dipset era"

  13. Anthony Epps

    They gods

  14. Elroy Ak

    Damn too bad that lean got to him he really had next, wasted potential he's almost like Steve Francis of the rap game.

  15. steven abram

    Didn't know he had a Video for this this my favorite song by him and it's called down

  16. karlito monde

    78 k570 to 140 Harlem #skbn#diplomaticimunity

  17. Nick Gray Sr.

    The Heatmakerz did this sample way better than just blaze did with “Oh Boy” imo......

  18. Incog Negro

    First time I'm hearing this

  19. SuPa KOoL

    Dope sip Grandma

  20. miltonjmusic

    Legandary track prod. by @realcharlamange. I've just had the honor doing a project with the him myself. Hoping ya'll can check it out let us know what you think, and like the track if its dope! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvuukCmai74

  21. Illuminati genius

    when dipset was on fire 💰🎆🎉🎉📀

  22. K B

    Imma show up to the club rockin an outfit like that, this week, watch.

  23. Percy Miller

    R.I.P. Marcellus [MIZ] Mcduffy

  24. Mucci Jones

    cell phone mixtape "eternalif3" and "in spaxe"- mucci jones.

  25. Kareem Sanders

    at the end dats really his grandma ?

  26. Glow Foxxy

    I used to be DIPSET CRAZY... ahhhhhh man I old

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    I saw jaheim

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    That pelle pelle leather juelz got on is dope!

  30. DMVLeGenD96

    This song is called "Down", not Rain Drops.

    Marisol Gomzal3s

    wtf did you say

    Tweaky Kash Money

    At tha end of tha down part raindrops video comes on that made a mistake


    The second part is raindrops


    And this is VEVO so it's not like a random person made the Mistake

    Loyal Philly fan

    The video title should say “down/rain drops”

  31. King_Almighty 1

    that song name down from Juelz Santana that my favorite song

  32. denea123456

    They used Microsoft PowerPoint for their effects 😂😂😂😂 I love them though!🙌🏾

    TronMan 32

    At the time this was amazing I was like how they do that

  33. PresidenTeez

    this album reminds me of summer had the whole damn album on dumb repeat back then

  34. Darnell Landry

    This first album was a classic

  35. TheRealGBanger TV

    I wish to have that swag because i could do that i know i could do that too this is my dream come true.

    Illuminati genius

    Im gifted with swag bruh thats y i luv it

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    Illuminati genius

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    TheRealGBanger TV

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    Omg first time listening to it,had it on replay all day!!


    +S Rose ..

    Spacely Man

    Same here

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    oooh gittin som samples ....



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    This called "Down"

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    took me back to my teen years 

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    Don't give up my son.....kuz of nights like this....

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    tuuune ... brings me back

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    i remember watching this video off of smack dvd vol 5 

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    down / rain drops

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    Good old times !



  51. StackAdam

    And thats why i love her, thats also why i don't trust, think she got her a sucker

  52. ezzeldin mahadi


  53. ezzeldin mahadi

    one of my best songo thank u juelz

  54. youngnonomusic E

    goosebumps hit me when i heard 5 heartbeats, juelz is hip hop

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    I love how such a dirty song turns into a song for a tribute to his grandma lol


    What u mean dirty

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    THE DIPLOMATS!!!!!!!!

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    This shit'll make u bounce where ever whenever.

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    Is he bragging about being a woman beater??.... Anyways juelz and cam use to be beautiful.

  65. tanya jones

    it starts at 1:55 :)

  66. SteliosG

    if you wait like 1 minute and 55 seconds it iz ! fuckin retards !


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  68. evelyn trista

    down plays like 20 seconds longer and is the first song. but okie dokie.

  69. Belarion A.D.

    it's a status thing now. the poor still rock them

  70. lee graham

    down is better than rain drops anyway, fuckin luh it

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    when baggy clothes was swag!

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    dude juelz is real i mwt the mother fucker and my bois did songs with him talk shit if u like BUT YOU! will be the the one that looks like a fool

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    nigga said that dham cancer wish i had an answer.... smh trill talk

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    The need to regroup...this is still good an its 2k12...


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