Juelz Santana - Dipset (Santana's Town) Lyrics

[Cam'Ron - repeat 15X]
Dip Set

Juelz, Dip Dip
Santana, Set, Set
Where we grip, grip, tec, tecs
Who you wit, wit
Throw up your set
Dip Set, Dip Set, Dip Set, what (Oww)

[Verse One: Juelz Santana]
Hang with gangs, that hang and bang
Animals, arrangatangs, hammers move, bangers bang
Damn, it's new the game done changed
I got a whole selection, a whole collection
A ho selection of my ho collection
And I'm big pimpin', stick givin', quick shiftin'
Listen, this isn't, no damn game in here (Oww)
Yeah, the whole byrd gang's in here, like Kurt Kobain was here, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
And I'm dangerous yeah, brainless yeah, stainless yeah
Aim to kill yeah, bangers yeah, y'all some dead mother...
And my diddy-pop, barge through the city blocks
Hard with the pretty glock, charge and you getting shot
Diddy to the bar, hard make her give a shot
Get a broad, get here hot, get her home give her (Oww)
Go,it's your birthday
Go, go drink it girl, it's cumming, I know you're thirsty
Harlem's my birthplace, tombstone birth place
Doomsday, goonsday, Tuesday to Thursday

Juelz, Dip Dip
Santana, Set, Set
Where we grip, grip, tec, tecs
Who you wit, wit
Dog, no set
Dip Set, Dip Set, Dip Set, what (Oww)

[Verse Two: Juelz Santana]
Jump, stomp, move, breathe
We, in, too, deep, OKAY
I'm lo-lo from the block again
Po-po and the cops again, no homo but they cocking them
Four-fos and glocks and them
They the paparrazi, they the livest posses
Kamakazi, nazi, nazi, copy papi
I'm a baller baller, you're not at all a baller
That's why I scored your daughter, left her home, call her, call her
I'm in the low BM, yeah, with your old BM
You smoke the Os and M, trojans and petroleums
Yeah, and that's just incase the ho ain't safe
Take it off, bend it over, throw it in, work it, work it
Oops, squirt it, squirt
Oops, oopsy dais, ohh I'm crazed
Cho-cho train, co-ca mane, Zulu Gang
I'm old school like Bambatta, no man's hotta
The damn dadda, I jam proper, your man's not a

Juelz, Dip Dip
Santana, Set, Set
Where we grip, grip, tec, tecs
Who you wit, wit
Dog, no set
Dip Set, Dip Set, Dip Set, what (Oww)

Santana, Killa, Jim Jones, Freaky
Killa, you already know what it is
My man Juelz Santana, that boy got that crack man
Diplomat Records man

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Juelz Santana Dipset (Santana's Town) Comments
  1. Hamilton Massey II

    Was Juelz Santana's track for Nike, "Second Coming", his best career effort? https://youtu.be/pYa7535AsgI

  2. Hb 2N

    I’m a baller baller, you’re not at all a baller.

  3. Critical Ed

    They the livest Posse, Kamikaze, Nazi Nazi COPY COPY 💯 🔥🔥🔥

  4. Philip Zahn

    Who is the old white dude with the pink bandana next to Cam´ron?

  5. T Lee

    To all dumb asses,That's not cardi b voice

  6. Brady Muhammad

    2003 ... "I got a hoe selection, a whole collection, a whole selection of my hoe selection."

    2019 ... My hoe selection grew into Home Depot.

  7. Glenuig

    Diplomats went so hard back in the day

  8. Mr Nicholas


  9. 562 Finest Barber

    Here Sept 28th 2019... still poppin!

  10. WaVy Crockett #JizzBoss

    Frank "lefty" Rosenthal chillin with Cam by his car. The movie Casino and Deniro's Character is based off this dude. Be died back in 2008.

  11. Don't Say Anything Mean

    Not A Homo but 😦 but they 😏 Cockin em LMAO & I was gonna show a GUN but they took the Gun Emoji off my phone cause they thought I could run up in a Walmart & Spray You guys with it I Might kill Bad people not Good or halfway desent..🤨

  12. Lucky irish Clover

    I wish new age heard this instead of 6ixnine and those clowns straight dipset d block g unit mob deep the game been missing

  13. The Unicorn

    2020 Song still🌡🔥🔥

  14. Harm Won

    2019 Whatt!

  15. ElCaballoTV


  16. Tafari king

    This video was nasty!

  17. Money Casher

    2019 anyone

  18. tray see

    I bet l's in there wrighting up something 😷.

  19. John Rowell

    2019 Young Niqaas dont know nothing anout this

  20. roddyveli !

    Didn’t know Jim directed this.

  21. Mr Rich

    Damn I miss those days..😌

  22. Ann __

    0:23 always reminded me of one of my cousins of my Puerto Rican uncles walking

  23. Brooklyn Born

    Juelz used to be saying a bunch of nothing I loved every minute of it shit was heat 😂

    roddyveli !

    Brooklyn Born facts lol

  24. J H

    at 1.40 he is with the old gay guy giving him money. whats up with the gay for pay gang star? get it girl

  25. ee mobile

    2019 and still banging this thumbs up everywhere

  26. ee mobile

    Don't make bangers like this anymore

  27. bee bee

    Skull gang

  28. James

    The beat was sampled from Giuseppe Verdi - Il Trovatore - Anvil Chorus

  29. Chase Prime Time

    The good days..when rap was RAP!! Here in 2019..used 2 play this on repeat on a CD PLAYER!!

  30. Rico Supreme

    Juelz Santana Top 10 Rappers of all time

  31. Leftfootbeats

    "They the paparrazi, they the livest posses,
    Kamakazi, Nazi, Nazi, copy papi,
    I'm a baller baller, you're not at all a baller,
    That's why I scorched your daughter, left her home, call her, call her"

    This makes sense if you're a psychopath... Juelz had that CRAKK man...

  32. vaughn woods

    Zulu Gang.


    03 Shit...Dipset! Dipset


    I love all my REAL white people...but dis OUR MUSIC...STICK 2 POPMUSIC AND COUNTRY


    Fuck anybody that got some negative shit 2 say about Santana...Camron too...niggaz do 4 us...not 4 white muthafuckaz

  36. Olga Gurlukovich

    Back then I thought this was the sickest beat ever in a rap song. It has aged so well.

  37. Dillyn Armani

    Juelz walk in the beginning tho...walking like how Pac walked outta the courtroom after he beat them charges lol 😂

    roddyveli !

    Dillyn Armani lmaooo

  38. Supreme Castro

    Damn I love this record..I wonder was juelz front teeth missing back then ...IJS lol

  39. Antonio B.

    2019 anyone💣💥

    Harlem’s Finest

    Antonio B. Nov 28, 2019. Thanksgiving still bangin dis joint hard! Elz bodied dis joint..Shit is fire son word!💯‼️👑💪🏾🎤🔥

  40. Patrick McMillian

    Nobody can see my vision.Mean Team.

  41. ion whooked

    2:06 ya know the police could of got him right then cmon be real

  42. Levi Meyer

    Soult hold ya head love them kids you are liddle true me too .

  43. BiffTannen SE15

    0:09 Victoria Beckham in the car with santana

  44. karif jackson


  45. Bmore410

    “The whole Byrd Gang’s in here like Kurt Cobain was here” Yea Yea Yea Yea !!

    Dan Wilcox

    I never understood this line lol what is the metaphor ?

    Hb 2N

    Dan Wilcox might be a stretch, but basically they all rock stars so if Kurt cobain showed up from the dead, they’d be there....?

  46. mistahmst

    That second verse is straight filler bars. Almost like he said everything he needed to say in the first verse and realized he needed at least one more, so he just started freestyling. Classic song though, I wish Cam had a verse.

  47. Alex

    Fake.. Just Entertainers getting ideas from the real Streets. Just like rich people Taking poor income peoples Ideas & turning it around👎 Fake Scum Hollywood Shit.

  48. Mark W

    What you see is what you get.

  49. Mizraim Steen

    Shamar baby juelz Santana raymond Washington max b biggavelli silver surfer willie beamon Jacksonville jaguars Charlotte hornets devil rays 108 grapestreet crip ebk abg sswvgc roc nation sox

  50. Netrell Thomas

    Juelz mentioned Kirko Bangz before he was around

    Shorty Corleon

    Netrell Thomas 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  51. DJ Rashad Hayes

    This video is absolute perfection. Jim Jones did amazing directing this. Dipset Forever.

  52. Enrique Lopez Del Real

    Fuck 28 years old

  53. Casey C.

    I'll take this any day over this Mumble rap bs.

    Rahil Arora

    Casey C. Any day!👀

  54. James Watkins

    2019. Cincinnati what’s the word

  55. C-AltiveTV2

    I’m out here pushing this record. I work and am still in my younger days. The Dress Up if I do admire the aspirations.

    James Watkins

    C-AltiveTV2 word word

  56. James Gish

    The whole track is a quotable

  57. YA BOY O

    That white guy looks like Freddy Krueger😒

  58. Terrence Price

    Who’s still listening in 2019 thou?

  59. Saffi bear

    Man my dad play this when I was little it still fire to today

  60. EZG EZG

    Sunday March 3rd 2019 We Still Dip Sets

    James Watkins

    EZG EZG dipset 4 life, just like I used to write on the bottom of my love letters in middle school

  61. Trolling Vita

    It’s 2019 an this Im my FUCKING ringtone

  62. Trolling Vita

    Yea yea yea yea yea

  63. yungjoemighty

    What is going on

  64. don vito

    2019 ? I pledge allegiance to the Dipset.

    savvy rhinosaurus

    Dipset forever.
    If you're Italian you should check out Liaoung.

  65. Murphy Montana

    JUELZ IS STILLLL THE GOAT!! I’m a dipset groupie 💃🏼💃🏼🕺🏽

  66. Jamaal Muhammed

    The best part he moving slow till he slammed the door on the cop and the pig can't get it lol😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😃😃😂😂😂😂


    So you a pig?

  67. Tommie Jackson

    Y he bitten of nas ochie wally..

  68. battlecat

    I never realised that was a 350z drifting in the beginning of the video😁

  69. Scopper Gabban En Hymer 78

    Clothes too large and no flow
    It's so wack

    James Watkins

    Scopper Gabban En Hymer 78 You not aloud to look both ways next time you cross the street for that

    Scopper Gabban En Hymer 78

    i live in FRANCE where we have no clown wears in our ghetto https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzoBB9NO9Dc and take that too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThoUcYaQCBc

  70. Pain Killah

    Cam wrote this lyrics.

  71. Spot !

    Best rapper in the whole world Juelz

  72. Gary Yelenosky

    Wow. Brings back memories. Good times. Wish I could turn back the clock.

  73. Treavon Mckinney

    Juelz snap on this I gotta give it to him

  74. J R


  75. Natasha Porter

    Ur some dead motherfucker the shit best. Rappers

  76. Natasha Porter

    This the shit my niggas

  77. Ray McKenzie

    Cam fresh asf

  78. Tomas Iglesias

    Yo I used to live thur. 16 ave and 7 st sw little Havana . Yeeeah

  79. taj cartero

    2019 still hard..I gotta hoe collection,a whole selection line is still 🔥

  80. blackplug

    best song ever

  81. Rick EEE

    I'm a baller, baller

  82. Ne1 2bot

    like when he said he handing with a bunch of wilds animal an orantang lmao

  83. wayne bands


    Rick EEE

    Somebody's a hater

  84. Willie Stephens

    Dipset was the shit bro

  85. karif jackson

    My boy still is one of the best

  86. Wayne Kerr

    Legit one of the best directed hiphop videos ever


    It was ashame when they broke up. Juelz was so dope and this song killed the radio. I listened to this on repeat.

  88. T Dat

    Juelz has one of the best flows ever...like out of all rappers that ever existed.

  89. Marcel Neders

    One of the greatest hip hop videos ever 😈😈

  90. Connoisseur Troy

    I'm waiting for history to repeat itself cause where we at now is straight weak.

    Marc Green

    On my block we still movin like the 90s we don't wait 4 his story we make history

    Harlem’s Finest

    Connoisseur Troy truth!

    Harlem’s Finest

    Marc Green that’s what up fam! Salute!💯‼️💪🏾

  91. miss millies

    The headache that comes with that shit is ridiculous (ain't worth it)

  92. Son Arata

    That walk a whole mood.

  93. Sed P

    The good old days

  94. Jethoo Justin

    I love the world hip hop songs

  95. Ajay Dahl

    Opening tracking shot is true detective level good 👍👍

  96. Benny Wave

    B'z up always up 👌

  97. JD Loom

    he needa look when he cross the road


    JD FM If so, just relax and perhaps when the time is right.