Judds, The - Who Is This Babe Lyrics

Who is this baby
Where did he come from
He's the son of a carpenter
The chosen one
He's the hope of the angels
A gift of his love
Just a child in a manger
Gods only son

Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, hallelujah

Shepards were watching
Out under the sky
When the star over Bethlehem
Lit up the night
He's the light in the darkness
A gift from above
He is held with the spirit
Of Gods holy love

Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, hallelujah

Angels sing
Worship our king

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Judds, The Who Is This Babe Comments
  1. Idon'twanttochangemynameOK


  2. Mark Sunshine

    Those middle harmonies.

  3. rangerfive1