Judds, The - Tears For You Lyrics

You know my heart aches
Everytime I
Think of you
I'm on my own some
Yes, I could loan some
Tears to you

Another daybreak
And I wonder
How I got through
You know sleepin'
I'm only sleepin'
In between my weepin'
Tears for you

You know that one night
One night can be such a long, long, long night
At midnight
I know all the stars by name
But It's allright
I'll get myself together
Nothin' lasts forever
I'll just play another game

Because mistakes
Everyone makes mistakes
Can one kiss make
Dreams come true

Nice try
I'll just say goodbye
Gonna let someone else cry
Tears for you

Tears for you
Tears for you
Tears for you

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Judds, The Tears For You Comments
  1. Edward McCarver

    Let's be pinpals for rightnow

  2. Marcus Clark

    This would've went straight to #1 if it had been released to radio. One of their best

  3. Johny bravo

    Who would give this song a thumbs down?

    Anthony Morgan

    People with no soul thats who John.

  4. John Pomp

    Song written by the great Mr. Mickey Jupp!