Judds, The - Cry Myself To Sleep Lyrics

I've tried so hard
You know I can't do more
It's the turn of the card
It's the close of the door
The lies you told
You know they hurt so deep
So I'll go home
And cry myself to sleep

And day after day
You've been treating me bad
Friends come up and say,
"Why do you take all that?"
'Cause it's making me moan
And it's making me weep
So I'll go home
And cry myself to sleep

You play at love
Like a child plays games
One day I'm in
Then I'm out again
You change the rules
And I just can't win
You've broken me now
So I give in, yeah, yeah

I've been through worse
But I don't know what
Oh, I gave to you
Everything that I got
So take this heart
Or what's left to keep
And I'll go home
And cry myself to sleep
So I'll go home and cry myself to sleep
Cry myself to sleep

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Judds, The Cry Myself To Sleep Comments
  1. Stacia MacDonald

    Good music is good music. You change the rules and I just can't win.

  2. Loren Nicholls

    Thanks for sharing this song, brings back memories!

    John wesson



  3. Ronnieca Johnson


  4. Marinda Breeding

    I’m changing the rules & I just can’t wait!!! 👍👍👍👍👍

    John wesson

    Thanks for listening Marinda best wishes -----------John

  5. Charles Calflooking

    Change the rules.

  6. Charles Calflooking

    I've tried so hard.

    John wesson

    You must try harder as my old schoolteacher would say

  7. Charles Calflooking

    Day After Day.

    John wesson

    Thanks for listening Charles

  8. Charles Calflooking

    Friends come up and say.

    John wesson

    Glad you liked it Charles thanks for listening

    Jason Boyd

    "Why do you take all that" great song I have to say..

    John wesson

    Brilliant song with fantastic singers,thanks for listening

  9. A Parks

    Rockin with the Rhythm was the very first cassette I ever owned...

    John wesson

    Thanks for listening A Parks appreciate it very much.Best wishes ----John

    John wesson

    Avery good choice ,thanks for listening