JT Machinima - Soldier vs Pharah Rap Battle Lyrics

Train hard maggots! That's an order
I'm gonna blow up this track - with my knack for mortars
At the end of this war you will have no quarter
So you best retreat 'cause I'm blasting forward
I'm racking up kills so efficiently
My weapon's heavy yet I have skilled mobility
'Cause I'm a rocket man - but I won't burn out my fuse
Haven't stopped battling since World War II
And they rejected me from the army?!
I'm a one man militia - must be why they didn't want me
I've killed a lot of Nazis - call it my hobby
And where y were you Pharah? Crying for mommy?! Boo hoo
Pain is weakness leaving the body
It's nothing to me 'cause I'm a rocket jockey
I cant take a little Flak - look who can fly now
Don't give her a rifle - she might shoot her eye out
See this rocket launcher? I'm self taught with it
Beware my massive splash damage, don't get caught in it
On second thought I could've fathered you darlin'
But when your jets fail, I won't honor the fallen

Careful old man, you're not ready for this
You couldn't find a helmet that even fits
So find it no surprise that you steadily miss
The only soldier I know is 76
Now buckle up coward, I'll show you power
I respect veterans, not stolen valor
What kind of soldier works alone?
You should turn yourself over to a nursing home
I fight for justice, you kill for slaughter
I've been decorated with so many medals of honor
Like my mother and father and their mother and father
You're not a dad but I'll make you cannon fodder
Rocket jumping sounds dangerous
You must be a masochist if pain is bliss
So I guess you asked for this, I'll aim and just
Blast you back 10 years when your game's a hit
Welcome to the future, I've got a jetpack
You've been living in the past, you should get back
Now your sins shall be paid for with blood
I'm a goddess and justice reigns from above

I once killed a man with a god complex
Was he responsible for the holocaust? Yes!
Call this your dishonorable discharge
You won't even see it coming "Is this just a drill sarge?!"
Call yourself a goddess? Now I'm atheist
But there's no better title than a patriot
I'll kill you with this shovel then dig your grave with it
There ain't no place you're safe from my blast radius
So fly against me - come try to end me
You'll find out why these skies aren't friendly
Your fuel's running low and so is your luck
Gliding around - might as well be a sitting duck
I'll drop you before you even start a rocket barrage
The only barrage from you will be your body - in parts
If I was her dad, this brat - I would never let her fly
Stand down, let me fight that 76 guy

You're so beneath me, you could use a boost
When I'm done you're gonna wish you flew the coop
If I taught you how to fly, it would be a crash course
Thanks for your service - that nobody asked for
How do your rockets stack up - you have four?
Loading one by one is not fast, can you add more?
You don't wanna waste any, be careful with them
'Cause it won't take long till my tank's full again
Back into the fray, knockin' tangos down
I can't even count how many I'm layin' out
When I'm rockin' my Raptora - I'm superior
You're a dinosaur, I'm a meteor
You're not a part of any army, squad or corps
And your pathetic base - I would not call a fort
Running low on ammo you cannot at all afford
Clearly you never read the art of war

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JT Machinima Soldier vs Pharah Rap Battle Comments
  1. Space_Games 12


  2. Dziki słoń z serem zamiast głowy

    let's be real, even if she flew to the top of the map, soldier could just direct hit

  3. PS4 Gamer

    Soldier won instantly when he said "don't give her a rifle she may shot her eye out"

  4. Gh0stZ

    Team soldier


    Soldier, he can literally babysit pharah if he wanted to

  6. RED Medic

    OW is just overpowered cyberpunk Tf2.
    *Change my mind.*

  7. Supertalon256

    like: Pharah
    comment: soldier

  8. Antonie Kloppenburg


  9. Blue _Spartan

    One Hentai Material vs One Meme Material

  10. Nugget

    Pharah: "What soldier works alone?"

    Soldier 76: Am I a joke to you?

  11. Bob Clift

    What it boils down to:

    TF2: mad raps and hot burns
    OW: ok boomer

  12. Acul

    Soldier is more skillful than Pharah.

    Change my Mind.

  13. Dj Glitch

    Came for the beat stade for soldier sick bars

  14. Orion Wolfie

    literally every single one of these songs, the comments all say that tf2 won. i've got nothing against tf2 but like dang give overwatch a shot


    We'll give overwatch a chance when they have decent lines. Almost all of Pharas lines here are false or just lol your old

    Orion Wolfie

    @Trubbish i mean this one wasnt a win for pharah but i think others ones like sombra vs spy or widow vs sniper the overwatch one had better lines

  15. Ink Me Dead

    GOD DAMN, the Soldier killed it!

  16. Slayer of Doom09

    My only comeback if I was one of the TF2 characters: You rely on tech. Me, I rely on skill for a kill

  17. ceeu livai

    this did not age well for overwatch and tf2 alike

  18. Felicia Ruiz

    It could have been soldier vs junk rat

  19. LuigiThe3rd

    Soldier wins in my opinion, pharah needs a mecha suit to pull her own weight

  20. Wolflink48

    Pharah: "Welcome to the future I have a jetpack"

    Also Pharah: *has 3 seconds worth of jetpack fuel*

  21. Panzor of the lake

    Probably what went after that
    "you know what! I am young, i can fly without breaking my legs, i got an expiremental flying armour, tge islam, actual war expireiace. What do you have!"
    Pulls out direct hit*
    "Son of a"

  22. Aaron Harper

    Green beret, one eyed scout took a city, and etc. they all worked alone and made history.


    Score: Ow - 1.5 TF2 - 5.5 Total - 7

  24. Disappointed Prion

    Soldier would win in a fight against Pharah, because he will just teleport bread.

  25. B Gheseger

    Crit spoon exists so any argument saying pharah won is automatically invalid

  26. alexis berube

    Soldier win because he a REAL AMERICA and a man...yeah

  27. The Blu Soldier

    *Listen up maggots...I win*

    *No questions*

  28. Ivana Hurtado

    It would have been better if it was Soldier vs Soldier 76 who agrees?😕

  29. Patrik

    Of course Soldier
    Because he has sensible haircut!!!

  30. DUST

    Soldier have better gameplay
    In overwatch you can kill 10 players wihout skill but in TF2 you must have skill do kill someone

  31. Stefano Manià

    "Running low on ammo you cannot at all afford"


    Maxwell Gibson

    And bison

    Panzor of the lake

    Laughs in buff banner, chonchurer and battalions backup

  32. Bazli Bahari

    Pharah: "You're not a part of any army, squad or corps."
    Me : No... He's a part of a team


    Bazli Bahari and that team is a Fortress

  33. LongRangeBushido

    Never played much of either but I would say pharah owned him

  34. SLYbox

    If you didn't include Pain is Weakness leaving the body, I would have started swinging

  35. Kaila Y

    It’s honestly kinda hard to decide who won this one.

    Pharah totally burned Soldier to the ground a couple times, but a majority of Soldier’s bars were just so... *raw*

  36. nathan bob

    Pharah: *flying*
    Soldier: *laughs in direct hit*

    (Pharahs jetpack would technically be count a blast jumping, therefore extra damage for soldier)

  37. Sirbu Florin

    Played both games. despite pharah s jet pack she will never reach even half of soldier s flight speed. You will never see pharah rocket jump from a mile away reaching light speed up until point blank range of you then sends you flying with a rocket up your teeth and finishes you mid air with a second rocket or shootgun fire. You overwatch bois don t know what is fear

  38. Lake Boi

    pharah: you haven’t even read the art of war
    soldier after fighting robots completely naked with heavys sister and winning: pathetic

  39. EnderGirl56

    “Rocket jumping sounds dangerous, you must be a masochist if pain is bliss”

    Me: *laughs in German*

  40. Mehrdad Ahmadzadeh

    Soldier won easily

  41. JC Stone

    I actually think Pharah might have won this one. Now I always side with the TF2 guys when these come out, but Pharah did have some better lines than Soldier.

  42. Ghostly Paleblood

    "I once killed a man with a God complex. Was he responsible for the Holocaust? Yes!"
    Does this mean Soldier is Hitler?

  43. Gaming lelopop

    Heavy Vs Baston

  44. Angel Tettemee

    Soldier won

  45. Commingle

    When the LACK of a jetpack extends the time to master a character, keeping the game fun for longer...
    Pharah takes next to no skill

  46. trainking 777


  47. Erdem Karadeniz

    Pharah: “I have a jetpack!”

    That one thermal thrustering Pyro: *Mmmph mph mph mmmmmmmph mmmmph*
    (Allow me to introduce myself)

  48. makinmoney973

    I feel like pharah won and soldier if you did all this cool stuff then why don't you I don't know talk about it

  49. Nikki Kindinger

    Why the old card just why

  50. Pancake Man

    Team fortress BABY !!!!!!!!

  51. Mr. Eazily McTriggered

    So JT, when’s Engineer VS. Torbjorn coming out?

    Dark Magic

    Mr. Eazily McTriggered it came out

    Mr. Eazily McTriggered

    @Dark Magic , yeah but it's by Video Game Rap Battles, not JT himself.

  52. Baggy Boi

    NECK SNAP!!!!!

  53. Peter James Villegas

    Who would win:

    A Super-High tech lassie who can air-strike you to smithereens


    A Soulja Boy with a Market Gardener?

    Dark Magic

    Peter James Villegas soldier.

  54. Jesus Diaz Flores

    So it’s been about half a year and not even a update on the new tf2 Vs overwatch rap

  55. Mats Kool

    Pharah fly
    Soldier have e bucket on his had

    Who is the best

    The anser is pharah

  56. Igni Toast

    apparently soldier isnt a father even though he in cannon has 3 kids -_-


    Igni Toast canon, cannons are the big gun things

    Igni Toast

    @EnderGirl56 i know I'm just a bit illiterate don't judge me

  57. One Punch Man

    Good rap battle.

    Only downside is there’s no catchy chorus like the rest, so when it ended without one, I kinda felt like it was missing a lot without a catchy chorus like the rest.

  58. Rdrummer 2

    Cuz I'm a rocket man
    Idk why but I love this line XD

  59. Nadya Benson

    Can you please make one with d.va

  60. Aironn Garcia

    Soldier won tf2 win forever

  61. JoshVEVOTV [game ended]

    Pharah: ok boomer

    Soldier: I'll show you why I'm a boomer

    Puppet Lad

    You can’t call yourself a baby boomer if you haven’t blown up a baby

  62. Crazy Puppy

    when are they gonna do heavy vs zaria?

  63. Brooklinn Beers

    I'm gimme be honest this is about the only ow vs tf2 rap I heard that's I was 100% sure who I believe won. In my opinion. Pharah did. And please, dont give arguments such as "soldier didn't need training ING and was a one man army". Think about what that'd be in the real world: war crime



    Seriously applying real life laws, morality and physics to a game like TF2 is idiotic and adds nothing to a argument and only worsens the argument if it is mentioned (this is the same universe that Abraham Lincoln invented stairs and Australia is filled with super powered man like SAXTON HALE and you battle Demoman's haunted missing eye) not too mention some of Pharas lines didnt make any sense. "Never read the art of war" despite the fact that Soldiers first line in meet the Solider is about the art of war. So yeah Solider destroyed this boring, uninteresting, hypocritical character know as Phara

    (ps I used to play both games regularly but got bored with overwatch and dropped it and went back to TF2 after around a year of playing Overwatch so dont try the argument that I'm just a butt hurt TF2 fan)

  64. Mj Gaming

    Who else thought that pharah looks like captain falcon

  65. Rhys

    This one kinda' sucked.

  66. Ender_ 303

    This is all based off the winglets overwatch vs tf2 right?

  67. Neil Werner

    it seems like overwatch always digs at tf2s age and limited ammo. wait did i say tf2, or overwatch's rap material!

  68. Gourge Ludwig

    I've got to admit the nursing home part with Farra was an absolute burn and I'm rooting for TF2 but it was still good

  69. Lord Adominus

    Soldier has the skill phara has suit i chose soldier respect

  70. Rhi Dark Banana

    Can’t count how much I am laying out

    Prob cause your laying out no one trash character I prefer bastion

  71. Eclipse Z

    Still TF2..over watch just basically copied TF2..and tf2 is an old game..

  72. EmeraldHawk 941

    Pharah:You call that pathetic base a fort

    Also Pharah:*doesn't have base at all*

  73. Николай Подшибякин

    On my opion, best person in all rap batles, the tf2 persons, my favourite medic

  74. Mirek Diatka


  75. Jiggle Bob

    Actually soldier was rejected from the Marine Corps

  76. Dragons Productions

    0:52 that guitar is straight from GarageBand, it’s called Passages Delay Guitar

  77. brotherhood of steel paladin

    if I know tj I think engineer vs torbijon will be next

  78. Micah Autisimmons

    This rap battle is amazing!😀 Great beat, nice rhythm, good rapping. It was cool!😁

  79. Matthew Chrismon

    Tracer she saved

  80. Alyssa The Exploiter

    "I'll drop you before you start a rocket barrage, the only barrage from you will be your body in parts." killed that one soldier.

  81. Pro game 3456

    Soldier won

  82. Ireneo Guigayoma

    The Soldier is Look like my Dad's Commander

  83. Glaziola Nacht

    *patiently waiting for a “Heavy VS Zarya” rap battle video*

    Nikolai Belinski

    Im just like you

  84. Waluigi Fanboy

    TF2: a good rap that makes good points

    Overwatch: You’re old

  85. Dead Potato

    Pharah: attempts to use rocket barrage
    Soldier: _pulls out direct hit_

  86. Ivan Ho

    “Clearly you haven’t read The Art of War”

    Best closing by overwatch

    Some Weirdo

    He states it multiple Times during his Video "Meet the Soldier". What he thinks ,what the guy ,who wrote "The Art of War", actually did, may not be accurate he still read it.

  87. darius brown

    I say soldier won that one

  88. Hana Song

    Pharah won as soon as she said I’ll blast you back 10 years when you’re games a hit 😂


    Tf2s current state actually has a higher player count on average than overwatch soooooo, technically she is wrong lol

    Some Weirdo

    Amelie Lacroix Because the "Wow you're so old" cart wasn't used in every one of these and is completely irrelevant considering TF2 is kept alive by his Community while Overwatch would definitly almost die when they stop updating the Game for a While.

    Hana Song

    People are saying that this is used in all of them just to remind you the tf2 characters say that they have been around longer so shut your mouth


    @Hana Song yes, because they have

  89. CreepypastaSlayer

    Im waiting so long for a Heavy vs Reinhart rap battle

  90. Ivan Zhukof

    tf2 will always be better than overwatch

  91. Chris Hampton

    Here's an idea for a tf2 vs overwatch battle zarya vs heavy both Russian both use heavy weapons

  92. Pac Attack

    Soldier won. Pharah kept repeating the same material of 3,
    1. TF2's old
    2. Soldier isn't a real soldier
    3. Soldier is bad at his job

    But Soldier had a new roast for every line. Only part that I'll give Pharah is the dinosaur meteor line. But it wasn't that great.

  93. Zombiekiller

    Rocket jumping sounds dangerous...
    Every rocket jumper + base jumper + market gardener soldiers: ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT?

    Some Weirdo

    The Base Jumper really only hinders you when you try to Trolldier don't use it.

  94. Pirated Cheese

    “I’ll blast you back ten years when your game was a hit”


  95. Chef Panda

    Pharah: welcome to the future, I've got a jetpack

    Soldier: And I can rocket jump higher and faster and still get to the control point faster than you

  96. abdullah saleem

    Now this is a warzone

  97. Jacobthejedi123

    i teleported bread for 3 days

  98. CMDR Jack Spacecat

    Solider's rocket jumping requires near milisecond timing and skill.
    Phara's jetpack? Press a button.
    Conclusion: no fucking idea, interpret haw you want

  99. Bernadette Mendoza

    Whhy parah its supposed to be soldier 76