JT Machinima - Beautiful Star Wars Lyrics

Didn't see that comin', huh?
Alright, let's blow this thing and go home!
Woo Hoo!!

[JT Machinima:]
Grab your blasters, pack your things, to the Battlefront, it's happening!
Hoth, Endor, Tatooine, back on the front line and I'm glad to be
It's Star Wars, beautiful Star Wars, beautiful Star Wars
Love it so much

Don't mess with the rebel alliance
I'm all up in your face, don't you get up in mine, bitch
I'm the next best thing since the X-Wing
Call me J.J, cuz I'm directing
Every single attack
On your pathetic empire
Making Vader look bad
He might get fired!
Every soldier you have sent will die!

Do or do not, there is no try!

Hmm... force is strong with this one...

[Grand Moff Tarkin:]
Lord Vader, you may fire when ready!

Yo! You can not hide from the dark side
I'll freeze your asses in Carbonite
I don't got the time for you rebel scum
Stormtroopers, show 'em how it's done!

Nobody's flyer than the empire
Comin' down on you like a TIE Fighter
You're gonna hate me, hate me
When I stomp on you with my AT-AT
Yo Boba!


No homo, but I think you're handsome


Cause I'm your clone bro!
Lookin' so dope, take a photo
I can Lay ya, no Solo!

The name's Skywalker, this may sound corny
But I'm a Jedi like my father was before me
And I can promise that I won't be the last of 'em
After I take out all the trash on this Battlefront!

So be it Jedi, your fate has been sealed
All your friends will die too, they won't even get past our shields
When they learn this battle station is quite operational
And if you work for me, remember death is occupational!

Hey Chewie, get us outta here, time to make the jump to

Light speed, it's game on!
Let's see you do that with the Slave I
I hold the record in the Kessel Run
If you know the odds, never tell me them!
Next stop, Death Star
Construction won't get far
Ask Obi-Wan or Skywalker
The name is Han, and I shot first!

You brought your fleet? I'll send you back
Like Ackbar said; "IT'S A TRAP!!!"
I'll wipe you out like Bantha Fodder
Tell me now Luke, who's your father?

Sorry dad, but I don't think you're bad
You got no friends and you're just sad!

I will do my master's bidding

That's one wrinkly ass you're kissing
When you die no one's gonna miss ya!

Well at least I don't kiss my own sistah!
Obi-Wan has taught you well
Tell him I said hi!

Tell him yourself!

Try to follow me, on my speeder dodging trees
Ewoks got your chicken walkers falling on their knees

Just a minor setback, check this, jetpack!
Puttin' bounties on your head
Call up Boba Fett; STAT!

Rebel snowspeeders go
Get intel from 3PO
Got your Storm Troopers screaming
"Help me, you're my only hope!"

Reinforcements, send them in!

Lock and load, let them rip!

Rebels, you will never win!

Lightsabers, get them lit!

Father-Son, Jedi-Sith

The Force is calling

Let it in!

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JT Machinima Beautiful Star Wars Comments
  1. *bob*

    This a throw back

  2. RedSkie

    Still watching this on 2020!

  3. Rin exorcist Okumuro

    Lord Vader you may fire when ready that line was an awesome lead to earth Vader’s line

  4. claymation*kid

    dark side always wins no cap

  5. Alex Gerbinshnat

    Epic. Just Epic.

  6. Yoda Skywalker

    Where was my fire bars? Goddamn I’m not important anymore?

  7. Trippyplayz 451

    Legend can't get this out my head 🤣💋

  8. Raptor 627

    I love this game and this song

  9. Boba Fett

    Actually Stormtroopers are not clones lol

  10. Svante Olsson

    0:30 Crishwippit

  11. Yoda Death Sound

    2:24 damn

  12. luca hendriks


  13. Robert McGuire

    Still think this is your best.

  14. THEPIAYZ Kozlinski

    How do you do it so nice and so so cool

  15. Santiago Alvarez

    Kind of mad this isn't on spotify tbh

  16. Yoda

    Hello there i got the highground

  17. splatoon gamer

    1:19 who thought it was so cool that 2 X-wings came flying past while Luke was coming?

  18. HGK_Fiishy

    Who’s watching in almost 2020

    locker boom99

    What about In 2020?


    Good years...

  19. godofgames unstoppable godofgames

    Love do more pls

  20. Kid Genius

    "At least I don't kiss my own sister"

    Damn son! That killed me! It's like I was force choked.

  21. Andrew Zhu

    Vader spittin bars ngl

  22. Fred Kord

    Wow adult jokes in comment section wowwww

  23. louis Wolfe

    0:30 uh jt

  24. dre dragon

    When dark Vader said " at least i don't kiss my own sister" i look it up and said Wwwwwwhhhhhhaaaaattttt

  25. Joseph Icha

    Luke in 2015: I'm a jedi and I can promise that I won't be the last of 'em
    Luke in 2017: *is the Last Jedi*

    Moin Mahmud

    Rey is?

  26. SharkPlayz SDF

    I didn’t know that the halo rap sounds exactly like this song

  27. Mavmain

    Bruh these songs used to hype me up

  28. Joseph Icha

    "Let's blow this thing and go home" and then the woohoo will literally never fail to give me goosebumps

  29. Andrew Zhu

    Vaders rap was lit af


    And I thought that StarWars couldnt get more badass

  31. Twisted Psycho Killer

    Beautiful Star Wars
    😱😍Dark Side

  32. Commander Cole

    They said no homo before it was cool

  33. Papi K

    I can never get tired of this rap, awsome work

  34. SharkPlayz SDF

    No offense JT but
    True Nerds be like: **sings with the theme** STAR WARS! BUEITIFUL STAR WARS! BUEITIFUL STAR WARS! LOVE IT SO MUUUUUUUCH,!

  35. Tess Fett

    Holy shit the nostalgia

  36. Egg, Lord of Cinder

    Oh hey I remember watching this a long time ago

  37. Remington Duchene

    I like how the star wars theme and imperial march is in the background of the beat

  38. Primož Pahole

    John Williams: I created an awsome Star Wars theme song
    JT Music: Hold my beer

  39. ThatOneTigerBoi YT

    I love how they did a verse for all of the started heroes other than leia

  40. Jack Parkins

    Your gonna hate me hate me when I stomp on you with my AT-AT

  41. Chris Abel

    It ya boi skinny penis

  42. gamersiblings 2

    I love your song

  43. R.E.X LMXZ

    "sorry dad but i don't think ur bad u have no friends and ur just sad" darth got angry

  44. CosmycGaming

    epik song of all tim

  45. Ben Vallero

    Its been four years, and I still remember the words.

  46. *SobWay Man*

    His fast voice reminds me of Annoying orange

  47. Mace :D

    I love this

  48. Jarmall Peoples

    It's a trap

  49. Jarmall Peoples

    Light speed

  50. Jarmall Peoples

    Lord Vader you may fire when ready

  51. Erica Minks

    Hay I like your music

  52. The Ginger Trooper

    Is this on iTunes because I need it on there!!!!!

  53. The Ginger Trooper

    How did it take me this long to find this

  54. Shock trooper Shock trooper

    9/19/19 or 2019 anyone

  55. Rango Tango

    Where’s the iTunes link for this???

    The Ginger Trooper

    Rango Tango please I need it

  56. Smacked Crack

    Dude I forgot about this song so long ago, the beat was fuckin lit

  57. Joshua Minshull

    0:50 best part in my opinion

  58. Eric Dickey

    I miss when the fanbase was this excited for the new content...

  59. Abuzzcannon

    Meemi kakka pieru pissa pts

  60. So Blue

    This still is fire all the way into 2019

  61. Zombie Minecraft

    Even the movies are 12

  62. Zombie Minecraft

    I hate pegi 16 on this game

  63. Supreme commander Drak

    2:25 *SHOTS FIRED* I’m on the friggin ground

  64. unidune te

    This is so much better than the game

  65. Javier Dominguez

    This pure nostalgia

  66. Final H00 De Owl

    Can this be on Spotify please

    The Ginger Trooper

    Final H00 De Owl and iTunes

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    “If you know the odds, never tell me them”

    *Lookin’ at you, Threepio*

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    Endoskel 926

    You know it

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    0:44 Well then.

  71. Pine Dragon

    00:07 if you want to skip the annoyingly loud credits

  72. anthony donoway


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    Ill freeze your asses in carbonite! -Darth Vader 2015

  74. Mr.creepscat M

    I clicked my mom said what to watch star wars

  75. Magic2729

    This rap is a lie. The Real Star Wars Battlefront was released in 2004 and Disney had NOTHING to do with it.

  76. Stanley Leonard Darmali

    The amount of roasts and comebacks are awesome

  77. Gameknight 995

    that’s genuinely terrifying

  78. the assassinator

    It is so cool and make a star wars battlefront 2 rap song💎💎💎💀☠️

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    jj directing :)

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    Bow before the Galatical Empire! ✊✊


    you no the way of the star wars way

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    Make a dance crew pls! So i can prove that im a good dancer

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    Кто русский ♥️

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    I'd love to hear Andrea Kaden rap as Leia and Rey

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    This has got to be the best one

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    This song is ++++++++++LEGENDARY

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    By the way, the download link is broken

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    This song givs me flashbacks

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