Jørgensen, Patrick - Let You Down Lyrics

I woke up this morning
To find my father
Standing on my doorstep

Guess he was surprised
When I told him I decided
I was skipping Christmas this year

He asked me why
I told him why
I don't wanna tell a lie
A - a - a

I ain't got no no time to play games this year
Made a deadline to myself that I really wanna meet this year
Told him I was gonna wrap it up by the end of this year
I ain't got no time to take off this year

I ain't got the time or the money I can spend
I ain't got enough for myself and it's painful to say
But I'd much rather sit and try to figure out
I just wish I knew what I was about to do next year

I have come way to far
Can't give up my dream
If only I could take it back
I would do the same

What I should be doing with my life next year
Not the guy to plan for the future but I kinda
Wish I knew what I was about to do next year
I don't want your pity, I wanna be ready
When the time comes
I don't want no gift, I just wanna love
I just need to love myself again
Wish it was easy to tell it like it is
I don't wanna let myself down

Father, please forgive me
Father, I've been bothered by it
Father, understand me
I don't wanna live like this no more
I don't wanna let you down at all
I don't wanna let you down at all

Know it's hard to grasp what is really going on
When's the last time you had a project of your own
When's the last time you found yourself in a zone
Zoning out to the sound of a drum like "uh"

When's the last time you had a passion so strong
And a dream so big that it took away your breath
Any time you let it go sorry for the quiz
But I really wanna know

Have you ever felt this way before
Have you ever felt this way

If you haven't than there isn't any point in me trying
To explain what I'm trying to accomplish
Only thing I know is it's me against the world
It's all you need to know

When's the last time anybody doubted you
When's the last time you did something for the first time
When's the last time it was you against the odds
And it's one in a million and the feeling of a stepback
Makes you get that, but you put that
Anger get to use
Refusing to lose it
Excuse what I've done
Cus I know I was your son
Before it started and you loved me for the one that I was

Father, please forgive me
Father, I've been bothered by it
Father, understand me
I don't wanna live like this no more
I don't wanna let you down at all
I don't wanna let you down at all

You given me so much
You provided me a home
But you don't understand
What is really going on

You so sick and tired
Of me working on a tune
Telling you it's all gonna
Add up pretty soon

Leaving you to ask
Are you ever moving on
When you gonna realize
That the energy is gone

Time that you move on
Time to get a job
Why do you believe
That you gonna prove me wrong

I have come way to far
Can't give up my dream
If only I could take it back
I would do the same
I have come way to far
Can't give up my dream
If only I could make it right
What am I to do

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Jørgensen, Patrick Let You Down Comments
  1. Nick Brito

    Remember Million Questions? That's what made our emotional lyric creator famous!!!

  2. Wille

    yo homie ive lost my grandparents and my aunt i know the fking struggle to keep the everyday life going, just wantet to let you know this is one of the best songs ive heard in a good while.

  3. Chuwmuma Mark

    This music just relate to me and me dad. I didn't spend Christmas with my dad last year

  4. Bao Black Cat Nguyen Doan Gia

    Love it , it's legit bro

    From Vietnam

  5. BP_ 48hRs

    Your unbelievable

  6. Joey Bell

    I came here after your Got talent performance and that was really sadly I’m sorry for your mom and hope that you get a great life as a rapper


    This song caught me🔥

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Glad you liked it! Hope you are ready for more!

  8. Belieber Jr

    This song is pretty cool i love it 💗💗💗😘😘

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Thank you, Glad you like it :)

  9. Mienke Venter

    You got some real talent man, these lyrics are amazing. You are gonna go far.

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Thank you so much for saying that! hope you re excited for more music !

    Mienke Venter

    I am, I can't wait!

  10. Ash idk

    this deserves way more views dude

    the editing is lit, the lyrics is just so amazing

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Thanks man! :) share it with a friend :)

  11. Leah Goodman

    What is you're snapchat name Patrick?

    Patrick Jørgensen


    Leah Goodman


  12. Joe Ferreira

    I got to know your first song in a friends presentation @uni this morning! Everyone dropped tears! This song is awesome as well! Just keep on going!

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Hey, that's really cool to hear! Glad you decided to look up my music! Say hi to your classmates! :)

  13. MattyFM Thompson

    Amazing song can’t wait for more

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Glad you like it Matty!

  14. Linn Anette Berget

    Stjernaaa ❤

  15. Ruth Balbag

    Love this!!!

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Glad to hear it Ruth!!

  16. Ash idk

    Its a fuckin masterpiece dude!! When Is your album "Peacemaker" coming out?

  17. Ashutosh Hire

    That's my homie 💖💖💖💖

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Ashutosh Hire ❤️🙌🏼😊

  18. 100,000 subs wit one video ‘

    I just heard juice wrld is dead 😢

    Patrick Jørgensen

    100,000 subs wit one video ‘ yeah I did too, really sad! 🙏🏻

  19. Luis Alberto Garcia Garcia

    Saludos desde la CDMX 🇲🇽

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Luis Alberto Garcia Garcia mucho Gracias amigo 🙌🏼

  20. Cameron Gunter

    This Man Is So Underestimated And He Dosent Get Enough Credit For How Good He Is I've Watched Your Channel Ever Since You Auditioned In Front Of The Judges And Sang About Your Mom We All Love You Bro Much Love❤❤

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Cameron Gunter thank you so much for saying that Cameron!! Appreciate the love 🙏🏻

  21. Cobra8926

    love ur music period and im from maine (united states)

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Cobra8926 hey man, thanks for making it here!! Glad you likeit mate!!


    anytime and if u ever feel down and wanna chat just email me at [email protected] and heres my facebook.....facebook.com/CwCobra

  22. Antoine Dumont

    I wish you will come to France for à concert 🙌

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Antoine Dumont that would be really fun! :)

  23. Esaias Nathan

    Just keep doing what you are I know you will become a big name

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Esaias Nathan thank you so much for the confidence, Let’s hope it pens out

  24. Alex Stream

    This literally got to me love all ur songs especially the one about ur mom cuz I also lost my mom back in 2014 keep it up you let ur feelings speak for yourself in all ur songs 👏🏻

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Happy to hear you like it! hope you are doing good ! Excited to show you more!!

  25. Hamza CH

    Good music . From Algeria

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Big thanks to Algeria :)

  26. Vivek Boojala

    Love from Virginia!

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Love right back at you Vivek! :)

  27. ItsSam212


    Patrick Jørgensen

    Thanks Sam!! Glad you like it :)


    @Patrick Jørgensen ofc man! Huge fan!

  28. Aniket Gudade

    Why don,t u do collab with vivo or any other... it will give u platform that u deserve..and will reach songs to more people

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Aniket Gudade one step at a timr

    Aniket Gudade

    @Patrick Jørgensen yaa but that step u have already made ..now just don,t slow down that's only I wish because I really like and feel ur songs and I hope best for u

  29. cavin vaiphei

    Oyeah! Never give up! Thanks for the song Patrick. I'm moved, love you bro.

    Patrick Jørgensen

    cavin vaiphei damn!! That is good to hear!! Love you to Cavin!

  30. missyiscute09

    Again how can people not like his music

  31. missyiscute09

    I hit the like before listen. Love it . you always come up with good music keep it up. Love everything you sing

    Patrick Jørgensen

    missyiscute09 thank you so much!! This song has ment a lot to me! Glad you appreciate it 🙌🏼


    Best song of the year🔥!!!

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Thank you so much for saying that !! Hope you are hving an awesome Sunday!

  33. Adi Tri

    Keep it up!

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Adi Tri thank you for the encouragement!!

  34. shahnavaz alam

    Luv from India ♥

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    shahnavaz alam hello to India! Thanks for the love

  35. Skrizze IOS

    Yoo this is fire🔥 !!! You are such a good singer / rapper.

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Skrizze IOS thank you so much for saying that! Happy to hear it hit home!

    Skrizze IOS

    Patrick Jørgensen Keep up the amazing job!!

  36. official billy the king

    I love the song but how come there's not much rhmyes

    Patrick Jørgensen

    official billy the king there is more than one way to make a song! Hope you still like it

  37. Sabrina Zainal

    Finallyyy! Your songs always related to my life. 👍👏👏

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Sabrina Zainal so happy you made it here!! Hope you are ready for more! :)

  38. prettyUGLY

    The song is so relatable for me

    Patrick Jørgensen

    That makes me so happy to hear!! :)


    @Patrick Jørgensen never give up brother, I'm a big fan

  39. goldenZeds

    forgive me father, thankyou patrick!

    Patrick Jørgensen

    You are very welcome ! :)

  40. T C

    If you seen my comments pls reply. Big fan patrick

    Patrick Jørgensen

    HEY MAN! ;) thanks for checking out the video

  41. Chietie Shiu

    Just the day before yesterday
    I performed his song #hard_to_say_goodbye and #I'm_dreaming

    You're my inspiration #Patrick
    Keep on throwing out fire from your mouth🔥

    Patrick Jørgensen

    AWESOME! How did it go?

    Chietie Shiu

    @Patrick Jørgensen It was fun.. people liked it🔥👍

  42. Sìofra Fleming-Joyce

    Patrick I am going to share you channel on my Snapchat story.

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Appreciate it my friend :)

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    Patrick bro you're really my inspiration.

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    Superb brother

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    Thank you Rohan! :) can't wait too show you more!

  48. mironis lv

    Fire 🔥🔥bro i wait too long for your song and finnaly you give us the song bro give more and not let us wait long an next please whitch video love you an your songs keep good work

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Thank you for waiting!! hope you liked it! Will be more videos soon :)

  49. Majciako

    Beautiful <3 i loved this song

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Thank you so much!!

  50. xBunnyHop

    Cool Lyrics you made animations?

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Ajeee :)

  51. Mark 33

    This song is amazing😍😍

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    Thank you Mark! Glad you like it :)

  52. ginger ninjagaming

    yeah bro love all of your songs ❤❤

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    Appreciate it!!!!! <3

    ginger ninjagaming

    hard core follow of your bro makes me realize things when I'm down and so many times I have tryed to end and I just listen to your song bro and just changes the way I look at life and makes me think clearly 😍😍

  53. Showkathali Vk

    Soo good I love this

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Glad you like it :) More coming! :)

  54. Patrick Jørgensen

    Thank you so much for checking out the video, hope it was to your liking! I am working on more music for you, but in the mean time I hope you add it to your Spotify playlists while you wait. 
    Hope you would consider sharing it with a friend or putting it in a Post or a Story!

    Free Spirit With Nature

    Patrick you absolutely amaze me . My name is Michele and I’m in Ontario Canada 🇨🇦,I love your music. Stay true to who you really are , no one ever learned anything from life when times were easy man . When the going gets tough,the tough get going. I’m a huge fan , XOXOXO ❤️🇨🇦❤️.
    Your mother deserves an enormous amount of credit,to raise someone as amazing as you. Your a beautiful soul,and your mom is watching over you . Super Proud . Talent like yours is beautiful. I’ll share with everyone I know man.

  55. ItzRude

    Fire bruh🔥

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Thanks for the love man

  56. Autumn Dickinson

    I really loved the song.

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Good to hear! There is more coming!

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    Simply Woww !!!!
    Love from MY heart ...

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Thank you so, so much!

    Blindside Rage

    @Patrick Jørgensen :)

  59. Emily 666

    It’s super cool to see how the people grow! (I know you from America/Britain got talent)
    This songs seems good so far :)

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Thank you so much! Glad you have been able to follow the progression! :) Can't wait too show you more!

  60. AceCombat The Unsung War

    The lyrics got to me.. 😢

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Glad you liked it!

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  62. The Anonymous

    The Lyrics says everything I'm thinking of.

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Thanks for giving it a listen

    The Anonymous

    @Patrick Jørgensen As always, mate.
    Think you should go more famous.
    You write so emotional and beautiful Lyrics.... Always Amazing!

  63. The Anonymous

    When you already like a video before it started, then its Patrick.

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    Same situation here mate

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    2 hours left and i am fucking excited

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