Joy Formidable, The - The Better Me Lyrics

Pushing the shame off my back
Telling the soul walk tall and don't lose track
Tipping it out of my shoes
It's weighing me down, it's weighing me down
Leaving the side of my house
Looking to find a friend, then leave again
Cutting the wires within, so I'll follow you now
Where do I begin?

The better me is you
I don't mind
The better me is you
And I know why

Quick, they're locking the gates
We were going nowhere anyway
I'm stepping with the sky
But I can't get close
I just circle wide
What you mean to me
I only whisper, whisper to the trees
You make space out of my side
You can only try, you can only try

The better me is you
I don't mind
The better me is you
And I know why

There's nothing behind us
That says I didn't try


I have to live
I have to live
I have to live with me

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Joy Formidable, The The Better Me Comments
  1. Sgt. Bruce

    I miss the feeling of you guys releasing new music. Nobody has your sound

  2. agreen182

    Got what a good song this is. Absolute freaking banger

  3. RockHarchi

    I love this band, and I love you Ritzy Brian ❤️

  4. Toffi Vrazhek

    how can be love so beautiful?

  5. Toffi Vrazhek

    my first thought after i first heard aaarth was "omg she's either pregnant or has just given birth to a child". aaarth is so emm uhhh mature, so grown-up sounding, i mean it is just bigger than all the previous works, it speaks, it tells. i'm astonished and all in love with this work. it's really пиздец как охуенно. i love you, guys. i really do.

  6. Cheshire_Cat__

    So in 2015 my girlfriend and I were near a covered bridge in Ohio and I seen "The Joy Formidable" written on a guardrail in permanent marker. I took a picture because I was thinking "WTF does this mean?" Well I forgot about it until just now when I was going through old photos. Now I know what it means and I'm happy I do.

  7. 00 Spool

    What a great sound these guys have, how can a modern band bring back memories of being a teenager in the 90’s? They would of been huge back then.

  8. Peter Booth

    God damn you guys are a beautiful force. 🤘

  9. sergio basilioli

    I would love to see these guys in Rome one day.

  10. redrickgrass


  11. Chris

    This only has 33.7k views. Unacceptable. Let's fix this!

  12. Rebecca Bean

    Where was this video filmed?

    Rebecca Bean

    dylanvine I am in Vegas! Really! Where? Never mind I just saw the needle...duh

  13. Rebecca Bean

    I’m back, I listen to this all the time! Is there a lyric posted anywhere for this song?

  14. redrickgrass


  15. Richie Montgomery

    Love this, totally brilliant.

  16. Ronin

    I think thats actually a pretty bad area of town they're walking around in.

  17. Steve Joseppy Greaves

    Awesome band, fave song ever is whirring.....

  18. archi baldikowski

    reminds me of St. Vincent somehow (guitarsoundswise).


    Oh yeh. Weird awkward angular guitars, a bit like Birth in Reverse

  19. Kylie Louise

    I came here because of Daniel Thomas❤️
    Love to u Matt! ❤️
    Cool band
    Listening from Australia 🇦🇺👌

  20. Apocrypha

    *repeat track*

  21. Jim Mcelya

    This is what Sonic Youth wishes they sound like!

  22. UthinkUknowme26

    Wolf Alice/ Joy Formidable show would be awesome

    Ctrl Alt Bass

    ...and the Kills to make a hatrick


    Oh! Oh! And maybe The Subways!! (Kick-ass bands with 2-3 members)

  23. James Pascatore

    This song is very addictive to listen to.I love it.

  24. lynd feeney

    new album sounds brilliant

  25. Sogonrei ***

    This is dynamite! Beautiful singing, gnarly riffs and and stellar drums. The video is well crafted with the music, it is very well done.

  26. ScottKipple

    such an underrated group

  27. Jin J

    Looks like Las Vegas bum side. Awesome song! Cheers!

  28. Evil John

    One of your fans from Philippines

  29. Spooky Mulder

    Rock and Roll baby!

  30. dylanvine

    So good.

  31. Marky Ortiz

    Puh-LEEEEEZE come to New Mexico!!!!!!!!!!


    I close pornub just for this! Eargasm! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  33. JustinDaBeef

    There back!?

  34. Piero5711

    I love you The Joy Formidable <3

  35. angieyseren


  36. Scott H

    Love the heaviness. Will have their work cut out to pull me away from Wolf Alice.

    happy camper

    Saw WA in April and TJF last night. There's enough room to love both of them!

  37. Biia Dickinson

    I loved ❤

  38. wbegnel1

    One thing I like about their music - every song is a jam session waiting to happen.

  39. Daniel Gorbea

    Incredible song Ritzy! Love it!

  40. Evan Stoecker

    THIS. This is what I want. I love it!! I agree with Miles, ye olde mightiness is back!!

  41. ARTV

    Looking forward to the album!!

  42. Piero5711

    I love you The Joy Formidable <3

  43. El Sholz

    The Leopard and the Lung 2 confirmed.

  44. GreggleZz

    there is no such thing as a bad JF song

    Toffi Vrazhek

    there is.

  45. mocaille

    Brillant! TJF never disappoints ! You guys are amazing, great musicians and you bring joy to our lives !! Waiting for you in France now :-) !

  46. Tejay Smith

    This is such an escape from everything normal!

  47. Piero5711

    I love you The Joy Formidable <3

  48. Chidiadi Nze

    Please come to NY, I love you guys. Also, your outfits give me as much life as your music. ❤❤❤

  49. Mike H

    Great song!!!! Hell yea!!!



  51. hustler3of4culture3

    Break a leg with the foo fighters tonight! Wish I could go.

  52. hustler3of4culture3

    Killer tune.

  53. Tomaž Šuster

    Goob job \m/

  54. Eric Warren

    Wonderful, as always. TRLLM is really awesome, as are the Mighty Three. Looking good, Ritzy, and wow, does this band rock, or what?

  55. Branson Lewis

    Love this band

  56. NodMan

    *_Meow I've found a great song to wake up to!_*

  57. Nicki Tedesco

    Awesome! I LOVE IT!!

  58. David Underwood

    Wow!!! I so loved The Wrong Side. Wasn't sure if there could be more upside to TJF brilliance. But, this surely does it. Totally love your collaboration with TRLLM. Can't stop playing these videos. Looking forward to seeing you in So Cal. Safe and happy travels.

  59. Mohamad Fahmi

    Love it! 🤘

  60. Benoit Falardeau

    Nice work guys!

  61. Demon Siedemdziesiątypiąty

    impressive & fresh!

  62. djzenelvis

    yep !!!

  63. Sparklyness

    Beautiful video ✌

  64. dylanvine

    Looking forward to the 28th..

  65. Rebecca Bean

    Absolutely LOVE this! The film editing was amazing!

  66. The Potato

    Saw you guys in Portland on Monday. Fantastic show. Can't wait for AAARTH to come out

    I'm not a real doctor but I play one on YouTube

    The Potato and in Seattle on the first👍

  67. Miles Goosens

    The mightiness is back.

  68. Gustavo A. Contreras2

    Well done guys, I love your music, since I heard "The Last Thing On My Mind" 2 years before. I made fan of your music. Greetings from Mexico 🇲🇽


    Van a venir el 15 de mayo :D

  69. Living With Madness - Voice Hearers

    Amazing song, really interesting visuals as well.

  70. Aido g

    I love this band too much!! 🤘🤘

  71. Fer Vite

    Nice remenber like grunge,
    Nice guitar and the WOMAN have a great voice and sexy hair 👌❤️

  72. EORIA -エオリア-

    The sound they make is always artistic. It's legit!

  73. Kate Davies

    Love it!