Josh Wilson - Dream Small Lyrics

It's a momma singing songs about the Lord
It's a daddy spending family time the world says he cannot afford
These simple moments change the world
It's a pastor at a tiny little Church
Forty years of loving on the broken and the hurt
These simple moments change the world

Dream small
Don't buy the lie you've gotta do it all
Just let Jesus use you where you are
One day at a time
Live well
Loving God and others as yourself
Find little ways where only you can help
With His great love
A tiny rock can make a giant fall
Dream small

It's visiting the widow down the street
Or dancing on a Friday with your friend with special needs
These simple moments change the world
Of course, there's nothing wrong with bigger dreams
Just don't miss the minutes on your way to bigger things, no
'Cause these simple moments change the world

So dream small
Don't buy the lie you've gotta do it all
Just let Jesus use you where you are
One day at a time
Live well
Loving God and others as yourself
Find little ways where only you can help
With His great love
A tiny rock can make a giant fall
So dream small

Keep loving, keep serving
Keep listening, keep learning
Keep praying, keep hoping
Keep seeking, keep searching
Add up the small things and watch them grow bigger
The God who does all things makes oceans... from rivers

So dream small
Don't buy the lie you've gotta do it all
Just let Jesus use you where you are
One day at a time
Live well
Loving God and others as yourself
Find little ways where only you can help
With His great love
A tiny rock can make a giant fall
Yeah, five loaves and two fish can feed them all
So dream small
Dream small

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Josh Wilson Dream Small Comments
  1. Caitlyn Graves

    I have special needs too

  2. Mitch Llewellyn

    Thanks for the Dream Small mug Beth and I won in the Nashville concert contest. I think of your song Dream Small everyday when I use the mug. Dream on brother. Dream small. Like the quote from Benjamin Franklin, Little Strokes Fell Great Oaks. God Bless You

  3. Douglas Salinas

    AMAZING!! I’ve never ever comented on YouTube ever, but this song! Congratulations Josh. Thank Jesus for your life that now you can give all of us 4 minutes of life words and peace. Glory to God forever and don’t worry about those 300 that disliked the video, JESUS GIVES YOU A BIG THUMBS UP! 👍🏻❤️ God bless you

  4. Zoe Jones

    So true

  5. Elayna Falk

    I love this song. It's very encouraging to "dream small". I like the part "find little ways where only you can help

  6. Mark McCullough

    Great song

  7. Lem

    My dad who passed away earlier this year absolutely adored this song. He sent it to me a while ago and I kind of forgot about it since it's not really my style of music. But I was reminded of it today and it made me cry. I love you, Papa.

  8. Luke Jackson

    i like it

  9. Sunshine With Gabs

    It is true!😁😀

  10. Eunice Kimilu

    Our theme verve in grams dream small

  11. Eunice Kimilu

    Keep dreaming small

  12. Jose w Maldonado

    I love this song It reminds me about being in Wisconsin with my family 😘💖😍🤣😩

  13. Redemption Expressions

    Such an beautifully powerful song. 🙏❤️✝️

  14. Pieterjan én Febe

    I love it! The lyrics make you think. Dream big or small, let God decide those dreams.

  15. joe dem elfie

    I was just thinking of the perfect video to honor our pastors at our church when the time arises. And I heard your song on ktsy for the first time. thank you sir. God bless your ministry. Beautiful spirit inspired song. dream small my brother. :)

  16. Andre Jones


  17. anna marie Budiongan

    YES! I thought the song said dream strong. Cuz at mass at my school (I go to a catholic school) I needed to know what is the title of this song. Btw this is my mom’s account

  18. rick oddon

    298 lost souls dont love this song

  19. rick oddon

    5 loaves and 2 fish and feeds them all? Just think of all the sea creatures, God makes sure everything eats.

  20. Mommy & Kimberly's Adventures

    Awwww thanks Josh for the signed photos for our Kimberly she loved it so much u made her day 9-5-19 God bless u brother!!!!

  21. Adam Case

    I feel like a lot of people missed the line 'Of course, there's nothing wrong with bigger dreams. But, thats Christianity for you always being awesomely counter cultural, to our fallen minds.

  22. Marie Larios

    Josh Wilson, We Thank you for All of Your Great Contributions to Humanity. We Thank you for Showing Humanity How One Small Seed Can Grow into a Big Beautiful Tree with Many Branches. Small Selfless Deeds backed by Love for One Another Help the World Immensely. Lift Jesus on High. How you Do Unto Others is How You Are Doing Unto Jesus. We Love You Always. Yahweh, Jesus and Uriel 🔥🔥🔥

  23. Julia Ruth

    I think we should have big dreams, because God can do things that we never would have imagined. We don't have to do big things.

  24. Cheryl Cooper

    Beautiful!! <3

  25. Mariana Ojeda


  26. Shari Reno

    I saw Josh at our July Sundown Salute. He is an incredible talent and with a personality to match makes him a real deal! He is a blessing wherever he appears. This song is great!

  27. YLN TRE

    Why dream small when you could do all things throuh god

  28. Bleach

    My church camp sang this song and I listen to it all the time.

    But it makes me sad for reasons I can't explain

  29. Rory Swindell

    Here's my public comment... This is the worst song I've ever heard. The writer dreamed small. What a joke.

  30. Richard Andrews


  31. Jean-Pierre Basson

    One of the best most beautiful christiab/not songs out there. Meaning in every word. Thank you! 1 of my favorite songs of all time now😉

  32. Anggoro Prihanantyo

    Simple moment chance the world like five loaves and two fish

  33. ripexe

    my class sang this song/...there were tears

  34. Jaylyn M

    Josh: This song was played at my 5th grade graduation. I was crying so hard honestly. I was honestly so moved by your song. So I searched you up and hear I am. I listen to this song literally 24/7. I’m crying soo hard right now. I just really hope you notice this and hear my story. 💜

    Jaylyn M

    Here* sorry everyone...hehe

  35. bolaji fredricks

    This song has great depths.... Thanks Josh for been a blessing to His body.

  36. Jenna Spencer

    I help students with severe special needs once a day I help in the life all’s classroom

  37. Matt Crawford

    this song has 283 too many dislikes

  38. Tina Parmigiano

    Love this song. It reminds us that we have a lot of small dreams that come true on the way to our big dream, so make sure you don't miss out on them.

  39. TheCross Builder

    Every time I listen to this song, oh, Jesus comes into mind

  40. Fausto Perez

    I love this so g i am aing ing this song at my. School by my self

  41. ganesha mesidor

    I know that God is always with me

  42. April L

    This song is my pick me up, everytime I hear it, the smile on my is huge. I thank God everyday for all the things that I have. Great song my friend!!!

  43. Alex Williams

    Doing just the simplest things like smiling at someone can make a big impact on that person.

  44. ItzChr0nix

    god bless you all

  45. Abby Brown

    The earth day

  46. Minda Duffy

    A tiny rock can make. That is my favorite.

  47. bondservant4jesus

    I am not a winner in the world's standards. I am single, no children, live with my Dad and sister, my sister is also, going to be moving out and getting married, it's a hard transition for me. This song had me in tears. I especially like the part where it says, "Don't believe the lie,, you have to do it all." There is the American dream to have like a husband or wife, kids, grand kids, 2 cars, a house, stuff s that. But this song says it all, let God use you where you are in little ways and those ways can add up to big ways.

  48. Michael Waga

    S h i n e good afternoon hope your day is going well thank you for your radio station and all the awesome music you play💕

  49. Caden Washington

    Best song for Friday

  50. Conner Moore

    Dream big, not small

  51. Lucy Rouleau

    Love it amen

  52. Fredster

    Very nice video!

  53. Therese Vining

    Thank you! I really needed to hear this!

  54. Alice The Gamer Gal

    I love this song so much!

  55. zeke kaebel

    I was praying to get a goal and Jesus gave me 2

  56. zeke kaebel

    These simple moments change the world

  57. Anne Pahlm

    Song makes me cry

  58. Chicksue

    The truth of this song brought tears to my eyes! Thank you Josh!

  59. Oswald Playz art, and animation

    God blesses use everyday and he makes everything awesome and that he takes use to a better future. God and Jesus are love and life

  60. Cathy Tetreault

    Love this song

  61. randommadness55

    Love this song. Beautiful reminder that “by small means the Lord can bring about great things” - 1 Nephi 16:29. Thank you!

  62. Carlos Colindres

    Great song, but very sad that they hardly play this song on ceristian radios??????

  63. Michael Koch


  64. Maria Jorgensen

    Our school is singing this song for the spring concert!! God bless you, me and all!! How do people dislike this video?

  65. DefenderoftheCross

    The gospel is not about our good works. Our good works cannot change the world. Only the Word can do that. Our nice deeds give people good feelings, but leave them without the good news.

  66. Kathy Wears

    the Lord knows the tiny little things we do, and smiles when we love and serve others. Keep our motives pure in serving, Lord.

  67. Paul Kramer

    Great song but the lyrics need a change! "Dream small"?? No no no "Dream big"

  68. Yellow Fang

    Best song! When I’m listening to this I feel so much better knowing god is with me and you.

  69. Simon Kim

    Do you like the song?

  70. Simon Kim

    I love the song so much I am memorizing this song. Thank you Jesus Christ for this beautiful song.

  71. enforcer jj

    "dancing on a Friday with your friend that's special needs" sounds sweet, but it all depends on what you mean by dancing. It's a shame that most Christians these days have lost all discernment when it comes to the things we do with our time. Most forms of dancing these days is very impure. Most dancing involves actions and gestures which stem from impure and immoral acts, and is done to music that is far from glorifying to God. Ask yourself this - is this action appealing to my FLESH, or is it uplifting and edifying to my SPIRIT?  Proms are notorious sin infested flesh pleasing lust enticing temptations which the Bible CLEARLY tells us to FLEE!!!!  So are many other dance related events and activities!!  They are simply opportunities to fuel fleshly desires, entice OTHERS who may be watching as we wiggle and gyrate our bodies around in immodestly dressed clothes, again appealing to fleshly desires and NOT obeying God's commands to FLEE youthful lusts and occasions of temptation.  The overpowering rock beat that is ALWAYS present, usually in SINFULLY LOUD volumes (proven to damage our hearing, which is part of the TEMPLE OF GOD!) - why do you THINK that kind of music just BEGS to be "cranked up"???  It has a beat that appeals to the flesh and helps break down inhibitions and conscience.  There's a reason those who made it popular NAMED IT "Rock and Roll", which was itself a euphemism for sex. Shame on all of you who partake of it and those of you would CONDONE IT.

  72. Jodi Timmerman

    When my mom showed me this song I loved it, and now I am going to spread Jesus's love by singing this at church.

  73. Liz Brooks

    I love listening to my favorite song: dream small, by Josh Wilson! Thank you you tube!


    i love this song to alot to

  74. Jakob Anderson

    I can’t be the only one who thought he was going to say “makes oceans, deeper...” instead of “from rivers”, right?😂

  75. Kaili Dyck

    Shouldn't we be dreaming big?

  76. Richard Andrews

    I live in a small town in southern Pennsylvania, and it feels like this song applies to me so much where I live. There's 3 churches in my town (1 Presbyterian, 1 Methodist, and 1 Catholic), but yet there still seems to be a need for people to spread the Gospel more publicly, and this song inspires me to do just that.

  77. Heidi Holz

    I love this :)

  78. pee pee man

    I wish my dad and mom where still together

  79. MrInspirational43

    Born again Aspie who teaches children with autism and other special needs, this song really touches my heart. Thank you Josh Wilson for this touching quirky song about being able to do our part for Jesus.

  80. Zoe JoyRenee

    I love this song

  81. Bekfast Time

    The message in this song is awful. What’s wrong with having big dreams in life? That’s how you get the most out of life- aim to be the best at whatever it is you do. Thinking “realistically” is a roadblock in life. Of course, consider your options and consequences of pursuing dreams, but those risks should excite you instead of deter you. Living “safe” and “comfortably” is wasting your life away. Get out there and make the most out of life. Of course you should treasure the small things in life, too, but don’t make those moments the highlights of your time on earth.

  82. Charley Nope

    I sing the song at school.

  83. Diana Josephine

    Add up the small things and watch them grow bigger..The GOD who does all things makes oceans from rivers💖👏👌👌
    #this song's a great blessing!
    #GOD bless!!
    #Love and prayers from India!!

  84. Harmony Edwards

    Why some ppl don't like this song. I love this song and I love God forever! Thank u God and Jesus. For everything

  85. DJ girl gamer

    My granddaughter and I both love this song. It describes my fiancé who has since passed away, but lived the lines of the song. I still learn from his life.

  86. murage wanjohi

    Thanks for the encouraging song, we can all help someone at our level. Small things matter and we should all do our part in making the world a better place for the glory of God.

  87. Mary Moi

    I pray that u will be able to praise GOD in times of difficulty. please keep this up. I LOVE YOUR SONGS

  88. FallBongoBilly Gaming

    "Live well"
    "Find little ways only you can help
    "A tiny rock can make a gaint fall"
    If you feel suicidle or feel like yoy dont matter you do people care for you or if you know someone who feel suicidle smile at the say high give them a hug make them feel like they matter in this world
    "Find little way only you can help"
    Because all of gods creation matter but its up to you to make sure they know they matter
    And "let Jesus use you where you are"

  89. grace burns

    my mom is in love with this song and the line "the God who does all things makes oceans from rivers that is amazing and i am in love with this song as well

    Alex Williams

    I love that verse too!

    Sarah Tillman

    Oh I love this song sooooo much! Its what kinda lead me to where I am now.

  90. Orange Justice

    Great music: what are any of y'all's opinion on my new profile pic? Is it good? Does the background color look good? What're your opinions!?!?

    Like if it's good
    Comment any advice you could give plz

  91. Grace Crosina

    A tiny rock can make a giant fall, so dream small!!

  92. Arslaan Bashir

    I used this song for my school assembly for my harvest assembly

  93. George Wiley

    This is the absolute worst message for young men of faith. Dream small?! Man up people.

    t r e m o r s

    George Wiley God has a plan for everyone. But not everyone is meant to go out only the world and make dramatic changes anywhere and everywhere. Some people help the would by fixing the broken things right where they are. The world focuses on going out and changing everything. This song pulling away from that and saying how important it is to dream small. So please, man up

    Anne Pahlm

    George Wiley you are a Pharisees hypocrite just shut up

  94. Johnny Sarro

    "A tiny rock can make a giant fall"
    "The God who does all things makes oceans from rivers"
    "Five loaves and two fish can feed them all"
    Beautiful, heartwarming imagery. This represents well how our great God can make big outcomes from small actions. Thanks Josh!

  95. SerpentSlayer1

    Love this song. God Bless.! :)

  96. Mohammed Hussain 2

    On my assembly

  97. Mohammed Hussain 2

    I had this song at school 😁😁😁

  98. Lulu


  99. Lissy04

    This song is SO good! Thank you Jesus for loving us all- God bless xx