Josh Wilson - Borrow (One Day At A Time) Lyrics

One day, one day at a time, say
One day, one day at a time, say

Sometimes I feel just like I did in the 8th grade
All alone, insecure, and so very afraid
Seems like everybody else they got it figured out
While I'm stuck here, in another nervous breakdown
Life crashes like a panic attack
The fear of the future breaks me in half
I try so hard but it's a losing fight
I fake a smile in the day, and fall apart at night

I'm lying awake cause I just can't sleep
I toss and I turn but can't find no peace
I keep praying to God, He keeps telling me
Don't worry, don't worry

Don't borrow no trouble from tomorrow
You'll only double your sorrow
You'll only worry your mind
Don't borrow no trouble from tomorrow
If you're gonna learn to follow
You gotta take it
One day, one day at a time, say
One day, one day at a time, say
One day, one day at a time, say

I wanna learn to hold my life a little looser
Live in the moment instead of in the future
Let tomorrow worry about itself
And be here right now, trust all is well

Cause the flowers and birds they don't worry a bit
And a good God takes good care of them
And he loves you and me so much more than this
So don't worry, don't worry

Don't borrow no trouble from tomorrow
You'll only double your sorrow
You'll only worry your mind
Don't borrow no trouble from tomorrow
If you're gonna learn to follow
You gotta take it
One day, one day at a time, say
One day, one day at a time, say
One day, one day at a time, say

To the weary moms and worn out dads
And the middle school kid who's always picked last
You gotta take it, you gotta take it
One day at a time

To the downcast and doubters and misfits like me
To the addicts who are fighting through recovery
You gotta take it, you gotta take it
One day at a time

To the struggling saints on the narrow road
When you're anxious, depressed and feeling alone
You gotta take it, you gotta take it
One day at a time

To all of God's children, let's never forget
We're forgiven and free, but we are not home yet
We gotta take it, we gotta take it
One day, one day, one day

Don't borrow no trouble from tomorrow
You'll only double your sorrow
You'll only worry your mind
Don't borrow no trouble from tomorrow
If you're gonna learn to follow
You gotta take it
One day, one day at a time, say
One day, one day at a time, say
One day, one day at a time, say

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Josh Wilson Borrow (One Day At A Time) Comments
  1. Mike Tekle

    Thank you mr. Josh I know how to sing the whole song I'm a kid

  2. Rene W

    Absolutely love his music 🎶🎵🙏 Vocals and the lyrics are so true to life!

  3. Professor. TacoTom

    When I hear the first words of the song it makes me so happy because it helps me get through every single school day and I am In 8th grade. THANK YOU FOR THIS SONG


    What a fantastic and melodious song. :-)

  5. rosedarkling

    Oh, so true. God bless him and all! :)

  6. Katie Rohr

    So I found this song not too long ago. And it has changed my life. I came upon it one day on my drive home from work, I was listening to a playlist on my phone that I normally don't. I was having a horrible day, my anxiety and depression were getting the best of me, and I was not in a good headspace at all. This song came on, and i really started listening to it about half way through. It overwhelmed me so much that i had to pull over for a few minutes because i was crying so hard, and couldn't see the road. Matthew 6:34 has become my life verse for the past couple of months, and this song encompasses the verse perfectly. This song has impacted my life in huge ways. And I'm still learning how to give things to God. But I can honestly say that I wouldn't be where I am today without this song. So thank you for that. And I thank God everyday for His word, and especially for never abandoning me, even when I basically abandoned Him, as well as my faith.
    I've lived with anxiety and depression for 5 years now. I just graduated high school, I still live with my parents, and they still don't really believe in mental illnesses. My father thinks I can just pray hard enough, and all my issues will go away. But they haven't. And believe me, I've tried. But I still have anxiety and panic attacks. Depression still kicks my butt somedays, and I still occasionally feel like the world would be better without me in it. But I also know that God still loves me. That I have people in my life that would miss me. And that, no matter what, I can always rely on God to get me through the day, and into the next.
    So I just wanted to share that with you, cause this song has changed my life for the better.

  7. Shi Linn

    (PLEASE READ AND REPLY) Josh Willson what do you think of Marty Sampson, a worship music writer, singer, and active member of Hillsong has publicly denouncing his faith on social media? Im not collecting gossip and I'm not a reporter I just want your thoughts.

  8. Healing in Victory

    One day at a time. Thnx Jesus!

  9. Rissa Love

    LOVE THIS SONG!!!! Heard it on 91.5 fm😭💕

  10. Victoria's Adventures

    I'm lying in bed panicking about my future and what will happen as I wait to here back from where I want to go and this songs pops into my head. I then searched for it and here I am now still worrying but feeling slightly better and knowing whatever happens is meant to and that everything will work out like it is supposed to. Thank God for everything he has done for me and everybody else.

  11. B Copeland


  12. B Copeland

    my fav song other than god inly knows and what a friend!!!!

  13. Pam B

    When this first came out I liked it n shares it with many friends; However other day miracle 😀😀 the lines "I keep praying to God He keeps telling me"...."and you'll only worry your mind" really stuck out. That was my lightening bolt that I always wanted, even though I know and try to live ODAT n try to stay in the moment. It's not easy..but when I don't I worry my mind.

  14. ACEIOUS_ElvY

    Whoever pressed dislike your life sucks not really but are you kidding

  15. Briesy Boys

    I am going to highschool leaveing 8th grade and some my freinds and i am very sad and the teachers i had were the best i wish i could rewind tome and stay in eighth grade this song helps me with my feelings

  16. Nora England

    Being in 8th grade, this song really speaks to me. This is my life. Thank you.

  17. Travis Beabout

    Great song

  18. doris coleman

    Your songs are simple and prophetic..Great messages understandable..Love, keep praising the Lord who blessed you with many gifts..

  19. Paul Anthony Donahue

    BeYOUtiful! ❤

  20. Cathy Joiner

    Love this song!!!!!

  21. cheesey owen Polkowski

    this song is awsome!

  22. Thomas Richter

    This songs message seems to mean that you should not plan ahead. That would be an incorrect message.

  23. Armando Ortiz Jr

    Awesome! This song's message is spot-on and interrupted my anxious thoughts. Have a brighter day everyone!

  24. Victoria's Adventures

    One day at at time. The advice that I needed while stressing over revision and exams.

  25. luke borst

    Im in a long distance relationship i met my girlfriend at my schools mass band but thats not the point i should tell Her that we have to take are relationship one day at a time and not look forward so much

    Karl Marcx

    Tell her to continually focus on Jesus and keep the purity that God wants to every unmarried couple. 😇

  26. CheetahBurns [saved09]

    just saw Josh in concert -- cool.

    Anne Pahlm

    CheetahBurns [saved09] he’s awesome saw him last night at my town WILLARD Ohio at Christain alliance church 😊

    Stormy Phillips

    I saw him with Steven Curtis Chapman in like 2011, I think? His first album hadn’t been out long, I don’t think. It was how I discovered him. Been a huge fan ever since! He’s amazing live.

  27. CheetahBurns [saved09]

    Matthew 6! yeah I love this song!

  28. Ann BRUK

    Thankyou so much for your Uplifting Music. It means alot to me

  29. K Milbrath

    Being in middle school i can find comfort in this song

  30. miracle smith

    I have anxiety

  31. miracle smith

    I love this song i heard it in radio and it so true i can't sleep at night but I'm in 7th grade

  32. LeAnn Fane

    You have someone saying they are you on Instagram asking my age and where I’m from. I blocked that person. Just wanted to let you know.

    Hannah (ハナ)

    You should probably report the account so that Instagram knows.

  33. Jimmy Phadphom

    Great song god bless you josh

  34. Savannah Gage

    I heard this song on the radio today, and I have been stressed. It helped me to slow down and pray, and I feel so much better! Don't let prayer be your last resort, let it be your first response!

  35. Douglas Coffman


  36. laurie green

    thanks josh.i needed to hear your song one day at a time.the lyrics mean lots to me.we used to be neighbors of your ' s on your circle.i miss you and your family lots.we miss our old home too...

  37. Joseph Helms

    I’ve waited years for a song that so perfectly describes the state of mind that I need. This beautiful masterpiece does so. Praise God.


    Joseph Helms Amen Brother!

  38. Braydon Thomlinson

    One Day, One Day, One Day at a time <3

  39. Pq vc n vem?

    I just can't stop listening to this song.

  40. JAKEtheGR8P

    I was just finishing college tours with my parents and I felt very overwhelmed about everything because it seemed like all the colleges we toured were so hard to get into and I started thinking about tomorrow and the next day and how I would get everything together before college and on the way home this song came on and reminded not to fret about the future but to live in the moment and take everything one day at a time.


    What did you end up doing? That process can be overwhelming but give it all to God.

  41. Captain Bubbles

    I am in grade 8 right now and this song relates to me a lot. THANK YOU SO MUCH JOSH! Like if the same.

  42. Mr Aztec

    Who would dislike this?!

  43. Gabriella Nobles

    im not a crier when it comes to the media. i can watch the saddest movie ever or read the most pitiful story, but not cry. i dont cry during songs either, in fact, i listen to depressing songs on a regular basis because i like them and they imrpove my moods.
    but this, this song has put everything down.
    im that 8th grader who feels alone, insecure, afraid. i have breakdowns and everyone around me seems to have it together. i fake being okay everyday, all day, but cry myself to sleep at night.
    this song is such a reassurance and i cant help but feel so much lighter when i listen to it. compare to how heavy i feel regularly.
    thank you Jesus.

    Mr Aztec

    God will come to us in important times in our life. He has saved me a couple of times. When you feel alone or that no one understands you just know that God is always there for you and loves you.

    Captain Bubbles

    I am also an 8th grader who feels that. Glad to know I'm not the only one and that God is there for everyone. Take it one day at a time!

  44. wolfsrule100

    The past 6 months have been one thing or another. Lots of health problems. Today was extremely hard as well. I prayed last night for God to give me peace because I can’t do this alone anymore and I felt that peace listening to this. Thank you

    Sarah Muffley

    I'm glad that this song brought you some peace!! It brought me some as well. Because the past 6-7 months (since last December) has literally been one thing after another for me as well. And I'm just like God I can't do this. And I really can't do it alone!! We can't do it alone and we Aren't Alone!! We have God and we have our Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Even when it feels like they aren't there!! Hang in there because God will turn everything around.

    Rowden Music Team

    @Sarah Muffley AMEN

  45. donald cassidy


  46. neo obelisk

    I used to listen to music like thinking it would change my life ......i did'nt i was saved but i dreamed from today to 500 years ealier kids adults can dream from now until their 50 but not dream one day at a time i dream all the time

  47. Neko

    Yay epic guitar solo!

  48. Jémina DOMINIQUE

    Super Musique merci Seigneur pour cette parole

  49. Miracle Girl


  50. Tim Collier

    Thank You

  51. JW 2001

    Yea like the grove in the top 50!

  52. Zach Frost

    Powerful. May the Lord help me to stop borrowing worry! Thank you, Josh! I really needed this.

  53. Heidi Tiemens

    My Radio station took out half the song ☹️ (2:23-3:13) amazing song, tho!!!

    David Paul

    Same here. I'm glad I looked for this song, that is the best part of the song!

    Karthik G

    Same her

    Andrew Linker

    Best part of the song!

  54. Yelana Solodovnik


  55. Sonia Chief


    Tiffany Washington

    I know right? This song is amazing and so on the money. We need this in our world today. Such a great reminder. God bless! 😊😊😊

  56. Noah Makesh

    love the song

  57. Nevaeh Swanner

    I can relate so much 🙏🏼

  58. Charles D. Johnson


  59. janinha santos

    Brasil here❤️😍i like JW😍

  60. Monkastery Studios

    I know Josh is an extremely underrated singer, but his songs Pushing Back the Dark and Carry Me still remain some of my favorite songs of all time!

    Stormy Phillips

    He deserves so much more recognition than he gets! His music has helped me through a lot in life.

  61. laurie green

    thanks josh.i needed to read this today.

  62. Victoria Kearney

    On a mission to spread this's not just a's life

    Val Identity

    Victoria Kearney -Jesus’ own Words

  63. Rachel Schoenberger

    The beginning of this song really sounds similar to Weightless by Hawk Nelson. Great song! :)

  64. Gridwec A1

    Good, Good

  65. NightHawk 01

    Love this song so much. Hope it gets released to radio. I’d love to hear my local station playing it.

    Stormy Phillips

    If they’re not playing it yet you might request it by way of social media! It’s been playing on my local station for a while now and it’s one of my favorites!

  66. Chill Dude

    Finally, I was waiting for the lyrics, Amazing song BTW, I so feel that song, there's alot of stuff in school that's just frustrating, this helps me ALOT! Thanks again Mr. Josh!!!!!!!!

    James Hunter

    This is one of my new favorite songs. Heard it on the radio when I was worried about some things in my life. PERFECT TIMING👍🏾😊

  67. M. Toledo

    Another great song by a talented musician.

    Chill Dude


  68. MamaCee7

    WooHoo!!! Another great song by Mr Josh!!!!

    M. Toledo

    Awesome like always. God bless his talents and voice.

  69. Gifty Eliyana Grace Acts 17:28

    So on time. God knows best. Thank you so much.

  70. Sarah C

    Awesome song and such a great reminder. Thank you!