Josh Groban - Happy In My Heartache Lyrics

Coffee is on the table, and I
Just can't seem to wake up this aching heart of mine
One more day without you and I'll be fine
I know I'm good for waiting but waiting's wasted time

Oh and I, I don't take it lightly,
The trouble that I've gone through, to get you to know who I am
Oh and I, I can't find a reason to be happy in this heartache,
'Cause I should know better than that
I'm better than that

Wicked winds are blowing through the halls
These old familiar faces are clinging to the walls
I know it's cold but I can't feel at all
And I know these walls are crumbling,
And I won't stay to watch them fall

Oh and I, I don't take it lightly,
The trouble that I've gone through, to get you to know who I am
Oh and I, I can't find a reason to be happy in my heartache,
'Cause I should know better than that

But I can't stop loving you
I don't know what to do
To keep holding on

Oh and I, I don't take it lightly,
The trouble that I've gone through, I've given you all that I am
Oh and I, I can't find a reason to be happy in my heartache,
'Cause I should know better than that
Oh I'm better than that

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Josh Groban Happy In My Heartache Comments
  1. Zai Badloe

    I can't go to sleep without listening to your soothing voice 🌹

  2. jiminie_bts_army✌️✌️

    I love this song so much!

  3. Elżbieta E

    Nie dziwię się ,że masz zdruzgotane serce i zdrowie. Kobiety bywają okrutne.

  4. Yolanda Malicse Schmidt

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!

  5. Elizabeth Nelson

    God has blessed you with a gift of expression. In just three minutes you communicate such deep, profound love of God. When searching for love, that's the love that we all seek.

  6. Chung Yonhee

    Thank you CSI NY (Valentine) for bringing me to this wonderful song.

  7. D I

    Beautiful song ....❤️💙💚💛💜💝💞

  8. Sazie Mbhense

    Keep this song for me

  9. Alexandre Wender

    Br Deixa Up Aí

  10. Manuela Brociner

    Love this Singer and this song

  11. Deb Luken

    He will always be one of the greatest singers of all time! Saw him in concert it was unbelievable! 💗🌷💗

  12. Sally

    I love this song 💕

  13. escapist from hell

    Who else is here because of CSI NY?

  14. Matej Polacek

    Question is who not catch this song becouse of CSI:NY :)

  15. Lesley Makosa

    Thank you csi...😘

  16. Precious Soko

    Thank you so much CSI NY and Shazam.... Wow this is😭😭😭😭😭 I know i seem late, but am in South Africa and that episode was on screen today😂😂😂😂 can see people's comments written 4 years ago

  17. Robert Canham

    some say one of the greatest voices on the planet. I think he has the greatest voice ever, every time i hear him sing i have to go to you tube to listen to more

  18. Joy Mendie

    2018 CSI thank u

  19. Marta Foca

    Amo esse homem .descobri ele agora há duas semanas por acaso. Será que ele vinha na minha casa ? Não falo inglês.

  20. Ronin Elenion

    I'm in love with this man's voice.

  21. Kasia Wojciechowska

    I am so so truly sorry 😭

  22. Jay Learned

    Glad some others agree with me, this song is fantastic. It is the top played in my 10,000 song library. Of course, it helps that I sing it too!

  23. Joy Mendie

    I just watched CSI and heard this breathtaking song, I love it!

  24. Jeffry Setiawan

    I am back, when i get hurt from mad world, i take my headphone and listening this music and realise my burden is more lightly than my brain, thx groban

  25. sthembile cele

    love this song

  26. maria veloso

    so beautiful. you are my perfect soul!🎼🎼🙌🎼🙌⭐⭐⭐🔯☀🔯?!!🐝

  27. Jack Fleischeuer

    great, thsnk you for sharing, heart for the first time this song at CSI NY, great artist

  28. Joseph Salvas

    Joe Salvas: great love song Josh Groban love you man! Great singing man! Great job!

  29. Maria Veloso

    you as i can feel you are a lihgt soul..full of beautiful feelings Josh👍👍😀🎵🔯🙌🔯🙌🌞🙌🙏🙏🎼🎻 I can feel it from the distance...❤😀❤😀🎵🔯🙌🎵🎵🎵🎵🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🙌🙌

  30. Chiara Poppa

    È stupenda!

  31. ZupaDub

    Love it too, his voice is special and the piano too! whole thing is so special, thanks for sharing xxx

  32. Jule_Rockt

    Thank you CSI NY for bringing me here 🤣

  33. Nova Tarigan-Gerber

    I have found this Song by CSI new York too

  34. Caudel Daley

    One more, a beautiful discovery from one of my favourite voices. Thanks for sharing!

  35. shaan louisa

    csi ny ty gorgeous song

  36. lilac

    Never heard this song before but oh how wonderful it is..

  37. Geisiane Gomes

    beautiful! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  38. mirko707

    grande josh

  39. korydwen tallec

    Bonsoir, je ne parle pas l'anglais mais je tenais à dire que c'est un merveilleux chanteur Merci Mr Groban

    [PR]Kalisto Heath

    korydwen tallec

  40. Gigi Simbajon

    Savoring the pain.. sounds masochist???? Just relaying my message across.. Hoping Mr. Flash isn't Mr. Falsh....

  41. Rengsi Mnike

    I love this song , same like my real love ...:(:( :):)

  42. Eli Mincheva

    thank you CSI

  43. Oumou Barry

    One of the most beautiful voice on earth!

  44. Adi Sulistiono

    i knew this song when i watch csi...since that i love this song...

    Pocut Shaliha Finzia

    me too!

  45. lambertus de kuijer

    geweldig nr uit csi ny seizoen 9 valentine

  46. Gloria Law

    Gloria loves, trust you Josh. :) I love all your Songs with your echoed soft voice give me lot of courage, confidence, sense of humors. Gloria SO proud of you. Thanks for making SO proud of me. We are Awesome SO proud together as ONE. We love Singing our amazing outstanding talents God gave to us. God is SO good to us. God bless the World with Peace Amen. :)

  47. Alexandra Elena

    Thank you so so much csi ny because i couldn`t find the song without you. <3

  48. Lrt Emilú

    Thanks for sharing. I love Josh. He´s soooooooooo CUTE!!!!

  49. Fitri Christina

    thank you CSI NY for taking me to this song…. It's sooo me… ^^,

    [PR]Kalisto Heath

    Fitri Christina Same here lol I heard it and I loved it in 3 seconds

    Nikkie Shina

    I know right!! Thank you CSI NY! I watched the episode just yesterday and Shazam-ed the song. So awesome!!

    Lope de Vega

    I knew this song in CSI,,is great

    Lope de Vega

    @[PR]Kalisto Heath me too

  50. Tito Salazar

    Espectacular la cancion! !!

  51. Fernweh

    Same here..on in UK couple of days ago

  52. Marvalust1

    "Beautiful".. thanks for sharing ..this song touches me deeply. ..heard this song on CSI's now stuck in my heart ..I found it by googling the lyrics.

  53. Julia Paulina

    11:59 p.m. 14/09/2013 Alone on a Saturday night listening to Josh's Happy In My Heartache...beautiful and meaningful love though...Josh sings this with his usual magical voice...

  54. susan dayeh

    Thank you :)

  55. susan dayeh

    Thank you :)

  56. susan dayeh

    Thank you :)

  57. Gandalf D Grey

    Thanks XD

  58. Pouet Camanbert

    Thanks to Lie To Me ♥

  59. Bruna Branco

    CSI NY brought me here.

  60. juan camilo garcia

    CSI NY brought me here and now its ended its run too, a pity...

  61. Andreas Wallqvist

    He was just.. amazing live in sweden.. thing song made me cry so bad ;-;

    Jay Learned

    There's recording of his Sweden performance of this song somewhere on youtube. It's fun.

  62. Smaec28

    a beautiful sad song

  63. Gwen Pond - TheViddingSisters -

    this song makes me feel really ach-y, its so touching and lovely. Dang, I love Josh Groban :)

  64. seapie1

    très jolie mélodie . . . au milieu de tant d'autres !

  65. loveliuying

    Love this vid. Thank you :)

  66. luvluvluvtaylorswift

    thanks :)

  67. luvluvluvtaylorswift

    you're welcome :) Glad you like it!

  68. Elke Morschhäuser-Martin

    Hello to you..wanna thank you for this Video with the amazing Lyrik of this also amazing Song.. <3