José González - The Forest Lyrics

Why didn't you tell
Why didn't I know
Landscapes blurred by rain
Mountains covered in snow

Why didn't I see
The forest on fire behind the trees

Why didn't I feel
Why didn't you show
The cracks under the bridge
The gaps along the road

Why didn't I see
The forest on fire behind the trees

Why didn't I see
The forest on fire behind the trees

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José González The Forest Comments
  1. Catchasmurf

    Anyone know the guitar tuning and chord patterns? He plays it capo 3 live but i cant figure out the tuning

  2. playrewindff

    Really nothing quite like hearing this live. Thank you Jose for such a beautiful performance last night at the melbourne recital centre. Highlight of my year so far being there, just in awe of your genius :)

  3. Ines navy blue

    This type is similiar to band Iron&Wine for my opinion,type: neo folk <33 .I find with it sureallistic element :-).

  4. Ines navy blue

    It's so a little surreal :) Playing on the strings of dream :)

  5. Angron's Stepson


  6. binova len

    super jolie

  7. binova len


  8. Andy Wegman


  9. Fábio Henrique Pupo

    Bass Flute ❤❤❤

  10. Papa Knut

    That flute gives me chills

  11. Ignacio Pezo Salazar

    that wind instrument... what is it? an oboe? plz anyone?

    Antoine Baggett

    +Ignacio Pezo i think it's just a flute. not sure what kind, sounds wooden. definitely not an oboe though

    Fábio Henrique Pupo

    it's the wonderful bass flute +ignaziopezo

  12. Fragile Soul

    Thank you Brandon! <3

    Izabele Miranda

    who is brandon?

    Fragile Soul

    +Izabele Miranda Brandon Calvillo from Vine, he recommended this song to us in Instagram. :)

  13. Iveta Podsednik

    bless you Brandon

  14. carobear

    Thanks Brandon :)

    juju ss

    haha thanks too brandon ...

    Lucas Vieira

    who is this?

  15. Natalie Johnson

    Jose is perfection live. He really knows how to use that six string nylon guitar!!!


    Natalie Johnson i know right??

    Desperado AllanPoe

    Is it a classical guitar? They always sound really nice.

    Desperado AllanPoe

    Just realized this said 3 years ago 😂

  16. Ian Anderson

    saw em last night in bandit town near yosemite. so so so good.


    laic si juegas maincra e,e

  18. Evy Schouten

    I love these new songs and the video's fit with the feeling. They calm me down and drive away my worries. Thank you for bringing such beautiful music to us.

  19. Éabha Harper-McKeever

    So beautiful. Just booked tickets to your show in Brussels on Monday, can't wait :)


    @Éabha McKeever How was it?

    Demet Kekilli

    So good that she hasn't recovered yet to reply to your question :)