José González - Heartbeats Lyrics

[The Knife cover]

One night to be confused
One night to speed up truth
We had a promise made
Four hands and then away

Both under influence
We had divine scent
To know what to say
Mind is a razor blade

To call for hands of above
To lean on
Wouldn't be good enough
For me, no

One night of magic rush
The start a simple touch
One night to push and scream
And then relief

Ten days of perfect tunes
The colors red and blue
We had a promise made
We were in love

To call for hands of above
To lean on
Wouldn't be good enough
For me, no

To call for hands of above
To lean on
Wouldn't be good enough

And you, you knew the hand of the devil
And you, kept us awake with wolf teeth
Sharing different heartbeats
In one night

To call for hands of above
To lean on
Wouldn't be good enough
For me, no

To call for hands of above
To lean on
Wouldn't be good enough

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  1. Wonnderr Wommann

    Who else thinks of hitten?

  2. Shweta Agrawal Suhane

    I heard this in everything everything... And then I looked up the movie playlist and heard every song, but this wasn't there, so the next time the movie came on TV, I wrote all the lyrics and then found the song. FINALLY!!!!!!!💜💜

  3. sandip paul

    someone said:
    *When you're happy you enjoy the song*
    *When you're sad you understand the lyrics*

    S L

    too right..

  4. Hector Andre

    Miles Carter brought me here

  5. tom campbell

    It bamboozles me beyond comprehension how a song can relate so perfectly

  6. Lu Heaven

    sounds like home

  7. 0 0

    One night to be confused
    One night to speed up truth
    We had a promise made
    Four hands and then away
    Both under influence
    We had divine sense
    To know what to say
    Mind is a razor blade

    Two minds were stimulated and engaged on a level they have never experienced with another. There was an openness and they both easily spoke their truth. They were confused, attracted to the connection, but not wanting to mess things up by taking it to the next level. They are alive, in tune, in the moment! Two very different people meeting minds.

    To call for hands of above
    To lean on
    Wouldn't be good enough
    For me, no

    This part has different meanings throughout the song. At this point, the person is trying not to be tempted into lust/sin. He/she is trying to do the right thing, but knows that the temptation has exceeded and distracted too much, it is too late to pray for help!

    One night of magic rush
    The start, a simple touch

    One is initiating the intimacy and slowly moving in and the writer is confused and not sure if he/she wants to mess things up and take it to the next level, but the moment is so magical, that it would seem wrong not to see where it goes.

    One night to push and scream
    And then relief

    .They succumb to the pleasure and give up on trying to control and safe guard their emotions. They allow themselves to feel the intimacy and see each other on a deeper level. They open the window that leads to attachment.

    Ten days of perfect tunes
    The colors red and blue
    We had a promise made
    We were in love

    They are in the high of exploring a new lover. They are hot and cold (red and blue) because within, they are still battling the need to control and protect themselves from the inevitable. They natural gravitate towards attachment and feelings to the other, while at the same time, battle against that closeness that can lead to pain.

    And you
    You knew the hand of the devil
    And you
    Kept us awake with wolves' teeth
    Sharing different heartbeats
    In one night

    They began to trust each other and get familiar and open up... there was passionate, hot, Wild, primitive (wolves) sex the two very different beings shared. Both their hearts against each other: although they are having a wild night, their hearts are aligned and they know things will never be the same, they can't go back now, yet they are both scared and know they are walking the fine line that leads to hurt (hand of the devil)

    To call for hands of above
    To lean on
    Wouldn't be good enough
    For me, no

    Nothing can distract from this euphoric state that is occupying this persons mind all the is like an addiction/drug.

    The affair is short, eventually one calls it because he/she can't deal with knowing the pain that could come later should they allow themselves to fall deeper.

    To call for hands of above
    To lean on
    Wouldn't be good enough
    For me, no

    Now this means that not even God is a refuge for rest for this broken heart, nothing can stop the repeat and thoughts and the what could of/should of's.

  8. Amanda

    Bones ❤️

    Priya Anand

    Bones is why I'm here ❤

  9. Osain W

    The Knife walked so Jose' could Run!

  10. John Lam

    Years later I still come back...his music is everlasting.

  11. luRivaya

    ¡Eres de otro mundo!

  12. Joseph N.

    Life is Strange Vibes

  13. Aidan Casey

    One of our wedding songs, but the rain kept our musicians from using amps as we hadn't planned for it with tents - oops. Just meant we had to stand closer to hear it.

  14. Luan Matheus Goes Coelho Adein Stark

    This is Us!!
    Brasil aqui!!

  15. sup ya bicc

    Blacklist anyone?

  16. Lucas Peyton

    Luke - Hey peyton It's you. Peyton - what? Luke - When all my dreams come true, the one I want next to me. It's you... It's you, Peyton she laughs then the kiss."

  17. Samridhi Joon

    Lucas Scott is gonna change the world, and he doesn't even know it.

  18. cooldessin

    Was poolside in Cairns, Australia and this gem came on!

  19. Cloud Cloud

    I love this song 👍👍👍perfect

  20. Keith Hurd

    This is my favorite single.

  21. Lukesoddlife

    I know this song and I don't know how....

  22. Jacek Bułatek

    Love this kind of sick people, who adds subtitles as they're sung. What do you think people wants them for? Just to know what lyrics are? Dumb fk

  23. Diana Rios


  24. Matheus21video

    Reminds Of Life Is Strange I dont Know why.

  25. Danitza Karenina Guardia Amado

    Algún latino?

  26. Nostalgie Schwesterlein

    The blacklist?

  27. Nasrine M

    My heart beat so louder...

  28. Championette

    One night of magic rush,
    the start a simple touch
    One night to push and scream
    And then relief... ♥️

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  30. JuanSometimes

    Hermosa canción 😊❤✌

  31. Le Surikat

    Thanks. Just............thanks

  32. Elizabeth Conway

    Almost 11 years ago, I gave birth to my first born. My first water birth. Drug free, to this album, this song in particular. Magical. Amazing. This song takes me right back, in the moment. Thank you Josê. All encompassing.

  33. hey you

    Lana's list❤

  34. 라떼조아

    2019.08.20  뉴스룸 엔딩곡

  35. Terrible Times One

    911 anyone?

  36. RockAddicted

    This is us brought me here

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  39. Nasia Georgakopoulou

    One tree hill vibes!!!!Kisses from Greece!!!

  40. Shyla Singh

    Anyone here from superstore season 3 finale ?

  41. kla Ine

    This makes me want to go to a beautiful place while listening to this song, then cry my heart out.

  42. Alishba Arshad

    Came here from Melanie Martinez but this is soo good

  43. DarkPuck

    Melanie Martinez...

  44. Wiktoria Kalisz

    My Replika sent me here

  45. Michelle Spiritual

    I love his voice & the music, but NOT the lyrics : (

    Had he not put them on the screen I would have had no way of even understanding them.


    he didn't actually write the lyrics, this is a cover :) the original song is made by "the knife".

  46. Camille Lirazan

    i love you aira🍀


  47. Snidley

    That video from Twitter brought me here ahahaha

  48. N G

    Yep. Gonna get engaged to this song.

  49. Natalie Knowles

    Still don’t understand why Jose isn’t famous. He really deserves recognition

    Da Special

    Well he didn't made the song

  50. Marianna Arvai

    Love it sooo much ❤️

  51. Éligê

    Replika brings me here

  52. sreknord

    It's divine not dih-vine, so I'm out!

  53. Chaima Guir

    Mumford & Sons New song brought me here.. I KNEW I HEARD IT BEFORE

  54. Banhi Sarkar

    The kind of song that I wanna both just preserve for myself but also want more people to find... 💙💙💙

  55. benjy

    Jose Gonzalez's Cover is kind of castrated out of all the emotions that the original has in it. How can such a good song be so spoiled?

  56. Luis Garcia

    I hate lyric videos. They're so fucking stupid.

  57. grarghov1

    I haven't listened to this song for a decade - now it resurfaced again when my father passed away.
    And I just realized that it was a huge hit back then and sounded so original. However it isn't. The guy just recreated the good old Simon & Garfunkel feeling in 2006 :)

  58. Super Sienna

    An buisce fluice

  59. Nardeen Sherif

    -Is it ok to put my arms around you?
    =it's only weird if you talked about it jonah💖💖

    Doralicia Mendoza



    2007.....reliving those years

  61. miiad 190


  62. land - arch

    Esta cancion me recuerda a los mejores momentos de mi vida..El video tambien es precioso

  63. Game Time

    Omg this song was so perfect for the lit up night golf scene with amy and jonah from superstore

  64. Bogdan Dzuba

    this song like a key to the first love.. love it..

  65. figuel tor

    I am Jose Gonzalez, i can't remember when i did this song, is a beautiful song

  66. Cheyenne Autumn

    Bones brought me here

  67. Deepak Dhabhai

    Everything everything

  68. Levi McKinley

    It’s just amazing how he took such a meh song and made it a masterpiece. This one has so much more depth and is less washed out. Electronic isn’t always bad, and I enjoy it, but for a song like this, this version is better in every way (in my opinion :)) still one of my favorite songs ever.

    Ray Khan

    Just remember without that meh version this wouldnt exist

  69. marszipan

    Am I the only one who is back here because of missing leyton? No good couples on tv right now :(

  70. Shirley George

    Truly an elevating piece of music. The world needs more artists like you who make good music.💙

  71. twardy90

    It is one of these tracks that you can listen on loop and it never gets bored.

  72. Gizem Ça'

    Firstly heard in scrubs than this is us ♥️

    Lil Rat

    i didnt hear this in scrubs but i appreciate it showed this beautiful song to u just like how it showed me many other beautiful tracks, and i must say scrubs will always be one of my all time favorite shows

    Gizem Ça'

    I heard it in the 8th season i guess in scrubs vut yeah i agree with u scrubs was one of the best sitcoms ive seen ever 😍

  73. Sam S

    New Amsterdam ❤️

  74. Daniel Menges


  75. Alexander Arnold

    Jose Gonzales are all clones.

  76. Las Cosas que Dejamos



    anyone came here from Miles Carter ?

  78. Mohammad Thoriqul islam

    😭 this is so masterpiece

  79. Nasia Georgakopoulou

    One Tree Hill vibes!!!

  80. eth3rl0rds

    This song is so overused and kids are talking about today's shows and movies that i forgot where I listened to this first! But meh...

  81. Tamara 1023

    I searched for this song for about 15 years (I remember that it was on tv, now I know it was a sony commercial) then I heard it when I bought cigarettes. Literally my heart started to beat fast haha, so I was standing there trying to memorize the lyrics, when the tobacconist asked me “what you want??” When I got home I listened to it like 10 times.


    Same here. Same time, about 2004/2005, Sony ad, loved it forever


    Same really, but for some reason I always thought it was a commercial for hp printers 😂 remember hearing it as a 12-13 year old and falling in love with it, found it years later and still get the same feeling I got the 1st time listening to it

    Rebeca Rosas

    @Wonderland I also thought it was from an HP commercial omg


    Rebeca Rosas glad I was not alone in this haha 😂

  82. Rezolutionist

    And Life is still strange somehow..

  83. Retro Wanderlust

    This kind of songs deserves to be a soundtrack in some of John Green’s movie or any romance thingy aight?

  84. Neelargho Ray

    Those days..... when friendship was not an app , not the likes that you got on your profile, but the excitement that you had in meeting them and tell them every little thing that needed to be told.... when love or having a crush was not stalking into her profile and burying the word deep down in your heart, but the butterflies you had in seeing them ....... those were the days I wanna go back to

  85. fareed kamal

    911 brought me here

  86. Luke Official

    Life is Strange <3

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  88. Betty Zerai

    2019 anyone??

    Dillon Sharwood

    @Deon Mpofu have you seen secret life of walter mitty dude?

    Deon Mpofu

    @Dillon Sharwood no bro what's it about, do you recommend?

    Dillon Sharwood

    @Deon Mpofu this artist has another song called stay alive, that is from the movie, and if you like this song you will that song, give it a listen. basically the entire soundtrack of the movie is like that song, trust me you don't need to know what the movie is about, in fact not knowing is even better. it is in my top 5 movies of all time. i promise you will not regret it.


    yes. this is an amazing day to be alive

  89. Macushla XOXO

    I love you.

  90. Firdaus Shamsur

    justin escalona

  91. Emilio Assisi

    1:45 bridge

  92. Götterdämmerung -

    ....Krissy brought me here...

  93. Drewupanew1

    The knife did it first and fast. Jose did orig cover that will never leave my lifes playlist

  94. MeLikesBlink

    mind is a razorblade

  95. Stevv

    Dani Noce