Jones, Tom - Promise Her Anything Lyrics

She doesn't really want things
That you can never get
Still every now and then
Maybe she'll complain a bit
Because she feels upset

She only wants you
To tell her that you love her
So if she wants you
To turn winter into Spring
Promise her anything
She's dreaming of
Promise her anything
She will be happy
If she only gets your love

Oh you can promise her the moon
When the sun is bright
Promise her the sun
When you're out of sight
Promise her the world
And promise her
Her every wish is your command
And you'll discover soon,
She doesn't want the moon
Just love will do

Promise her anything
But don't you ever
Let her get away from you

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Jones, Tom Promise Her Anything Comments
  1. bart barton

    Another time, another place, a young smile upon my face . Then and now : )

  2. Gato Bravo

    Tom Jones has one of the most beautiful and powerful voices of all time. He's a fantastic and immortal singer.

  3. Lupita Campos

    Great Great song, I love him!

  4. PNgaia33859

    try playing it, fun.

  5. HercGem

    One of my favorite Tom Jones songs! Love it!

  6. Johnny Elvis

    tcb my dad song r i p 18 0f april 2019 tcb r i p xxx



  8. Валари Петровский

    Лесли карон 😃👌))



  10. Todd Pickens


  11. aleuzenev

    Prometele cualquier cosa, la pelicula fue transmitida en 1984 por canal 9 de Lima Peru

  12. Frost12345 Frost12345

    even though it's set in new York it was made entirely here in england

  13. Frost12345 Frost12345

    burt backache

    Валари Петровский

    Shirt backattack lol 😅

  14. nodnops

    One of the greatest ……………...and still is...……..

  15. Marisol abelenda perez

    I listen to this song & i' m back in London in the sixties as an infant😍 ❤Tom!

  16. Lita lsumu

    love. this sOng.....💝

  17. MrFluffykat

    does anyone notice how they got the old 70 mm theatre graphics from the 1960's DOWN?

  18. Steph Carter

    I love Love LOVE this song.

  19. Noe Berengena

    Suddenly it's completely impossible to stay seated in my desk chair.

  20. Johnny Elvis

    hi ya on 26 0f may 2016

  21. PNgaia33859

    Sir Tom, The Voice of our time , His songs and Voice gave us kids , parents that went crazy at a party, since, and for sure , many kids took up music, as I . This song should have been up there, try playing it!! Ha ..good luck. Tom Still rules,, Sir Tom.

  22. brian centi

    one of my favorite movies ever..loved this..warren beatty was hilarious in this.

  23. Leon Starzynski

    Great music from a great movie!  She will be happy if only gets your love, promise her anything. You can promise her the moon at night!  Simply fantastic music and lyrics.

  24. Johnny Elvis

    hello on 27 0f march  2015  tcb

  25. Radioscope

    This song exudes testosterone and masculinity like no other I've ever heard.  Long a fave!

  26. coukplcmd

    Somehow, the Japanese title of this film means "Peep."

  27. ToBetterTimes4311

    One of his best! I love this song. I loved the movie as well. They don't movies or music like this anymore. It's a shame ...

  28. Kathy20102010

    Still does! LOL : )

  29. Andy Poklaske

    this one makes me feel kinda younger, and romantic times. I love it.

  30. Drblooter99

    Upbeat and catchy, like It's Not Unusual, this was Tom at his best -- hugely soulful and rhythmical. Much better than boring belters like Delilah and Green Green Grass.

  31. wingrhames

    my favourite Jones recording, and another Bacharach & David masterpiece

  32. Bill McIntosh

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! Reminds me of "kicky" London in the late 60's. Carnaby Street, the clubs, the whole lot! Sir Tom rocked then and rocks today and always!!!!!

  33. carolbob606

    The movie with Caron & Beatty is cute, but the song is FABULOUS. Tom Jones was at his very best when he did this one. This is in my Favorites group, it always makes me feel happy.Love it!

  34. María Rosa Corrales

    I knew TJ with this song, in 1966!!

  35. Kathy20102010

    Love this song! : )

  36. MRCEQ Corrales

    I knew this song for the movie of Warren Beatty and Leslie Caron, 1966.

  37. John Fernandes - jfmax2000

    Got hooked on this song from watching one of My Favorite Movies of the same name with a Very Beautiful Actress I Am Sooo In Love with named Asa Manor (Twilight Zone fans will know Her as The Stewardess on The Plane in the Twilight Zone Episode "Nightmare at 20.000 Ft." with William Shatner) Just Love that Woman...And this Song !!!

  38. Helen Kelly

    Great song, great performance by Mr. Jones!!!

  39. Light50

    My favorite song by Mr. Jones! the awesome theme from the romantic comedy starring Leslie Caron & Warren Beatty, it opens & closes the movie.

  40. Savvynlady

    My favorite song by Tom Jones after It's Not Unusual.

  41. Cynthia Strasse

    Like this song so very much so peppy, lovely to season up the Christmas Holidays ((,
    Thumbs up aaalriiightt ((,

  42. Johnny Elvis

    this is my favourite song of Tom Jones i rember this as going up as a child My Father used to play it R.i.p Dad never forget you

  43. TheNewFormat

    @loveyoutodeathbut Yes Tom still makes the ladies swoon : )