Jones, Tom - Carrying A Torch Lyrics

I'm carrying a torch for you
I'm carrying a torch
You know how much it costs
To keep carrying a torch

Flame of love it burns so bright
That is my desire
Keep on liftin' me, liftin' me up
Higher and higher

You're the keeper of the flame
Girl, you burn so bright
Baby, why don't we reconnect?
Move into the light

I've been going to and fro on this
And I'm still carrying a torch
You must know how much it's worth
But I'm carrying a torch

Baby, you're the keeper of the flame
And you burn so bright
Why, why, why, why, why, why
Why don't we reconnect
And move on further into the light?

I've been calling you on the phone
'Cause I'm carrying a torch
I can't do it all on my own
'Cause I'm carrying a torch

I'm carrying a torch for you, baby
I'm carrying a torch
You know how much it's worth
Because I'm carrying a torch

I'm carrying a torch for you, baby
I'm carrying a torch
You know how much it's worth
When I'm carrying a torch

I'm carrying a torch for you, baby
I'm carrying a torch
You know how much it's worth
When I'm carrying a torch

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Jones, Tom Carrying A Torch Comments
  1. Rachel Lisette

    Two legends...doesn't get better than that! 👌🎧💗💗

  2. Suraya

    Just gorgeous Van and Tom. yea.

  3. Vidar Larsen

    Imagine having the great Van Morrison as one of your biggest fans?
    Yep, it is true with Tom Jones. Van is his fan. Look as happy Van seems to be. He looks even proud. Jones', voice is absolute perfect to this beautiful song, even covered by Bob Dylan once or twice in concert.

  4. Damien Hunt

    See that many comments are re Van's obvious good mood. The fact is Van Morrison is always happy to stand back and let others shine. I've seen him do this ( stand back ) many times in concert with his band.

  5. Inetjoker

    And some people say that there is no God.

  6. Alan Fox

    tom Jones needed decent singing lessons for years van the man to do it.

  7. Adam Adams

    who is the female backing vocalist? .. i liked her smile!

  8. Bettie Mccall

    Katie Kassoon is so-o beautiful! How can Tom and Van concentrate on anything else? lol. I love this song!!!

  9. tootz1950

    Obviously Tom makes everybody smile and feel good.

    Lynda McArdle

    It's because Tom is "universal"...

  10. Bettie Mccall

    Wow Katie Kassoon is beautiful! Looks like she was an inspiration to Tom and Van, the way they are smiling!!! lol

  11. Trevor Figueroa

    Wailing souls

  12. newspapertaxis1

    Van smiled!!!! Huh................

  13. Stephen Morgan

    How beautiful is Katie Kissoon!

  14. wendy hoyst

    .............OOOOH SO ROMANTIC ........I always ya still and always will

  15. wendy hoyst

    .............LIKEWISE.........LOVE YA STILL AND ALWAYS WILL.......

  16. christine bachor

    I am carrying a torch for you!😎❤️

  17. geir helge indrestrand

    Katie Kisson What a great voice👍

  18. wendy hoyst

    ..................this is one of your sexiest videos is one of those that makes a giggly school girl into a WOMAN......I just love that outfit and that facial expression

  19. Strategy 101

    ALPHA meets BETA orbiter.... In fairness, however, Van Morrison is a very talented man. But Tom's voice is simply.... EXCEPTIONAL.

  20. Stephen Morgan

    Van, Tom and please do not forget KATIE KISSOON.

  21. Emilia Boncheva


  22. jmary smyth

    I keep coming back to this video love it!

  23. Retro Fan 2

    Absolutely amazing

  24. Brian Cheville

    For C.C. the love of my life this is one beautiful song "My love for you always" 😘💑💖

  25. Susan Daniel

    I enjoyed this video---great song here and Van Morrison's version

  26. HercGem

    This is beautiful-Tom sings with emotion that shows in his eyes!

  27. robert gowing

    Love this song should have been a hit great singing

  28. Lewis Sanders

    Get your FRUIT AND VEG HERE,

  29. Denise Severa

    Lol, kinda looks like the backup singer's carrying the torch

  30. Don Blake

    That was excellent! Tom and Van Morrison did a great job! I would have loved to have heard Elvis do this song! That would have been awesome!

  31. jmary smyth

    Wow!! It's only as I got older that I realize how fantastic Tom Jones is. What a wonderful combination Tom and Van is!

    Dr Cat

    IKR. I'm so late to the party. I'm almost 70. My musical era was the late 60's' - early 70's - Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Jefferson Airplane, Aretha, Stevie Wonder, Linda Ronstadt, The Band, Van Morrison, etc. I was only vaguely aware of a singer named Tom Jones until I recently watched some videos of him letting loose on The Voice UK. How did I not know about his greatness?

  32. Jan Lindman

    Äntligen !

  33. robert french

    Pure joy new to me so many thanks loved it

  34. Nestor Alvarez

    me emocionan totalmente...gracias por tanta musica, buena subida Mr

  35. Stephen Parsons

    Van and a great Welsh singer

  36. Carol Spark

    I just subscribed but no commercial breaks are nice.

  37. Anthony Toth

    Both motivational and inspiring a sensational colabaration

  38. Anthony Toth

    Both motivational and inspiring a sensational colabaration

  39. Big the wig

    Vans own version way better Tom is the performer but Van has true soul and feel when he sings.

  40. Lynda McArdle

    I swear that Katie Kissoon is both blushing and swooning at/with TJ here !!

  41. nickrolfe69

    Great voice, great musicians, saw Van Morrison in Liverpool last year was brilliant. Am sure that's the drummer out of Wet Wet Wet

    Roger Whitehead

    I think that's Dave Early (, who died ) October 1996. If so, he performed in Van's VHS 'The Concert' from Beacon Theater.

  42. Joannes Innistovu

    beautiful song and sing

  43. Rich Terrana

    Who is the backing vocalist with the great smile and the great voice?


    Rich Terrana Katie Kisson

    Rich Terrana

    She's great!

    Rich Terrana

    And what a smile!

    Rich Terrana


    Stephen Morgan

    KATIE KISSOON Very Beautiful woman.

  44. Boingusboingus

    I thought Van Morrison had had his smile muscles removed in the late 1960's. I was clearly mistaken.

    A lesser Gracie

    ha should see him in duet w Tom, I'm Not Feeling it Anymore..he was almost was worth it just to see Van enjoy himself...he's a man who loves with music and he is having fun!

    Joseph Casano

    for sure--seeing the man have fun & laugh!!


    have a close look at his songs and lyrics
    "you might call my love 'Sophia'
    but I call my love 'pilosophy'
    would not be possible without very much smile muscles !!!!!!!!!!!

  45. John Benn

    WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From a 72yo Aussie fan.

  46. Janice Roseingrave

    A beautiful version of this song

  47. MacRoibin

    good song, wrong fella singing !

  48. Paulo Borges

    he is smiling and tom too , and the girl...because carrying a torch is just a metaphor for erection! that 's it, freudian explanation

    Beau Geste

    Maybe :-)

  49. Jim Funk



    Van likes this .... He smiling or very windy!

  51. Davi Paulo

    Pura nostalgia !!! Linda ....sublime !!!!

  52. meowco69

    I dont' think I ever seen Van smiling so much as he does in this video.

    Johannes Friedemann

    that's right

  53. crobarus

    Song for my mom 1917-2005

  54. squitzy

    Simply beautiful.

  55. bayeren55

    T.J. Has a very very powerfull voice, that makes him the best singer ever.

    MiGiGlas Films

    van morrison tom jones

  56. eM Kae

    Tom comes alive when he looks toward the beautiful back-up singer....
    Think he means it.....lyrics are life

    Chris Murphy

    +eM Kae That's the amazing Katie Kissoon, fantastic voice and gorgeous too.

    Kim Anne

    I think she likes him too!

  57. Valeria Cenerelli

    Fantastica! Grazie, tesoro!

  58. Frode Jarle Sørum

    The best male pop singer, he has done all kinds of songs and rythm's through out his long lasting career and is second to none. His friend Elvis was the greatest fan of all; it says all there is to be said. Now Tom Jones IS the nr. 1 of the greatest still alive.

    Antonio Mora

    Tom jones' voice when singing is unique. It is powerful and manly. Te BEST pop singer ever. His performances are second to none. When he sings a song he gets the best of It.

  59. Steven Perry

    The amazing ... Tom ... damn Jones. Respect.

  60. Ruth Barker

    Heart wrenching and your Welsh winning smile captivates me every time Sir Tom

    Joan Gabriel

    I am his huge fan, i Joan Gabriel love Tom Jones to the max, love you Tom

  61. Stephen Cox

    fantastic song , tom really puts feeling into it.

  62. Suzanne Traylor

    love the smiles

  63. Easts101

    I think the backing singer is Katie Kasoon. A greta version !

    Jane McGrath

    Didnt she sing with a male singer called Matt back in the day.I think they had a few hits in the 70's.

    Jane McGrath

    +Jane McGrath Mac and Katie Kissoon.Sugar Candy kisses.

    Lynda McArdle

    Mac and Katie were/still are (!) brother and sister .............

  64. longerthanIthought

    Beautiful! Just beautiful. Humanity at its best.


    van morrison enjoyin imself......bout fkn time

  66. Mark Goodban

    van smiles!!


    I've lived him for decades. Was
    shocked to see the man has a gap... hat and receding hair line too!?

    Life is like a box of chocolates.

  67. eugen jobanovic

    who is this tai girl?

  68. Chozanahyi

    No Woman, No Cry 1974...

  69. Bernie Donnelly

    Check out Van's wonderful version on his wonderful album Hymns to the SIlence

  70. tourenplan

    Tom and Katie, oha!!

  71. Keith Manning

    Saw Van Morrison at The Royal Albert Hall, then stopped on the Brompton Road and picked up a bottle of Southern Comfort and drove back to Stratford, East London via Embankment, in the van, slurping it with friends...great night.

  72. Dante Gimenez

    linda la negraaaa!!!!!!

  73. Tony Robertson

    Katie Kissoon also appears in some beautiful renditions of Wonderful Tonight with Eric Clapton.

  74. anvor espeland ersdal

    best performance ever

  75. Megan Elizabeth Massaro

    Damn! who's that smooth sounding sister doing the background vocals?

  76. Daniel Molina

    beautiful song :)

  77. Michael Magee

    Why did it only get to #57? the UK deaf?

  78. Tray Rivera

    Love this interpretation. Had only heard Van Morrison's version before.

  79. stpetebeach63

    Great version. Tom really "gets" Van.

  80. Joaquin Ballart

    katie kissoon????

  81. crobarus

    These guys are awesome together

  82. MrNelhas

    You're Welcone, thanks!

  83. MrNelhas

    good music/video is to share, thanks!

  84. 51tomtomtom

    ....Tom & the girl.....Van knows about it and SURPRISE:.......he's smiling ! Wowwwwwwww

  85. Anja Toftdal Nymark

    Fantastic !

    Alfred Taholo

    Love it

  86. Gohr

    Exellent music. Great skiing music, down the slopes at Crans-Montana or any where else for that matter.

  87. zoedaria

    This is one of the best/ tres tres bon/

  88. Peter Piper

    Someone like you???

  89. joneswoodward11


  90. ofdoubtsandgod

    Thanks for posting!!! :)