Jones, Howard - The One To Love You Lyrics

Of all the people in the world
Why would you choose me
To be like binary stars
Locked in our own gravity
You say these words
But they're lost on me
Up in the air
Float in my misery

Cause I could be the one to love you
Cause I could be the one to care for you

I've got to change my heart
See the bigger view
Believe there is a life on Mars
I'd be so good for you
I call out your name
But sound won't travel through space
I take my leap across the void
But I'm lost without trace

Cause I could be the one to love you
Cause I could be the one to care for you

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Jones, Howard The One To Love You Comments
  1. Barry Lee

    7 months is not an acceptable timeline for a legend. Please contact Toby Sammet of Avantasia to arrange your part in the rock opera. Consider yourself told. Also Rewind Festival?

  2. Einfachsein JA

    Einfach nur schön : )

  3. David Williams

    Grew up listening to Howard in the 80,s, met BT in Thailand 2006, top lads

  4. Ken C


  5. Ronald Nichols

    HAS NOT LOST A SINGLE STEP!! Sounds exactly as he did in the 80's, and that is EXTREMELY rare in this business. Great job Howard!!!

  6. Colleen Jones

    Great Song :-)

  7. Von Beat

    Why is this not mainstream ??
    I'm going to share the sh/t out of it !!

  8. Montclair's Lair

    I wasn't aware that good music was even being made anymore. Wow! This is great!

  9. Chris Kirby

    Unbelievable. He sounds as good a he did 35 years ago. Love you Hojo!!

  10. Aek0z

    Howard Jones is the singular reason I got into music and playing keys. For my whole life this man has been killing it. Awesome song!

  11. Julie Evans

    I just got Transform from Amazon and I love it!

  12. richard signolet

    Howard jones de retour avec un album superbe !!!! Si seulement il pouvait venir faire un concert en France....

  13. Brad Underwood


  14. Richard Sylvanus

    Who is BT?

  15. Robert Zeurunkl

    I just totally nailed the album on vinyl from Amazon. Should be spinning on my Technics SL-1300 turntable, and blasting out of my Kenwood JI-630watt speakers by Wednesday. This song alone almost takes me right back to 1985. Can't wait to see what the whole album does to me. ;-) But, hey! Your facebook link in the description is broken. Can fix?

  16. Robert Zeurunkl

    From Wikipedia: "Jones has spoken of the media's negative perception of him. In 2006, he said: "My songs are not about drug-taking or debauchery or rock and roll. They're about positive thinking and challenging people's ideas. I wasn't fashionable. I never got good reviews. But I'm proud of the fact that I wasn't liked by the media... "

    Yeah, but shun that noise. There were MILLIONS of us young 20-somethings in the 80s for whom you were practically their personal anthem! Me? No better time to be in your 20s than the 1980s, in Panama City Beach FL, putting Dream Into Action in your walkman and heading out for a 12 mile run along BeachFront Road!... Best days of my life, with the best music of my life. Thanks Howard.

  17. Carla Frederick

    Sooooo great to still see Howard doing music. I loved it!

  18. TMB Factory NYC

    Thank you! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  19. Alyxx Thorne

    His best song yet.

  20. Starlost

    Excellent A Hit Even

  21. T. Hansen

    So thankful for your Comeback Howard, even you look like John Lithgow now. ;) You are a big part of my wonderful youth. Sadly we never will get back the good and peaceful 80s. This year I`ve seen the great Tony Headley here in Hamburg, and next year me and my wife will join your Concert here. Can`t wait to see you...

  22. Azza H

    This is a good song angle like his songs when younger

  23. Paul Weder

    Best instrumental piece of music of Howard's band. It is a pitty this one does not exist as an instrumental version.

  24. Bikerboythousand

    oooo Hojo loves a layered synth sound. So effective. Love it! DX7 Number 15 do I hear too? Nice to see a JP8 put to good use again.

  25. easton1717

    I loved your music 35 years ago and I still do. Great to see you back, Howard!

  26. Gosha Goshin

    Сказать, что это сильно - промолчать! Howard!

  27. David Hill

    Howard Jones 64 and still sounding 30 .

  28. Richard Killy

    Great voice and talent!!!!!

  29. Luke

    BTs production all over this pushing Howard's vocal. Superb record.

    Jan Henrik Dikkanen

    I was thinking the same. Brian is really good in making a great harmony between the synths and the vocals.

  30. John Phillips #JeyDoeProductions

    Sounds just as great as he ever did. Salute/Cheers from the West Side of Chicago sir.

  31. Rumor Hazzit

    Wow - just wow. You - Howard Jones have always been an inspiration for me on so many levels. I even had a friend of mine paint the album cover from 'Things can only get better' on the back of my jean jacket LOL (the silhouette of you sitting on the chair) - You inspired me musically to pursue synths and keys, but also in my teens it was always about the Lyrics you wrote - so positive with a message. The world needs more positivity just like this.

  32. John

    Approaching my 50th now; but still excitedly remember Hanging around outside the Albert Hall in 1987 for the One to One tour, and Howard inviting us in to watch his sound check. HoJo Still rocking it in 2019.

  33. Prattventure

    Woah love this 🥰

  34. Richard Signolet

    Extraordinaire nouvel album!!! Comme quoi nos idoles de 30 ans en ont encore sous le pied!!!!

  35. james Kruchov

    Currently only 48k views... be surprised if it isn't 10 Million in a few months. Those of us who still "feel" great music still very much love you Howard Jones!!! Glad to have you back in true form, keep these hits coming (along with that spirited & passionate voice). The best is yet to come, your formula is unbeatable and, most importantly, we have finally caught up to it!

  36. Mike Standal

    Really like this song. Two great artist's working together!

  37. thirdtemple613

    love it!

  38. TheNetrotexan

    Love it!!!

  39. Molly Self

    Dang, Howard! This is so sweet. Feel like I am in 1985 again. More please, sir!

  40. Chris Croft

    Love this

  41. bo2oservice

    Will be checking out your live in Tokyo soon!

  42. franz87480

    Howard ein geiler SONG!!!!!!!!

  43. Rodrigo Passannanti

    Brilliant song & production xx

  44. Beth Getman

    I just heard this song, a few days ago, for the 1st time ever, on SiriusXM - New Wave! I had to pull over! I absolutely LOVE THIS!!!

  45. Cristian Hidalgo

    It feels like the 80's, I love this song 😊

  46. Dudschig Ralf

    The new Album is the best stuff ever 🎶🎶🎶👍

  47. Dawn Sawyer Alvarado

    Saw him in Beverly Hills Saturday night!!!! Best show! Rocked. Loved it!!!!

  48. BlimpXOX

    I saw you on Friday night at the regency ballroom. BEST CONCERT EVER!

  49. A Sunday


  50. Jon McIntire

    I haven’t been this hooked on a Howard Jones tune since “The Prisoner.” Work it, HoJo!!! #hojomojo

  51. Jennifer Stephens

    Wow! Amazing. BT + Howard = perfection.

  52. Salvatore Garozzo

    È sempre lui, il Profeta del Synth! Grande ritorno. Musica mai banale, sound sempre riconoscibile. Il bentornato è d'obbligo! E di questo sono contento! Forza Howard!!!!

  53. sphinxinherhat

    Really like this. Understand why it was picked as the first single from the album.

  54. Vincent Lewis

    Heard this on the radio today, caught my ear so turned it up, then they announced it was Howard Jones new track so came here to have another listen

  55. Kate Elliott

    Saw Howard at Bham Symphony Hall and loved this song - also love the choreography. FAB!

  56. Flying Dutchman83

    Just saw Howard and BT (All Hail the Silence) perform this live tonight at Hudson Gardens! Amazing track!!!

  57. Job Lob

    Just saw the show BT and Christian came out and performed this song with Howard, it was amazing. Thanks for coming to Denver, beautiful night beautiful music. Such a good show. So happy. The new Album is so great, can't stop listing to it.

  58. Brad Underwood

    I'm 51 years old and I am on an 80s kick today! LOL and it led me to this. Howard Jones... you once recorded a song called" things can only get better". And you are proof of that! 🙏

  59. Nyokee

    Gorgeous track! Been a BT fan for over a decade and this is amazing as always ^_^

  60. Johann Rossouw

    Love love love it!

  61. B t

    I would love to see a collaboration between you and @LookMumNoComputer
    He reminds me a bit of you with his creativity and ability with the synthesis of sound.

  62. Lynn Marie Anderson


  63. Robert NYCGUY Raised on Records

    One of my new faves from Hojo's new album. I did a video unboxing of the new album on my youtube channel. I also show his 80's albums I bought when they were originally released. I am enjoying the new album. Welcome back Howard.

  64. Caleb Bacon

    way better than all this new pop music Howard you still got it my man.

  65. kendollgt

    Howard’s voice sounds great. Great retro sound

  66. Une Docencia

    Estupendo album. Gran artista.

  67. Jose Luis Arenas Prado

    Things can only get better... What a glorious days 😊

  68. Florian Schott

    What a flashback... being 25 when he released What is love and now: next episode, but even better. So much more than all these overestimated DJ stuff

  69. marky2tm

    Howard - thanks for being so good friend to us all. Hug <3

  70. Chillednfunked

    Sounding absolutely amazing, the production and of course those awesome synths. A very talented man with a beautiful soul.

  71. Tony Vise

    Great Song and Great Sound Master!

  72. Stonks

    Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis meets Jeff Lorber.....but played by the genious BT

  73. Anders Lenart

    Phenomenal! At 65, still showing how's it's done.

  74. Michael Couto

    This song really turned out amazing.

  75. Honey Badger

    No glitching, No risers, no Dubstep - and its beautiful ! - Well done Howard and BT :) An instant classic ...


    The same quality feeling of the new wave music. Congratulations, mister Howard ! GOD bless you !

  77. Carnival Cologne

    THX for your music, Howard! There's still so much energy coming with it. Love to see you in Germany 2019.

  78. TheNastysquad 06

    wow.....what a song !!!!! Howard is back

  79. Dianix

    Glad to see you back, still doing great music, master of synth pop & keyboards, the brilliant Howard Jones!. Fantastic song!

  80. Bruce Wayne

    Great track Howard, saw you at the Palladium last night! Awesome performance mate!!!

  81. Frank Spencer

    cant wait to get the new hero for a long long time. Howard , ever thought of doing something with alan wilder?.......any chance of 12" vinyl singles.

  82. Discodroid Z

    Saw Howard perform this track last night on his 2019 tour at The Cliffs Pavillion Southend. At 64 this Synth Pop Generalissimo has more energy than Keith Moon ripped to the tits on Sulphate. The Man is simply phenomenal.

  83. franz87480

    Howard ein geiler Song!!!

  84. Sharon Harrison

    Saw him perform this in Birmingham last night. Absolutely amazing show from beginning to end

  85. Mark Orendas


  86. Richard Hedderly

    Brilliant song. A very large portion of yes.

  87. scneese64

    Brilliant song Howard....You're still #1 in my book!!!  Much Love,  Suzanne Neese  Idaho

  88. Cetche

    Need to be put into Kojima´s game.

  89. aramanth

    Very nice to see Howard back with a strong album, and a music video!!!
    Many of my 80s artists are getting lazy and making only lyric videos! Bleh!
    This is a crisp and beautifully lit video and HoJo looks great here!!!!
    Thanks for posting!

  90. Mike Matthews

    Am a long time fan of Howard... always on the cutting edge! Another brilliant Album!!! This song is just amazing!!

  91. Colleen Hoffman

    So happy to hear this amazing music from Howard Jones in 2019!!!!❤

  92. Kuba Jasiecki

    Great tune and fantastic vid!

  93. Jianda Monique

    I love your spirit

  94. Calum Brook Nicolson

    This song should go on Now That's What I Call Music! 103 or 104.

  95. kujaw8

    ZAJEBISTE !!! F.nAwsome !!!

  96. Steve Mann

    I’ve been waiting for so long, to come here now and hear this song... 😉 love it

  97. Darren Malone

    One of his best songs ever! Melodic bliss, first heard him 1984 in the Air Force.

  98. Ryan Greis

    LOVE this song!!!!!!!!!!! It has the great sound that he's known for, but with a fresh feel. Great job! come to St. Louis!

  99. The Dad Joke Guy

    I'd love to see a behind the scenes for this video