Jones, Howard - Hero In Your Eyes Lyrics

On my own again fighting with my fear
Starring down at the hard cold ground
Through the frozen tears
Background closing in
White light blur and ice
Hit the ground but not running
Within an inch of my life

Will I get through all this pain
I need the sound of hope to believe again

I hear your voice when they all laugh at me
It is my heart you see
And I still will be a hero in your eyes
Above the cutting words, your love can still be heard
And I still will be a hero in your eyes

Who could know the man I turned out to be
Crashing about in our old backyard sorry sight to see
A stubborn kid not talented a fire in his eye
Still you did what all good folks did
Believed that I would fly

Will I get through all this pain
I need the sound of hope to believe again

I hear your voice when they all laugh at me
It is my heart you see
And I still will be a hero in your eyes
Above the cutting words, your love can still be heard
And I still will be a hero in your eyes

Will I get through all this pain
I need the sound of hope
To believe again, to believe again

I hear your voice when they all laugh at me
It is my heart you see
And I still will be a hero in your eyes
Above the cutting words, your love can still be heard
And I still will be a hero in your eyes
When they all laugh at me
It is my heart you see
And I still will be a hero in your eyes
Above the cutting words, your love can still be heard
And I still will be a hero in your eyes

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Jones, Howard Hero In Your Eyes Comments
  1. Tadeusz Laskowiecki

    Thank you Howard

  2. Subject98

    Damn, this song is beautiful. Never heard his music before but I'm into it.

  3. Nigey Taylor

    I swear Howard is from another dimension , sent to educate us about our ignorance towards one another !

  4. burnsport1

    The background slow motion clips of 80s Howard at the second chorus (2:12) makes for a beautiful sequence

  5. cantforgetyou

    Nice synths, drumcomputer and melody. Very emotional. One of his best work and songs.

  6. Chitral 'Chity' Somapala

    Genius (y)

  7. solartron


  8. Starlost

    I Like It

  9. Stiftzahn Heini

    Can't put the melody out of my head again. But i don't want to. Thanks Howard. Great minimalistic tune. Did you use equipment of Jean Michel Jarre?

  10. John

    Approaching my 50th now; but still excitedly remember Hanging around outside the Albert Hall in 1987 for the One to One tour, and Howard inviting us in to watch his sound check. HoJo Still rocking it in 2019.

  11. Jane Porter

    Great song!!💖💖💖💖💖

  12. Evelyn Mann

    You are a genius sir, every piece that you make is a masterpiece, thank you for sharing your gift with us, your loyal admirers even with the pass of the time

  13. Warpy

    Thank you for the Music Howard !

  14. markusmala

    Yes hoJo are back again, with an electroPop album finally. So roots to 80'. Wonderful! More...

  15. AtlantisIndigo

    You will always be a hero in my eyes HoJo. You are an amazing soul

  16. AtlantisIndigo

    Just got back from this concert. Boy can HoJo put on a show. ABSOLUTELY LOVED the remixing of his own stuff live! Go see this show. You will love it!

  17. Multi Retro Man

    Absolutely love this song! I was listening it in headphones and the noises going from side to side is amazing. The lyrics are so thought provoking too. I'm so glad you're still making new songs Howard!

  18. Mike Gardner

    Walls of sounds pleasure my ears

  19. Oldskool Heavyweights

    I left school in 87’ and now heading for 49 yrs old. I grew up on music diet of ‘Humans Lib’ and ‘Dream into Action’
    Epic legendary albums I still adore today.
    This track is incredible. Go HOJO 💙

  20. Robert NYCGUY Raised on Records

    The album is quite good. Bought it a few days ago on vinyl on Amazon. Darn missed his NYC SHOW THOUGH. I hope he comes back to NYC. I did a video unboxing in my channel a week ago and show his other LP's I purchased in the 80's. He's an inspiration. Saw him in concert 4 times in the 80's alone. TY for the new album HOJO.

  21. Eric Johnson

    Howard Jones has an excellent ear for modulation. Very smooth.

  22. The Banana

    18 dead heads av slipped n pressed the dislike button . never mind, he'll make another classic just like this is

  23. yoshiteru

    I've been waiting for so long.
    I'm glad I hear this song.
    Thank you.

  24. Roodian Pinedo

    Me encantó. Listo para escucharlo en Lima.

  25. Anders Lenart

    My seven-year-old girl couldn't stop dancing to this, so I danced with her. Let me be her hero just a little longer. Please.

  26. steveelmo1

    Went to see Howard Jones at the Bridgewater hall theatre in Manchester on Friday and China crisis supported him they were good but when Howard Jones came on stage the stage was empty apart from his piano he did one song then went behind a curtain and he burst into life with new songs and some old songs I went with my wife expecting to listen to his old songs we love but was amazed at the quality of his new songs it just proved to me that age and time doesn't stop you from being as good as you once where this track hero in my eyes was amazingly good so don't stop yet Howard

  27. anthony palmeri

    In 2006, he said: "My songs are not about drug-taking or debauchery or rock and roll. They're about positive thinking and challenging people's ideas. I wasn't fashionable. I never got good reviews. But I'm proud of the fact that I wasn't liked by the media... Pop music is so reactionary and bigoted. And I found that what's 'cool' is often very shallow and transient." this is why i have respected and loved his music since the 80s, such great talent.

  28. Edmondo Guidi


  29. Lynn Marie Anderson

    So glad Howard Jones is still at it. Gives me hope!!!!!😄☺😎

  30. dave williams

    wat a great album howard how do u do it again and again some tracks takes me back to 83 then bring me back to 2019 keep up the good work hojo

  31. dimah khan

    Music just got better!!


    This is great! All of HJ's original charm and ingenuity, but 21st century-ready.

  33. SKY FEAR

    So sick man . Grammy nomination or riot .

  34. Frank Spencer

    cant wait to get the new hero for a long long time. Howard , ever thought of doing something with alan wilder?.......any chance of 12" vinyl singles.

  35. Mark Orendas


  36. Chris Hussey

    Let's get Howard's new album to no1, gonna play this on my radio shows

  37. David Fingermuncher

    Loving the hair Howy 😁

  38. Sue Leach

    Fab song,one of my favourites on the "transform" album x

  39. jay willingham

    I would LOVE to hear reworked takes on greats like "What is love", "Conditioning", "Pearl in the shell", etc, all done in this updated sonic quality. Ooh, Ooh, AND released with "extended versions" like the old school days.

  40. jay willingham

    I am REALLY REALLY REEEEALLY impressed with all these new songs. Great job Mr Jones. The production and slickness is sooo well crafted and intelligent sounding. Its like high brow pop art.

  41. Brigid Stephenson

    You show the incredible love of parents. They are here with you always. :)

  42. puppetmasterin

    OMG, magical!!!! <3 LOVE IT<3 LOVE IT <3

  43. john lewis

    What a cracking song, Mr Jones! Reminds me of your early songs, which I much love! x

  44. Markymark

    Love it😁

  45. Nick Thomas

    Just bought this album on vinyl. I only purchase my favourite albums on vinyl. Love it

  46. Rafa Hernandez

    Perfect sound, magic song.

  47. John Gengelbach

    Love it he went back to the 80's synth pop style.

  48. Gerhard Jacoby

    Great single!

  49. framax67

    Fabulous song ! Great Howard 😎 ! Can't wait to see you on May 23th in Birmingham (VIP ticket)
    Just fan 🇫🇷 ! ❤️👏

  50. Kriszta Szanto


  51. mind2web

    I love this song! Where can I find the lyrics?

  52. gagi Laki

    Uvek je lepo čuti muziku osamdesetih, kao i howardove pesme.

  53. Christopher Todman

    great song. love to see you still playing and making wonderful songs. cheers

  54. Ken G.

    I think that Howard Jones is just Great!

  55. bitleyTM

    I'm number 9,999 ;)

  56. Larc Air

    Welcome back Howard. Brilliant Song.My late son had all your music. He was my hero and you were his 🙂

  57. ジョナサンテイラー

    Best stuff since humans lib!

  58. Rob Salvv

    A lot of classic elements. Great tune. Come back to Australia!

  59. andicam2001

    Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  60. One for Rock 'n Roll

    I like it, I hope the whole album is this good.

  61. Allan Hassell

    Cannot wait for my double signed CD to arrive in May - still happy to be member 04332 of the original HoJo fan club in High Wycombe :-)

  62. oh glubbits

    Pre ordered 🙂👍

  63. Jimmer Mackinnon

    It's completely AWESOME Howard! 💜 💖 ❤️

  64. Scott Singley

    One day people won't listen to the radio and corporate GARBAGE and YouTube will be the new MTV. We dont need ANY of them

  65. Tim Dobertson

    Such a pity that you didn't go out when on top. This is hideous compared to your '80s stuff.

  66. scneese64

    Wow!!  Howard, you never cease to amaze me!!!  Thank you for making our planet a much brighter place with you and your music masterpieces in it!!  Much Love to you & your family.  Suzanne   Idaho

  67. Lichfeldian — Suttonian

    A voice of experience sharing your experience. Many thanks.

  68. Max Brito

    Escapou dos anos 80, apareceu 40 anos mais tarde. Bom trabalho!

  69. Ken Boost

    You're my hero, hojo✌

  70. sergio benvegnù


  71. Doc_Bizzle

    LOVIN it man!!! The sound, the vibe, your lyrical flow... superb!

  72. Simon Phoenix

    Absolutely Fantastic

  73. Rico Nagrom

    Jupiter 8 joy! Loving these new songs... Retro Hojo is back!

  74. Bacon-Eating Penguin

    Making an attempt to see you in Dallas, fingers crossed

  75. oh glubbits

    Writing songs for the everyday people

  76. Mike Riley

    You've been a hero in my eyes since 1984. Your music and message are always an inspiration to me. Last year, I drove 700 miles to see you in Austin, TX. I'll be so happy to drive 35 minutes to see you June 22 in Kansas City!

  77. M M

    Beautiful tune

  78. Andrea Camilla Macaya


  79. M B

    Excellent..Mr J. Legend of my teenage years .

  80. Amarok365

    Loved it instantly. Great song with a superb retro sound.

  81. patrick doherty

    Delighted delirious so happy to see this man is back..thank you sir!


    Howard back to his very best. Wonderful!!

  83. hothatchpa

    This is really good. Back to synth and great melodies. i can not wait for this new album!

  84. Toze Cardoso

    Just Puurfect Howard! <3

  85. TheGodParticle

    He should team up with tomas dolby

  86. Rik Marston Official

    Fantastic Howard Jones! Excellent Vintage Synths! Just Perfection!! See you in Orlando!!! A+++++++++++++++++++++++++

  87. fairykingtube

    sound like it was 90s :) amazing!

  88. Jymmi loyola zevallos

    Cool Music!
    From La Oroya Perú.

  89. Owly

    Aw, an instant classic, I love the beat and the trio of sounds. You have such an awesome voice I'm so glad you're still making music!

  90. framax67

    Great song and great artist ! We love U Howard !
    See you soon in UK - Birmingham may 23th ;-)

  91. Tony Edwards

    Brilliant. Taking me back to my John Hughes Medusa's Chicago high school best years of my life.

  92. Chris Morph

    The Wizzard of Synth is back.

  93. Daniel Tinner

    Danke Howard Jones, ich bin ein grosser Fan der ersten Stunde. Ich hoffe, Sie noch einmal Live zu erleben!

  94. Rosie Hendrix

    Love it!

  95. Daniele Ippolito

    Shut up y'all, the master is back!

    Keith Roberts

    He never left!

  96. Rajesh Karan


  97. Dave Till

    What a song!

    Love it.
    Could have done without the cheesy boy band arm movements on the video.

    Top class, apart from that though