Jones, Howard - Beating Mr. Neg Lyrics

Seems like I got a companion that's embedded in me
Has an awful lot to say and says it oh so negatively
Wakes me up in the night with a raging fear
Tells me what I can and can't do and makes my thinking unclear

I want to shout about it
But I know that I'll be getting no rest tonight
Until I get to know your cheats and learn to love and hate the filthy beast

I can win this time
The boy will do just fine
Trending off the scale
This starship is about to sail

Oh, no my buddy is back with the cynical views
Dines on my beautiful core and only brings me the bad news
Sits on my shoulder and whispers nasty things in my ear
Seems to get stronger as the right destination comes near

I want to scream about it
But I know that I'll be crossing the line tonight
You just don't realise it but all your dirty tricks just make me want to fight

I can win this time
The boy will do just fine
Trending off the scale
This starship is about to sail

Beating Mr. Neg
Beating Mr. Neg

I can win this time
The boy will do just fine
Trending off the scale
This starship is about to sail
I can win this time
The boy will do just fine
Trending off the scale
This starship is about to sail

Beating Mr. Neg
Beating Mr. Neg

I can win this time
Starships about to sail
Nothing gonna stop me now
I can win this time
I can win
This time its off the scale
I'm gonna be on board
I'm gonna be on board, yeah

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Jones, Howard Beating Mr. Neg Comments
  1. Ian Fisher

    Perfect synth pop. My new favourite HJ song which is on repeat.

  2. Calum Brook Nicolson

    I'm doing a remix of this song.

  3. gosha goshin

    Мой мир Ховард Джонс хранит уже 35 лет.

  4. gosha goshin

    21st Century Should Sound Like Howard Jones Music

  5. Starlost

    makes my heckles go up in other words it rocks

  6. Simon Burns

    WOW! back again

  7. David Hill

    HJ still sounding fresh at 64 yr old

  8. Martin Knaak

    sehr schön,very fine

  9. Mimi lovehealth

    Yes, super!

  10. kiricify

    billboard TOKYO 8/3 💓

  11. mahoelihaai

    not that interesting imo,in the 80's he was much better

  12. Jane Porter

    Great song!!!

  13. Evelyn Mann

    my son is 12 and he's in the Autism spectrum and he's fascinated with your music, and I thought just my husband and I we were your followers :D music doesn't have barriers they definitely can appreciate the greatest in others for example your gift. Never stop making us happy with your music, is life.

  14. markusmala

    Nice, some news from hoJo. Thank You to come back with new electric music. New Song, yes! It's good to hear a slow fading into piano acoustics in the end...very expressive !

  15. curly sam

    howard, what the hell.

  16. Lynn Marie Anderson

    That was so cool!!!!! I have a feeling coming across this song is a good omen for me. Howard Jones is still amazing.

  17. Brendan Connelly

    4:00 > makes me want to stop in my tracks and nap, so peaceful and relaxing...

  18. Anthony Langford

    Howie has always been about staying positive - remember the lyric from New Song, 'Not under the thumb of the cynical few
    or laden down by the doom crew', way back in '83. His message is of love, hope, goodwill to others and positivity. Also a lifelong fan. He never fails to deliver - every album is a gem. Thank you Mr. Jones. You're a true shining star.

  19. Anders Lenart

    Very nice. More than a hint of Peter Gabriel in places..

  20. Thomas Detert

    The Album is amazing!

  21. J-P Kraus

    Love this song, especially the glorious piano coda.

  22. Carlos Ortega


    Alan Ortega Franco


  23. Bill Armstrong

    Howard Jones believes in positive thinking.

  24. Janis M

    Love it! So excited for new uplifting music!

  25. Jimbaud1

    Absolutely LOVE this! Welcome back, Mr. Jones! :-)

  26. Cori Waters

    Such an amazing talent ive been a fan since" new song" debuted,it been a minute or more for sure ;)

  27. Hau Cowby

    I tap my toe in the office when I hear the intro

  28. Sound of collection


  29. Brigid Stephenson

    Beating the negative, the devil, the nastiness that fills the always win with love

  30. potzynoodle

    By far the best track off the new album - Thank you Howard :)

  31. Paul Daniel

    Not that you ever really left, but,.. it’s great to hear your synth music again.
    Welcome back. 🍻

  32. Togo Burrows

    BT is a genius

  33. Pol Vanflower

    Amazing, don´t stop!!

  34. Kriszta Szanto

    Mr Jones 🙏❤👏👏👏

  35. Jimmer Mackinnon

    Wow Howard!!!!
    It hits home in my heart! You're better than ever!!! Love Ya and ALL you've done
    Endless Thanks for you and a lifetime of some of the best music on this Earth! 🎶 ❤️ 🎵 💜 🎹 💖

  36. Lichfeldian — Suttonian

    I love your influential lyrics, Howard.  Makes me want to keep playing.

  37. Brian Westfield

    Howard muthafcking Jones!!!

  38. J W

    Phat!!! This will be a great album!

  39. sergio benvegnù

    great big big

  40. Kimi T

    And I'm back in the 80's!! YES!!

  41. oh glubbits

    Did you right this about me?

  42. oh glubbits

    Great job Howard just fantastic 👍

  43. Rachel Delgado singer songwriter

    I love this very positive message dance song Howard great job welcome back with your lovely new music 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎤🎤🎤💗💗💗💗🤗😇🌹🌹

  44. tcpiptv

    I dislike the auto-tune of your voice. It sounds like everything else. I want to hear your real voice, the artist's voice.

  45. Anibal Babilonia

    Awesome cool! Love your music man!😎👍

  46. MnemosyneUK

    Been a fan forever. Lucky to see him in concert many times. Met him a few times. Even had a drink with him. I'm hoping this is a grower because on first listen, it's not great. And I so want it to be.

  47. Ian Kashani

    This one's quite a journey, I love the direction it takes at 4:04 amazing song

  48. Synthie dB Shock

    Killer track and gorgeous vocals. It'll be huge!

  49. Polly Pearsol

    How could anyone unlike this!!

    Polly Pearsol

    Thats not possible.

    Polly Pearsol

    @Jason kH not possible

    Jason kH

    @Polly Pearsol I think I know what you meant, but read your original comment, then read mine again

    Polly Pearsol

    @Jason kH no get on with your life okay this is just very trivial bye bye

    Jason kH


  50. Joppy Owens

    Still got it! ❤👏👏👍

  51. Racing Heart Records

    Wow, I love the breakdown at the end. Your vocals better than ever!

  52. Owly

    Those high notes, love it

  53. speedrcer1

    I Love the song and the meaning. That's how I live my life. I see you are playing at the Paramount Jun 6. I would love to go, but I want to hear you. The sound is the worst I have ever heard.

  54. James McCarthy

    Reminds me of a-ha's Foot of the mountain album.
    Same sounding synths !!!

  55. Tony (Megatronman) Ferrarello

    Great sound, beautiful song Howard .. I've been listening to you since 1983

  56. Cool Cat

    Went to one of those 80’s Rewind tours last year & saw a bunch of groups that I grew up with in the 80’s. Some were decent, some were lackluster but Howard’s segment was outstanding & by far the highlight of the show. Sounded great & seemed to really be enjoying himself. Only wish i’d seen him in concert sooner. Anyway, this song is great & i’m really glad to see him still creating interesting & catchy music.

  57. Doc_Bizzle

    YESSSSSS dude. I was legit just looking up some of your 80s tunes because they've been going through my head lately. You're a great songwriter with a unique sound my friend. I'm so glad to hear this new tune!

  58. Ricardo Avecilla

    Gracias Howard. o debo decir Sr. Jones, no hace mucho en 1986 yo escuchaba tu musica siempre y no he dejado de hacerlo por 35 años, gracias por ser fresco y tu increible voz saludos desde Mexico

  59. Mon Sun

    Love you. 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  60. Gianni Pascia'

    How many time from last "Work"?Finally!!!!!I saw u in 1986(maybe 7?)in Bussoladomani(Viareggio/Italy)with 2 my stay just of front ur FACE,remember all very very well.....ur brother play with u,and in these years u was the great and famous "One Man Band"🔝 So,time goes by quickly but u never change,tks God!!!Same Howard Jones melody👌 Good Luck x new coming Album!!!💿🎹

  61. Tesler + Mendelovitch

    Your ego is not your amigo

  62. J W


  63. Janis M

    Inspiring as always!

  64. No Name

    The policeman inside your head?

  65. Jan Eriksson

    Cool 1 👍

  66. framax67

    Just fan since the 80's. Greatings from France and see you soon in UK ♥😉
    Lovely song.

  67. kerrfal

    Well done! Freshness and electro sound! Thats what we need 🦋🧞‍♂️💙💎

  68. Rajesh Karan

    Feels Like 1983 all over again !!! Thank You for This Tune 👍

  69. edgardo gregorini

    As you can be mad, the new Howard Jones came out, a new hope for the world

  70. Job Vink

    Finally he will play in The Netherlands! I'll be there to see him live in concert venue De Boerderij, Zoetermeer in august 2019

  71. Poo Marick

    Mr Jones just keeps on giving !!!

  72. Gosha Goshin

    As always, very, very beautiful, atmospheric, powerful, fresh, heartfelt! Each note weighs a ton! Bravo, Howard! -You Can Win This Time ↑↑↑

  73. Cacophony Cake

    I wonder if David Frank (of The System) did some of the keyboard work ... sounds like his synth sounds he did on The System's most recent CD.

  74. man0music

    It's so nice to hear the BT influence in the track :)
    Looking forward to the concert in Vancouver <3

  75. Polly Pearsol

    Who did this art?

    Polly Pearsol

    I now know

  76. Polly Pearsol


  77. Lucy Strange

    Cool song loved your music since 1983

  78. straightforward

    Wish I could see you in Cleveland! Thank you! ;)

  79. Shishido Yoshinori

    So Cooooooooool♪

  80. Shahid Khan

    Will be seeing you in Michigan in a few months! Front seats !

  81. francesco baldini

    Ciao HOWARD 6 SEMPLICEMENTE BRAVO👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  82. TONAL AXiS

    Love the verses but the chorus?? Cheeeeesse!

  83. Saveth of El

    Awesome, Mr. Jones! Been listening to you since last century!

  84. Im Possible

    Love you, Howard!!! ❤💕💖💕❤