Jones, George - Window Up Above Lyrics

I've been living a new way
Of life that I love so
But I can see the clouds are gath'ring
And the storm will wreck our home
For last night he held you tightly
And you didn't even shove
This is true for I've been watching
From the window up above.

You must have thought that I was sleeping
And I wish that I had been
But I guess it's best to know you
And the way your heart can sin
I thought we belonged together
And our hearts fit like a glove
I was wrong for I've been watching
From the window up above.

From my eyes the teardrops started
As I listened on and on
I heard you whisper to him softly
That our marriage was all wrong
But I hope he makes you happy
And you will never lose his love
I was wrong, I was watching
From the window up above.

How I wish I could be dreaming
And wake up to an honest love
I was wrong for I was watching
From the window up above...

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Jones, George Window Up Above Comments
  1. Ram M457

    Best from the past to present George Jones 2020

  2. Ram M457

    Love me George Jones

  3. king country

    I'm ready fer a frosty one thanks George!

  4. Doyle Bailey

    I can't wait to get to Heaven to here all the country greats.

  5. Charles Cain

    If your ever in Warren Texas, you have to visit Jones country ranch

  6. Rhonda Boncutter

    I got to see George Jones once at a County Fair! I fell in love with his voice!

  7. Rhonda Boncutter

    I saw George at a County Fair, loved his voice for years!

  8. Jerry May

    Sounds good in 2020

  9. pattiann Campbell

    I grew up listening to country music and the stuff they call music today isn't anything like it was back then

  10. David O'Brien

    The Possum may have had the perfectntry music male voice.

  11. Mickey Bowser


  12. Kevin Whitty

    This one always touches my heart, so real n true,, Sad r.i.p George MUCH love :)

  13. 24602400

    I love Hank, but George is the best!

  14. Nekel Charlery

    Best voice ever great song

  15. Geraldine Spencer


  16. Ron Williams

    who are the 151 IDIOTS that gave this song a thumbs down. they probably like the trash their puking now.

  17. Eugene Horner

    You know who you are...

  18. Dennis Wilson

    The greatest Male country music singer ever! In my opinion!

  19. Jay Brown

    Hope he makes you happy.

  20. David P.

    I read an article once that said "The debate has raged for years as to who has the 2nd best voice in country music, The best is, of course, George Jones." And I agree!

    Dennis Wilson

    So do I! None better!

  21. Jerry Justice

    You know ole George met Hank in Shreveport in 1947 George asked Hank do you have any advice? Hank said yes stop trying to sound like Lefty Frizzell and start sounding like George Jones

  22. Linda Gore

    I thought he was so good looking with that flat top hair cut . He's one of my first loves.

  23. Denise Lodge

    The king of good country music. 2019.

  24. Rickarama Trama

    George brings so many great memories of a youth that flew by and now it's the autumn of our years.

  25. David Bowers

    my ole friend George


    George Jones there will never ever be another singer like you.

  27. wolfe david

    DAM RIGHT...……….

  28. Carrie Long

    No better music, old George felt all his music

  29. Arnold Ortiz

    he kind of looks like jim carry

  30. john zelenak


  31. Carrie Long

    My gosh George had it going on

  32. Paul Klein

    Old shool country music realy meant your inner thought, every time i hear this song i was watching my girl from the windows up above!

  33. Joseph DiMele

    That voice......

  34. firefighter dave

    Drank a lot to this and still do

    Jerry Justice

    Makes me want too

  35. Ken Amundsen

    George Jones got a very decent showing in Ken Burns excellent COUNTRY MUSIC on PBS...

  36. Jason Nabors

    They said on the Ken Burns documentary that he had vocal control usually only seen in operatic singers. Tammy Wynette would have to watch carefully in their duets but to her credit she had a powerful voice herself.

  37. darryl runnels


  38. Dark Horse 3/5

    Possum himself ladies and gentlemen

  39. Greg Parham

    Is GJ not 100%!?

  40. Brenda Lance

    Meet you in Otter Lake, Quebec honey?? with my surrogate children darling.

  41. tfs4499


  42. Mickey Bowser


  43. Raven Shingoose

    I love this mans music, I'm 22 years of age and I play his music everyday 💜💜 rip to this wonderful man

  44. Sterling shelton

    No There Will Never Be Another George.. I Do Like Uncle crackers version. And I'm Not A Fan. Thanks

  45. lindalovesal

    Thanks for posting 💕🇨🇦

  46. Micheal brooks

    The heart of the 60’s R.i.p. the possum

  47. Jesus Will Reign

    So great.

  48. Awful Lawton

    Lefty Frizzell influenced so many peoples singing styles. You can even hear it here in George.

  49. West Parsons

    Is it just me or does Jones in his younger day look like Jim Carrey

  50. John Herb

    Very powerful song!

  51. Man N

    I think a lot for George will miss him

  52. Christopher Dibble

    they asked johnny cash who his favorite singer was; johnny said, you must mean after george jones? lorie morgan did a great job on this song; but she can't begin to do it like george.

    Christopher Dibble

    George was a hell of a singer, a friend once said, you eather really liked him or you didn't.

  53. Mickey Bowser

    WOW OH OH WOW.!!!!!

  54. Shannon Lolley

    Love it

  55. tim Aden

    Country what I love👌

  56. Lonnie Beavers

    Still the best George Jones in 2019 .

    smith wess

    The one and only

  57. Christopher Dibble

    they asked johnny cash who his favorite singer was he said, you mean after george jones?

  58. Rodger Browning

    Just absolutely amazing and love always ❤❤❤🎶🎵🎼

  59. Robbie Perry

    Your right

  60. Wilma Curley

    Rip G Jones 💛💚💛

  61. sean gray

    Beryl simpson, a goddess, from above.💗💌❤💖💎💍👥

  62. Robert M. Trolinder

    I'm 66 & grew up on this type of music. Sadly almost all of these legends are gone now,thankfully their music will be here for us to enjoy for as long as we're alive! ♡♡♡

    bob brown

    Robert M. Trolinder whos gonna fill their shoes?!?!?😭

  63. TheBaySlaps 1997

    Most emotion I’ve ever heard any artist put in a song and he did it with all his music his entire life till he passed away RIP George bet you’re looking down right now from the window up above ! 💙💙🙏🙏

  64. TheBaySlaps 1997

    One of his most underrated songs nobody really knows about it unless you’re a true George Jones fan his CD greatest hits when I was 4 years old is what got me loving Classic Country I’ve listened to all the amazing legends growing up Willies also one of my favorites ! But George is #1 on my list

  65. linda Stewart

    Ahhh yessss..the window, thank goodness for Windows as you can see all outdoors and the 2 stupids " that thinks" the other stupid is asleep, even if one should fall asleep as many times I have, you just put you a backup in the window videoing away ,lol, they just think they're so slick, you have to outslick them, get it in video and be quiet , it's hard, but better for your divorce lawyer to have the evidence, you get alimony then, and drag the homewrecker through all the hell she put you through...shame shame! She gets the looser..lololol! This true for I was watching from the window in the back! ! !! Be careful of your neighbors, they walk over with flash light, that was real smart 😉

  66. Dennis Lemay

    Never will b or could b sang any better such talent n heartfelt when George took the stage n sang it was pure god giving talent n when the song was done u knew it had been sung n all who heard were blessed jus for bein in his presence of one of the all time true country! stars!! never will b another George Jones! who can or will fill his shoes? one ever! r-i-p! George u deserve it thanks for sharing your Voices with all who know n love you n appreciate truly great country music!!🤠💙🎋

  67. Shannon Burns

    This beautiful song was kept out of number one position by Johnny Horton’s North To Alaska. This song was penned by George. It did spend 34 weeks on the charts.


    Mickey Gilley had a no. 1 hit with it .

  68. mallboss1219

    Fantastic song, perhaps his best!

    Shannon Burns

    mallboss1219, a fantastically great song. But not his best. His live version of Things Have Gone to Pieces is perhaps the definitive country mysic performance EVER!

  69. Alun Davies

    He sang in such a way that
    You know He got it

  70. Herbert Hinton

    No greater voice ever sang than his.

  71. First Responder1985

    Pretty much how marriage is

  72. Zach Newby

    The king is gone but not forgotten

  73. James Davis

    George Jones is the best ever and always will be here's my favorite of all favorites next Jason Aldean Tennessee whiskey by Chris Stapleton Randy Ghana Travis, Travis Tritt, George Jones George Jones George Jones.

    Harris Dupree

    Don't even mention those clowns in the same breath as George Jones & Travis Tritt

    James Davis

    You start telling me how to play my music I like can you start paying my bills stupid get off my

    Harris Dupree

    @James Davis FUCK OFF asslickin hillbilly.

  74. Mickey Bowser


  75. David Clark

    Jim Carrey is...The Possum

  76. Mickey Bowser


  77. p eter carey

    no one doe's it like George

  78. mallboss1219

    Absolutely perfect!

  79. Trenton Goerk

    I am only 13 and I love old music, just like this.

    Harris Dupree

    Smart KId!

    Joe Lambert badass boy. Stay true.

    Trenton Goerk

    Joe Lambert lmao I will

    Alexander Forbes

    'means you've got a good ear. most people your age aren't used to listening for nuance. do you play music?

  80. Bella Snow

    A legend. No one can stand on his shoes. True country talent.

  81. Sgt.StickyTits

    RIP Ol' Possum!

  82. Jack Johnson

    All the bs country is why i came to hear the possum!!!!!😁

  83. Dan Conner

    So many songs, so many memories of days gone bye. These days are never lost as long as there are the country greatd who gave us an outlet to recall those days

  84. Larry Roberts

    A true real country singer

  85. Mishting Ambrosia

    i'm the 202 840th to listen Ricky Skaggs - Window Up Above. (23-04-2019) (19h00). i'm the 229 487th to listen George Jones Window Up Above. (23-04-2019)

  86. slingbladejeff

    Can't beat this old COUNTRY.

  87. Sonj

    I'd love to dance One more this song

  88. mallboss1219

    This guy was brilliant!

  89. Peter Degroot

    A good old country song Thanks

  90. Sandy Ellis

    April 2019 I just watched the ACM awards and it was so sad. Couldn't tell what kind of music it was? A couple kept it country but that was about it.

  91. George Swift

    I can just picture that scenario. Gold!

  92. Jay Brown

    That's my story

    D Cast

    A fracture of a bone takes time to mend, so goes it for a broken heart. Find comfort in the horrendous fact that you're not alone in this scenario and with the knowledge that you have now may you find peace in the not so distant future. God Bless U.

  93. gustavo sierra

    Is anyone else haunted by the intense emotion in the way the great George Jones sings a song? I am. My eyes well up each and every time when he sings a particularly sad one like this. He relates the anguish straight into your heart like no one else. It happens when he sings this one, The Grand Tour, ..Grass Grows Over Me, He Stopped Loving Her Today, I'm Not Ready Yet and a few other more obscure ones. Someone described that sound as "High Lonesome". The human condition can be painful but music is God's natural soother and artists like George Jones voice is healing. It is almost supernatural.

  94. Steve B

    I jumped out the window

  95. earl slot

    dosen't get any better than this

  96. douglas sopa

    pass the bottle botha,

  97. Lonnie Beavers

    The only thing bad about a George Jones song . Is when it's over .

  98. Beasleyla

    So powerful!

  99. Shirley Hamilton

    One of the first songs I ever heard him sing,So good. We seen him about 10 times,never a bad show