Jones, George - When Your're Ugly Like Us Lyrics

Hey George I hear you been callin' me ugly
That ain't exactly what I said John
Well what exactly did you said
This is exactly what I said

When you're ugly like John you just naturally gotta be good
You gotta walk just right and keep your package wrapped tight and don't break no rules
You gotta give it away you'll never sell it
Have the right Venus say wow when you tell it
When you're ugly like John you just naturally gotta be cool

When you're ugly like George you gotta give the ladies all you can
When you use the right tools she'd be a fool to want a better man
Yeah talk it up big and she can almost taste it
It can be on a check George you better not waste it
When you're ugly like George you just naturally gotta be cool

John when you look like this you've got to steal a kiss that's the only way
You gotta find yourself a chick that ain't too quick and she just might stay
We may be ugly but we got what she needs
We don't give it to her till she begs and pleads
When you're ugly like us you just naturally gotta be cool
Yeah when you're ugly like us you just naturally gotta be cool

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Jones, George When Your're Ugly Like Us Comments
  1. Mar Thivierge

    "We're so ugly, we'd make a freight train take a dirt road" LMAO.

  2. Kristal Price

    Great drinking 👍👊 song🍻

  3. Tammy Mclaine

    No neither one of them were gay....they were best of friends.Jones,even paid to have him buried and bought his tomb stone.whoever thinks it maybe you were??????

  4. dantdm wow awsome!!!!!!! Couch

    There not gay there just doin what friends do go crazy

  5. David Whitworth

    My dad wrote this song! His name was Rick Schulman; he was a songwriter and actor from Nashville, Tennessee. Artist-in-Residence at the Exit/IN during its heyday, he opened or played with damn near everybody... recorded and toured with Johnny Cash, John Hartford and John Prine, had songs covered by Jones and Paycheck as well as Charlie Rich, Freddie Hart, Bobby Bare, O. Harrison, Dr. Hook and more. Here's his version of the song, Ugly Like Me:

    Jake Brown

    Thats badass, thanks for sharing!

  6. Brian C

    HE--- Yeah!!!!

  7. Rocci

    More like when you're weathered like us. Sounds like they were having fun recording this album.

  8. johnny mock

    i like this them two are crazy

  9. Trapper Cody

    They were the best of friends, there's nothing gay about those pictures they were being dummies lol

    Debbie Mathis

    Your right

    Jason Walters

    Anyone thinking either old these two would be gay is a dumb ass

  10. Karen Lindsay

    GrEaT SoNG🎤🎸🎵

  11. kenneth graham

    they're not gay

  12. bob smith

    @Volume2plus, fuck you.

  13. Agrace39

    Is your father-in-law's recording available? I have only heard it by a guy named Jerry Hawkins, didn't know if it was even published. Jerry did it better than this.

    David Whitworth

    Agrace39, if you want to hear the best version of this song, check out this! My dad, Rick Schulman, wrote this song, here's his version - Ugly Like Me:

  14. hobbleslob

    George and johnny are brilliantly pissed

  15. Volume2plus

    I apologize for the comment about the pictures.
    I enjoy the music but don't care for the pictures.

    Mr. Buck Adams

    Fuck you

    Queto Mann

    @Mr. Buck Adams a jerk at there finest!

  16. Amanda Carter

    my husband's father originally sang this song his name is Big O Harrison he sang it so much better even though this song sucks they sat in on him recording it for RCA victor records in 1979

    David Whitworth

    My dad, Rick Schulman, wrote it. It took me forever to find, but I managed to get a hold of a vinyl copy of your father-in-law's version. Really great stuff!!! Much more bluesy, killer instrumentals and really powerful vocals. Will try to upload it if I can figure out how.

  17. rmx01indiana

    This was back before all the gay bullshit lmao. Back when guys were still guys.


    Yes times have changed. There wasn't any sexuality inferred back then.

    Debbie Mathis

    I totally Agree

    Jason Walters

    Gay people suck

  18. Volume2plus

    What a gay duo!!!

    Ricky King

    Gay...yeah right! better do your homework. Paycheck one of the baddest asses at the time!

    Wim Nijs

    they were so hetero as fuck

  19. Doug Ewald

    thanks madgab5