Jones, George - Night Life Lyrics

When the evenin' sun goes down
You will find me hangin' 'round
The night life, it ain't no good life
But it's my life

Many people just like me
Dreamin' of old used-to-be's
Oh, the night life, it ain't no good life
Ah, but it's my life

Listen to the blues that they're playin'
Listen what the blues are sayin'

Life is just another scene
In this old world of broken dreams
Oh, the night life, it ain't no good life
But it's my life

Oh, the night life ain't no good life
Oh, but it's my life

Listen to what the blues are saying

Life is just another scene
From the world of broken dreams
And the night life ain't no good life
But its my life
The night life ain't no good life
But, it's my life

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Jones, George Night Life Comments
  1. johnny mock

    two great singers wish they did a whole album together

  2. Dane Ryan

    2:08 when George goes low, Waylon's reaction

  3. R.i. l.e.y

    Awesome post. Thanks !   lol at 1:18 I started playing my desk drums..


    You're welcome

  4. Pansye Gibbs

    I think Waylon kept a good eye on George..Protective, always there for him..Willie too. Lets just call them the Blues Brothers of country.

  5. Murp h

    country blues --- country soul ---- great stuff

  6. Gordon Shumway

    Waylon loved George. They were very good friends and had alot of good times together. Waylon once quoted "if we could all sing like we wanted to, we'd sound like George Jones".

  7. katson6

    @LateNiteTeeVee It is a tad bit off and that's my fault. The pitch had to be adjusted a hair in order to get it to post, otherwise it was blocked by the copyright.

    Rowdy Rowdster

    Noticed just before i read this !

  8. katson6

    @GeoClown Waymore was just one of his nicknames which is why his band in later years was named Waymore Blues Band

  9. katson6

    @jagvocate This really is a great collaboration. Thanks for listening

  10. katson6

    @DodgerInPA Thanks...and yes, I believe Waylon had much respect for George's vocal abilities and as we all know, neither of them lived saintly lives so aren't in a position to judge eachother nor do I believe he would. they were friends

  11. katson6

    @mommenon1 You're welcome. I'm tickled you are finding new Waylon tunes to listen to

  12. Marianne Menon

    Fantastic... never heard this one before!!! Again you surprised me with something "new"......Thank you!! TC.. Marianne....

  13. Gene The Cringey Emoji

    Do you think Waylon respects George?! Great tune, awesome upload.

  14. jagvocate

    Holy sheet. Awesome Music, Waymore gives hist treatment and George gives his soulfull voice!!!

  15. jagvocate

    Holy sheet. Awesome Music!!!