Jones, George - My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You Lyrics

I may say that I don't care and hold up head up in the air
Even tell my friends I'm glad that you don't call
But when the day is through and my heartaches start anew
Well, that's when I miss you most of all.

And my arms keep reaching for you
My eyes keep searching for you
My lips keep calling for you
And my shoes keep walking back to you.

No matter how much I pretend I wish I had you back again
For nothing else means half as much as you
My world just seemed to die the day you said goodbye
And I can't forget no matter what I do.

And my arms keep reaching for you
My eyes keep searching for you
My lips keep calling for you
And my shoes keep walking back to you.

And my shoes keep walking back to you...

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Jones, George My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You Comments
  1. Kay Nine

    One of my favorite duets ever.

  2. Sonny Dave

    Great shuffle song. Covered by many, My favorites Charlie Walker, Male, Jamey Ryan female. Written by Lee Ross and Johnny Wills.

  3. Henk Hijnen

    super mooie herrineringen aan mn ouders!

  4. Tracey Hayward

    Awesome love it

  5. Paula Ashley

    Two great voices Two great singers could listen to Genes voice for ever, so rare, strong ,unique and passionate Love Love Them ,Paula xxx

  6. Tina Beck

    Good song

  7. Gary Young

    wow fantastic

  8. Milton Moore

    For me, these two sang the best male with male
    duets in the history of country music.😃 Too bad
    their association
    was so short-lived. 😭😭😭😭

  9. Charlotte Swincicki

    I just loved Gene Pitney!! The day he died was a sad day for me!

    Milton Moore

    He should be honored on a USA
    Too bad a depraved monster like Charles Manson
    outlived a benevolent artist
    like Gene Pitney by 20 years!😭😭

  10. donna espinosa

    Love it!

  11. Lena Andersson

    GREAT GREAT GREAT 🎤🎸🎶🎻give me chills❤

  12. Lena Andersson

    GREAT Love this song🎤🎼🎶so much.💗

  13. opasrock1

    This a great duet, I really like their sound together.

  14. David

    Wow their voices together, gives chills...

  15. Milton Moore

    When the hits dried up for Gene Pitney and his pop/rock contemporaries (the Everly Brothers; Rick Nelson; Johnny Tillotson; Bobby Vee, et. al.) in the late 1960's, Gene should have gone full bore into country, and might be in the COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME; he was that good, as performances like this clearly demonstrate. He was born to sing country. As remarkable as his contributions were, what a loss and what a pity that he missed his truest calling.


    I agree with you wholeheartedly. This was a fantastic album from George and Gene.

    Mookie Spindlehurst

    With appreciation from a fellow connoisseur of beautiful music!
    Google both Brook Benton &
    Faron Young on
    Milton Moore


    @Mookie Spindlehurst :Right back atcha'.... YouTube has opened up a lot of fantastic music that we might never have gotten to hear.

    tracey hayward

    Milton Moore totally true

    Mookie Spindlehurst

    @tracey hayward With appreciation.

  16. Cynthia Peepeetch

    best oldie song ever !!!

  17. Rosemond Flavius

    classic music

  18. shirley coleman

    I'm amazed! He looks an awful lot like Mo Pitney!!

    Milton Moore

    Probably better
    than looking like
    the other two,....
    or three, if you
    include Shemp!😆

  19. jimarilyn

    I love this version of a great classic

  20. E Claire

    Great song, my best friend I ever had use to sing this, he since passed away. Love it