Jones, George - Life To Go Lyrics

I've got a sad, sad story friends, that I I don't like to tell
I had a home and family, when they locked me in this cell
I've been in here eighteen years that's a long time I know
But time don't mean a thing to me 'cause I've got life to go.

I went one night where the lights were bright to see what I could see
I met up with an old friend there, who's thought the world of me
He brought me drinks and he took me to every honky tonk in town
But words were said and now he's dead, I just had to bring him down.

It has been a long time now since I've heard from my wife
I guess I'd be there with her yet if I hadn't used the knife
I'll bet that little girl of mine don't realize or know
Her daddy's been here eighteen years and still got life to go.

I'll bet there's not one man outside that's spent this long in jail
I'll be here in this prison till my body's just a shell
I can't be free to go and see the ones that I love so
Yes, I've been in here eighteen years I've still got life to go.

Yes, I've still got life to go.
Yes, I've still got life to go...

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Jones, George Life To Go Comments
  1. david purina

    The Rolls-Royce of country music

  2. jrs_ 2000

    I’ll be locked here in this cell till my body is just a shell

    Michael Butler

    Lonesome whistle, Hank.

  3. Charlie W

    Time to stop thinking and start drinking.

  4. Alfred Hamer

    The greatest, voice and entertainer, we lost one of the greastest.

  5. John Loveridge

    Love it

  6. Mike mcelhaney

    hell he wrote it ,,great song George

  7. ausfan100

    This is George's 1960 REMAKE for Mercury Records of his original 1957 recording of the song for Starday Records. Bear Family's recent 6CD "Legend" box set reveals the original was recorded in December 1957 at Gold Star in Houston, Texas. The Mercury remake posted here lacks the raw feel of his original 57 version. Stonewall Jackson covered the song in August '58 in a similar style (fiddles and piano) to George's version posted here.

  8. Tucker Nelson

    I don't know if either version is "far greater" than the other. Jackson's version does have more soul, though. Jones' voice doesn't feel as expressive here, and the steel guitar in Jackson's recording matches the tone of the song.

  9. Jason Clark

    Stonewall Jackson's rendition was far greater


    +Jason Clark Well yeah, but he couldn't have sung it if ol' George hadn't wrote it.

    William Nimbach

    I disagree lol everyone has opinions

  10. Greezy Mcgill

    George really resembles Jim Carry in alot of those pics.  Or vice versa.


    Greezy Mcgill —I though it was just me. My wife doesn’t see it.

  11. keith Acheson

    Only George can sound like this.  W0w

  12. Raymomd Arthur

    The song written by george and stonewall Jackson.
    59 was year stonewall
    60 was George.

  13. ausfan100

    I never liked this overproduced 60s remake from George.  His first (December 1957) recording for Starday Records of the song had a much simpler (guitar & bass) backing and better fitted the theme of the song.

  14. Curtis Neilson

    He was the King of country at one time

    Willem Van Herwijnen

    +Curtis Neilson He still is, th sad thing is the under 30 crowd hardly even knows who he is

    Curtis Neilson

    +Willem you are cirrect

    Nicholas Spencer

    Curtis Neilson I'm 13

  15. Jeff Campbell

    This is a cover of Stonewall Jackson's huge hit. As with most Possum covers, he outdid the original.


    Possum wrote this song in the mid-50's. 

    Jeff Campbell

    Thanks for the info. I did not know that he had written this song. I just knew that Stonewall had the hit on it. I usually pride myself on knowing who wrote what but I missed on this one. Thanks again!


    No problem.  There are two versions of this song that Possum did, one was from the early to mid-50's and has different lyrics and one was with the same lyrics as Stonewall's version.  I think Possum recorded the 2nd version around the same time as Stonewall (1958).

    Trey Stewart

    if Im not mistaking he wrote this tune!

  16. kevin j Herman


  17. Bill Doe

    i always loved this song, i dont know why he never came out with a single on this song cause it was a sad but beautiful song, he had it cut on an album or two, i think it would been a hit for him, if he had.

  18. Drema Cooper

    my mom used to sing this in the 60s

  19. z3r0ko0L

    Great song from a great singer. Rest easy, Possum. Your legend lives on.