Jones, George - I Gotta Get Drunk Lyrics

Well I gotta get drunk
And I sure do dread it
Cause I know just what I'm gonna do
I'll start to spend my money
Call everybody honey
And wind up singing the blues
I'll spend my whole paycheck
On some old wreck
And brother I can name you a few
But I gotta get drunk
And I sure do dread it
Cause I know just what I'm gonna do

I gotta get drunk I just can't stay sober
There's a lot of good people in town
Who'd like to hear me holler
See me spend my dollars
And I wouldn't think of lettin' 'em down
There's a lot of doctors that tell me
That I'd better start slowin' it down
But there's more old drunkers
Than there are old doctors
So I guess we'd better have another round
Well now I gotta get drunk

Well I gotta get drunk

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Jones, George I Gotta Get Drunk Comments
  1. Logan Cheese

    What happened to country. It’s turned into hip hop for racists 😂

  2. Jack Van Kirk

    Randy, I am the liquor

  3. The Last Pistolero

    Story of my life

  4. Manny Badabing

    Just sat down for my first beer. I won't get durnk but will get a buzz, and a toke fer Willie.......😎

  5. Manny Badabing

    Ah gots ta get durnk.

  6. Jack Van Kirk

    Randy, I am the Liquor

  7. J Mo

    Hold my beer.... watch this

  8. Leso Varen

    Much better version

  9. Jeffrey McCarty

    There's more old drunks than there are old doctors


    This song was on the latest episode of Macgyver.

  11. Malcolm Nicoll

    Story of my life. Thanks for posting.

  12. Scotty Wilkinson

    Jones looking like he belongs on the 100 dollar bill.

  13. flhaz

    good ol days

  14. Beethoveniac

    Is it just me, or does the melody to this sound an awful lot like "Take This Job & Shove it" by Johnny Paycheck? They'd be perfect as a medley, in my opinion.


    Meh; whatever. They kinda have a similar theme, so I think it would work. lol.

    watch dogs

    Isn’t take this job and shove it by David Allen coe? Sorry if I’m wrong

    Gary Kerns

    DAC wrote (and covered) "Take this Job", but Paycheck's version was better, IMHO.

  15. threevisionsgodpark

    The instrumental part in the middle is for the audience and the vocalists to have a break from singing to imbibe more of their alcohol of choice. I Love It!!! Great for singing when you're getting hammered!!!

  16. Evert Ohlenroth

    3 hours before the first polls will close for the presidential election 2016 brought me here

    Sharon Grimm


    Sharon Grimm

    july 16th and i'm still drinkin

    Daniel Landry

    I was drinking to celebrate but whatever

  17. popcorn warrior

    this song is s**t 😅


    popcorn warrior u listen to 21 pilots ya opinion aint welcome here

  18. LPScarface

    Life is shit without whiskey and beer

    Βασίλης Κυριακίδης

    Only whiskey...

    Steven Johnson

    But still there's more old drunk's than there are old doctors so let's have another round

    Manny Badabing

    Beer and pot for me. If it's good for Willie it's good for me.

    Dermot Kelly

    but what about drunk old doctors? They exist too,?

    David Glocar

    A little whisky, and more smoke(pot).

  19. Bonnie Bright

    The album is George Jones: My Very Special Guests

    Gary Kerns

    I know. I have it at my old house. I had  this and "I Still Hold her Body" (with Dr. Hook) from it burned onto a CD.

  20. peter betts

    MIKE Two Classics doin a Classic ! Cool What Album /CD did this come off of?

  21. KannabosmHealerOfNations.

    i love all the outlaws
    but i dont drink that much i just smoke greenage.

    al coburn

    I just drink beerage


    Hank jr-family tradition

    Hurt her & love music

    Do both.... it's awesomeness
    T.R.U.S.T. M.E.

  22. William B

    I gotta get drunk every weekend!

  23. robert bellflower

    That's how I feel. I've fdup a relationship

  24. Ed Zachary

    mister I could name you a few

  25. Justin King

    very good song

  26. Sam Stribling

    Love that song😟😶😕

  27. Belinda Preston

    I'm on my way to the bar to do just that!!!

  28. minrlwtr

    It aint tomorrow until the sun comes up!

  29. Doc Dunn

    Yep !!! 

  30. Buck Wilder

    But there are more old drunks than there are old doctors, so i guess we better have another round

    Boss as fuck

  31. baseem saad

    By far my favorite song. It's got all the country legends in one song

  32. Well Wolsniw

    Great fucking hell that's pertinent.

  33. Mike Teague

    "I know this feeling as soon as the bitches much like tonight that's for spell check lok"

  34. nathan nicholas

    I know this feeling as soon as the bitches much like tonight that's for spell check lok

  35. Grant Quigley

    superb from shotgun n possum

  36. Kendal M.

    The 9 that dislike , I think they the doctors

    David Glocar

    Guess they dont like it when drunks ,and sick people out live

  37. Jt Kudray

    Fuckin hangovers suck

  38. dtolson2011

    I'm with you tonight.

  39. Raymond27

    lucky man, im just having a hangover

  40. Mishel Smith

    drunkards anthem...just add the pomp of Hank Jr. and you'd have a multi-million dollar hit!

  41. Alex clarkson

    Story of my life!

  42. BurnYourCash

    My fav george tune

  43. HerQLee

    An absolute legend. Will definitely live on in all the jukeboxes in the world

  44. Leslie & Brian mcguire

    having abeer for ya man still in my black from uncles funeral then come home to see this not good #3?

  45. jace may

    me too, gotta get drunk

  46. ritwingr

    Weird that YT has seemingly very version of this song ever recorded but the original Willie Nelson version I grew up listening to.

  47. charles cunningham


  48. scumgod13

    naw that Nashville "Hot new country" is not country music. There's nothing country about it. Even the accents are fake. Sounds like Bad 80's rock with a twang. Mullet Country.

    Patricia Hooper

    I do agree with you. Like ol possium an Hagg sang,who going fill them shoe's. My opinion NOBODY

  49. scumgod13

    Good un Right here, Buddy!

  50. sharp1972

    ba ha ha !!! u funny!

  51. bob sanders

    What a great song. Be sure to check out The Little Willies version. Their guitar player is fantastic!

  52. Ron Wilson

    Where is my John Deere lawn mower. I want to go to the bar and have a drink after listening to this one.

  53. fuckyoutube

    "well i gotta get drunk and i sure do dread it"... aint that the sad but true fact haha

  54. aedmiston1

    98.1 KVET-FM in Austin, Texas is basically the greatest radio station I've ever heard. The quality of the programming has been declining since Clear Channel bought the station a few years back, but it's still far and away the best in the metro area. 99.9 WACO-FM is pretty good too

  55. jessica jennings

    george is my grandfather....... and im drunk

  56. 22placid

    @deepwoodskentuckian oh i know i have my grandfathers 8 tracks and his old 8 track player better then cds

  57. Tiffany Dennis

    This is my Friday song.

  58. chad arseneau

    thumbs up if your buzzed out right know !!!!

  59. multipleman11

    love this song gets me goin evertime.

  60. fuckyoutube

    my new drikin song

  61. jake Last


  62. deepwoodskentuckian

    @jareckhollenshead well i just brodened my places to move to lol

  63. Jareck Hollenshead

    @deepwoodskentuckian they do in texas

  64. 3642130

    anybody know the year? i feel like it was the 80s

  65. wet roots

    what do you get when you mix a possum and pot plant? george and

  66. Jear Bear

    @deepwoodskentuckian I hit thumbs up 10 times trying to bring this one to #1. That's the reaslest dshit ever. Thank god for internet juke boxes :)

  67. Barragg

    @rep300 I know an Ex-Drunk or two like that. Lol.

  68. Brett Fox

    willie made me download it

  69. Shomi031Lega

    O yea that's my song!
    Eh da vi Ameri znate šta je šljiva, loza ili crno osječko....

  70. deepwoodskentuckian

    real country music have to turn to youtube and my grandpapys tape collection to hear this sound. durn radio wont play it

  71. OfficialMOE

    I usually listen to rap but this is tightttttt

  72. Mark Burton

    Who are the two asshats that disliked this? God damn mormons.

  73. joeGetRight

    This da best way to start a morning...

  74. ethanpeirce

    I start my weekend with a cooler of beer, a dirt road and this song

  75. FPSJohnWayne

    f'n classic son

  76. Tre's world

    lol a great classic

  77. DET832

    Been there, done that brothers !!!! Great song !!!

  78. Ye Olde Rufus

    makes me want another beer

  79. dinnycash

    who wrote this great song

  80. timijai22

    This is real country. And I'm not even a country fan.

  81. KelsiLynBear

    Can't get it outa my headddd

  82. r scott murray

    best steel break ever? gotta love Buddy Emmons.
    and the first bar of the piano break cracks me up every time.

  83. Razkol

    Guess this fit my current weekend nights (at least they still remain in the weekends).

    Man, I'll never drink again :(

  84. Twinhit


    In the past twenty years I've spent my money on about 17 old wrecks.... How about you?

  85. aj31313

    Brother i can name you a few

  86. Morakniv

    you said it mon....then they are ol doctors! lol Two of the best!

  87. Morakniv

    I heard that

  88. aj31313

    I'll spend my whole paycheck
    on some old wreck

    story of my life LOL

  89. drunk1984

    But they are more "Drunks" then they are ol doctors so I guess we better have another round.... Live it or die it.

  90. Chayce Steffiare

    Go George, and Willie!

  91. pantuca

    i LOVE this song!
    i don't like to hear country songs, but this is really the best country song 4-evre xDD

  92. C O

    it's what is always on my mind

  93. drunk1984

    Hell I gotta get drunk son I can't stay sober.... 10-4 10-4 classic.

  94. Steven Rollings

    i do gotta get drunk and call evey one hunnie

  95. Kayla James

    this is a krunk song!!!!!!!!

  96. Beezerjuice

    doesn't get much better than this.