Jones, George - I'd Rather Die Young Lyrics

I'd rather die young than grow old without you
So don't ever leave me whatever you do
Though others may tempt you and tell you they care
You'll find only sorrow in a secret affair
I'd rather die young than grow old all alone
Please tell me you love me let me call you my own
To see someone's picture where my picture hung
Believe me my darling I'd rather die young
Don't leave me never leave me please don't leave me never leave me
I'd rather die young than grow old all alone...

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Jones, George I'd Rather Die Young Comments
  1. Drema Cooper

    this song hits home for me. george knew about real life

    Moe Garrison


  2. Manny Badabing

    That sad voice and sad steel guitar are pure country. Pure badassery.

  3. Amina Amin

    He is my idle .. never get tired of hearing his songs .. i wish i met him .. god rest his soul

  4. Trey Stewart

    that's how it's done young bucks! learn from old George!

  5. Doug Vogel


  6. Raymond Arthur

    Great version of this song.
    Jones & Cash had great version of it.

  7. Karen Lindsay

    Great country. Song🎼 Thankyou for posting🎵

  8. Mark Everson

    When George sings it's pure country gold. I'm so happy that I have had the opportunity to meet and to be able to enjoy him as a person and as a entertainer

  9. Evan Auger

    George sounds like an Angell.

  10. Corey Lane

    For me George is an always will be the king he's my idle I can never get tired of hearing him the only man who can make me cry an be proud of it if there ever was a voice of an Angel he has it he's who I wanna hear when I go

    Andrew Blondell

    Corey Lane I agree 100%.

    Trey Stewart

    ol George does that to me too!

  11. Jordon Witthun

    this is the first time i hear this song and it's good.

  12. pat hayes

    hi tpage6 i am just lookin if you have george n tammy one titled , it sure was good , great song n its not on u tube here , tnx for all your great music on here , REAL COUNTRY

  13. primeprinefan

    let's not rest until all of george's albums are re-released and available to his many fans. what a great song. thanx for the upload.

    Trey Stewart

    I'm with you! I'm a big Jones fan!

  14. pat hayes

    my kinda song sad n slow i could play n listen to this kinda song all day n nite , n sometimes i do, tnx tpage6

  15. Katietoo

    @ConditionOfAnonymity You're so right, am rectifying my sometimes forgetful ways, have a good day!!