Jones, George - Girl At The End Of The Bar Lyrics

If you'd ever been drinking
I know that you'd seen her
At the end of the bar all alone
She knows what you're thinking
When you try to approach her
And anything you say might be wrong.

She's not there for company
She don't like to remember
She once let herself go too far
She's not there to complain
She just wants to remain
The girl at the end of the bar.

The girl at the end of the bar
Who once let herself go too far
Now carries love like a scar
The girl at the end of the bar

She had so many hard knocks
She don't play the jukebox
She's lived all those sad songs first hand
What's made her so bitter
And why love has quit her
Is because she has loved the wrong man.

The smile she's not wearing
Is the sign she's not caring
And the part of her permanence call
She's not there to complain
She just wants to remain
The girl at the end of the bar.

She's the girl at the end of the bar

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Jones, George Girl At The End Of The Bar Comments
  1. superchef78

    Something sounded atypical about George here. Had all his signature nuances and phrasing though!

  2. Mattew Nelson

    Only the Possum knows how you are feeling at the right time.

    butch hill

    Boy he sure does

  3. ruben king

    George jones is the best    love u George  R I P

  4. Teresa McClanahan

    Thanks for sharing, Loved it & George Jones! 😊

  5. Amina Amin

    Best country music ever

  6. aliyahhardy

    He could sing the phone book , and I’d love it

  7. William Hutcheson

    Damn, he was good, Thanks Tom.

  8. johnny mock

    this song to me is under rated,great song and story

  9. Karen Lindsay

    George Jones The Best❤️🎸

  10. Celestino Esquibel


  11. Kurtis Mair

    I'm 16 , and I absolutely hate these boy bands now a days , love ole George and can't go a day with out em ! we all miss ya hoss !

    Trey Stewart

    that we will! hoss!

    Vernon Johnson

    Young people like yourself are what will bring this back, I sing country western I refuse anything else. Look me up Vernon Lee Johnson.

  12. David Riddell

    totally shocked that this classic country/western song has had less than 16 thousand hits??? it,s a tradegy that most young people nowadays /think/ that it,s cool 2 be a fan of crap /10 a penny/ people like/ Justin beaver/ or/ no direction/ singers like George jones could blow all of these crap boybands right out of the water even when he was in his 60,s and 70,s. mystified GOOD MUSIC lover. dr k/wood Glasgow Scotland uk

  13. David Riddell

    my wee ma used to love country/western music when she took a wee drink, she does,nt drink now/ she,s 86 now with dementia, but I was just sitting wondering what song to play next and for some reason this classic just came in to my head/ so mammy this one,s for you hen, LOVE YOU/david.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Celestino Esquibel

    These old eyes have seen it all

  14. lwms135

    John Anderson cut this song at the start of his career. He killed it too!!!

  15. Jordon Witthun

    he got the best voice in country music. this song reminds me of all the barflys in wisconsin.

    butch hill

    U guys must have the same bar-flys as we do in Pa..--lol

  16. Jordon Witthun

    george is sing about a girl at the end of a bar or tavren.

  17. Jordon Witthun

    george sure can sing a good love song.

  18. conditionofanonymit1

    another great one, as always. is it even possible for George Jones to sing a bad song? don't think so either... COA ...


    love this

  20. Jamie Corstorphine

    @jusjones81 George has released almost 80 albums!

  21. jusjones81

    A george sonv I never heard!! Holy shit!! I think im gonna have to go on a hunt for all the stuff ive missed...i have 14 albumns and I knkw there is way more stuff I dont know and I love the possum like family!!!!