Jones, George - Burning Bridges Lyrics

Found some letters that you wrote me this mornin'
And they told of a love we once knew
Now they're gone, I burned them to ashes
Don't want nothin' to remind me of you.

Burning bridges behind me
It's to late to turn back now
Burning bridges behind me
All I want is to forget you somehow.

Sold the house we once planned together
I said goodbye to the friends we once knew
Then I moved to a faraway city
Trying hard to forget about you.

Burning bridges behind me
It's to late to turn back now
Burning bridges behind me
All I want is to forget you somehow.

All I want is to forget you somehow...

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Jones, George Burning Bridges Comments
  1. Rodney Wattson

    I sure do miss George Jones I grew up on hearing his music

  2. 44wetwater 44wetwater

    The rolls Royce sings !.

  3. Tina Beck

    Good song

  4. Jeff Smith

    Beautiful song

    the winner

    glad you enjoyed it Jeff. i appreciate your listening. -Brent

  5. Shelbie Baumann

    George why did he have to get old and die he was so special to me and others

  6. Jeff Lingelbach

    all I want to do is forget you somehow what a great song good and sad

  7. Betty Price

    think george was singing this for tammy

  8. Mary Spencer

    God I miss this country music music today sucks !!

  9. johnny mock

    takes me back,george is the best at that!

  10. CountryBoy Williams

    Porter Wagoner did this one too...George does a great job on it also.

  11. baron75mk2

    thats the finest sound , wisdom , been hearing it for 30 years & it still sounds new , some artists are more than singers , they are teachers , jones , never met him , but a life long freind nevertheless , these guys were not about money or fame , it was something deeper , something maybe they only knew

  12. Anne Marie Haugland

    great song ♥ have it on a 45 singel, by jack scott,(think it was) love Georges version ,,thanks winner :-))

    the winner

    that's cool Anne. I'll have to check out Jack Scott's version.

  13. dvdman49

    Great uploads Brent! thanks!

    the winner

    Glad you like em Pat!

  14. i5705b5705j5705j

    This is another great album from George. With a couple of exceptions, the album is full of sad, sad songs, including Writing On The Wall, A Place In The Country and this one. Now I've got to take the CD off the shelves and listen to it one more time. Thanks for reminding, Brent!!

    the winner

    Yeah, it's a great album!  Thanks for listening!

  15. john sandiford

    Great song by the Possum,thanks for sharing Brent

    the winner

    Thanks for listening John!

  16. Howell Osborne

    Another GREAT video as always! 
    Have a great weekend!

    the winner

    Glad you like it Howell!  Hope your weekend is a great one too!

  17. latokatn506

    Great Song Excellent Job on this Thanks It is Winner

    the winner

    yeah, this song is great!  thanks for listening LT!