Jones, George - Bartender's Blues Lyrics

Well, I'm just a bartender
And I don't like my work
But I don't mind the money at all
I've seen lots of sad faces
And lots of bad cases
Of folks with their backs to the wall

But I got four walls around me, to hold my life
To keep me from going astray
And a honky tonk angel, to hold me tight
To keep me from slipping away

Well I can light up your smokes
I can laugh at your jokes
I can watch you fall down on your knees
I can close down this bar
Oh and gas up my car
And I can pack up and mail in my keys

But I got four walls around me, to hold my life
To keep me from going astray
And a honky tonk angel, to hold me tight
To keep me from slipping away

Now the smoke fills the air
Of this honky tonk bar
And I'm thinkin' bout where I'd rather be
But I burned all my bridges
And I sunk all my ships
And I'm stranded at the edge of the sea

But I got four walls around me, to hold my life
To keep me from going astray
And a honky tonk angel, to hold me tight
To keep me from slipping away...

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Jones, George Bartender's Blues Comments
  1. Sir Miller

    Get it possum! 🙏 We miss you so very very very much but I guess if there is truly a God and Heaven well then his choir surly must be 100 percent complete with You, merle, and so many other greats singing good ole songs up there 👍

  2. judiekleng

    Never get tired of his singing..he kissed me on the cheek once upon a time.... I haven't washed my face

  3. alrivera

    I love his Blues style. Really love him.

  4. Denisee Bucher

    Great James Taylor tune, no one ever did it better. The whole sad “no show business” , man, when he showed, he rocked the house. And him and Tammy, holy hell, she was great too.

  5. Morgan Preston

    Shew, sing it George.. rest easy friend

  6. Richard Pope

    One of the greatest voices ever

  7. Mike Countryman

    That's about as good as it gets, folks. Gotta love George Jones.

  8. Kenneth Kiser

    Ol George could have saved himself a whole lot of hard living had he only asked Jesus Christ to come into his life.

  9. oldfool55

    Yup, just about perfect!!

  10. John D. Rockefeller

    Son of a bitch this man could SANG, he literally puts his whole body into it, but at the same time, it’s all so effortless. GOAT.

  11. James W

    So lovely. Thank you so much. I subscribed because of this.

  12. William Nelson

    My 50th time

  13. Doc Holiday

    The name of the album was "Bartender Blues"
    By George Jones in 1978
    "I am what I am" album was released in 1980

  14. Doc Holiday

    The name of the album was "I am what I am"
    By George Jones

  15. Timothy Seymour

    Does anyone know when this was recorded? And if it's availble on DVD?

    Doc Holiday

    The name of the album is
    "I am what I am" by George Jones

    Doc Holiday

    The name of this album was"I am what I am"
    By George Jones

  16. William Nelson

    that hippie long hair Taylor sure wrote one mean country tune. Love JT and this video is beyond classic,

  17. 10GALLEN81

    Ole Possum sure sounds good


    Sometimes we all need a little reminder of just how great the "GREAT ONES" really were ....thanks for posting this

  18. Tom Ireland

    The best of the best in country music.  By favorite since I first heard him 50 years ago.

  19. MrHillbilly49

    George also recorded (in my opinion) the greatest country music song of ALL TIME; "He stopped loving her today". If you do not have an urge to cry when listening to that song, you are not human.

  20. MrHillbilly49

    The "Possum" could REALLY deliver like no one else. I'm sure that J.T. is still grateful.

  21. superchef78

    That glissando on “mi-ind”! He had it down pat

  22. Joe

    george jones greatest hits helped me get evicted from my apartment

  23. Joe

    if drinkin dont kill me....

  24. Nicky L

    The story behind this song is that George Jones told James Taylor that he couldn't write a real country song ; Looks like JT proved him wrong

  25. alrivera

    Still one of my favorite Blues songs ever. Love his Blues Style. Love it.

  26. Kerrie Augustyn

    Wish there was more footage from this performance!

  27. The Bandit

    George fucken Jones 2018 who's with me

  28. Thetripletman60

    There's singers that think they can sing country. And then there's George Jones. The one and the only! RIP to the greatest voice of countrymusic.

  29. Blues Chick

    I used to yell at my brother for playing George Jones 2018 cannot get enough started with Take me Thank you Tales from the Tour Bus

  30. WildPhotoShooter

    The Greatest !

  31. Ben Velderman


  32. Jeff Collins

    39 hip Hopper's watched this

  33. Joe

    Should have 10million view

  34. 44wetwater 44wetwater

    Jones looks like shit here , but sounds like heaven !

  35. Bill Baker

    Iove this song

  36. Mojo M

    you know this is amazing just by the expressions on the band members

  37. alrivera

    I love his BLUES style. Love it.

  38. Francis Akana

    After hearing George Jones sing this song, would have never guessed James Taylor wrote it.

  39. Stephen Ables

    As far as poetry, and singing goes, rap: sewer rat. George jones, clydesdales

  40. Stephen Ables

    George Jones rules

  41. scott stines

    The 35 morons that disliked this are the reason our country is almost an embarrassment to the world,. Love Donald Trump, conservative gun owning country n Western man

  42. Derek Niemitalo

    The ppl that disliked this are fuckin dumb asses

  43. Joe

    Still searching for this song might be best live version. He's so good here and makes it look so easy. This is the only good thing about this internet age is being able to listen to this song anytime.

  44. alrivera

    One of my favorite Blues song.


    I hate to differ, but IMO when he met Tammy in the late 60's into the early 80's he was at his best. A lot of that had to do with Billy Sherrill, who convinced him to sing in a lower register which put his already awesome voice into a more smooth tone that no one else could touch.

  45. Stephen Ables

    You need about 15000 more listens to catch up to Stephen Ables and about 300,000 more to catch up to Frank Ables😉 but it's nice to know you love real music, I'll buy you a beer if I run into you at a bar. 3 if you play some jones, cash, horton, nelson, or williams.

  46. Albert Jackson

    Nobody can sing this song better than George.

  47. Glen Stolburg

    How it can make your heart break on every song is amazing

  48. eyoung2289

    No one Better EVER Lived!!

  49. Sal Guglielmino

    He breaks my heart every time he sings. Quite an accomplishment.

  50. Opie778

    Anybody know where I can find this full concert or know where it was at?

  51. Lena Andersson

    LOVE IT GREAAAAAAAT🎤🎸❤🌹🍃❤🌹🍃❤🌹🍃

  52. Travis Coonrod

    I think when George's hair started to turn grey and he started getting some lines in his face, that's when his voice entered it's prime!

  53. Sharon Powers

    my late husband use to sing all these songs, he sure loved George Jones

  54. N S

    Where can we get the full concert?

  55. johnny mock

    think about a rap song compared to this!!! it will make you laugh

  56. johnny mock

    george jones what can i say,ive already said it;george jones

  57. Remy Marietti

    This song was composed and written by James Taylor thinking of Georges Jones singing it

  58. Jamie St. John

    racehorse tobin bronze

  59. Stumpguy

    Some people come along that are so talented that even on a bad day will still blow your mind... he was really fortunate for all the good and bad however your opinion to be the greatest with ease and love that country music life on the road he was a legend among legends a true legend

  60. M H

    I wonder when those roto toms get used in this country gig

  61. Oleta Mcinteer

    George will never be dead! My hero. I love u Gorge Jones.

  62. Travis Coonrod

    I can never get over that voice! He made it look easy and he always looked like he was having a good time when he sang.

  63. Abraham Ruth

    lead guitar player looks a bit like Bruce Springsteen just sayin

  64. Abraham Ruth

    we have our own opinions but to me this is his best tune thank you james taylor

  65. Stumpguy

    He nailed it

  66. virgil von graben

    I wish George Jones was my dad

  67. Jonathan Gee

    GEORGE was the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amen George. I hope you are playing your music in the beautiful blue sky's.

  68. zebipbamboom

    Been on a George kick lately, not for the first time by a long shot. RIP brutha.

  69. Tony Wood

    Ol' No Show showed that night.

    Edna Carelock

    Yes, Tony. I don't think he got enough credit for the tremendous concerts he did perform. Sometimes he was on fire, never to be outdone.

  70. Travis Coonrod

    Best voice ever!

  71. belletollz

    oh gosh, So beautiful. perfection.

  72. johnny mock

    oh hell yeah,king of country

  73. angie c

    The last minute of that song shows how well his backup singers harmonize with him!

  74. Russell Makar

    As Waylon Jennings put it, if we could all sound like who we would like, we would all sound like George Jones

  75. Andrew Blondell

    the best there will ever be love you george RIP brother.

  76. Kathy Curry

    What a song James wrote and what a great version by George, Vince Gill has a sweet rendition as well.

  77. Mrskujellifeddy

    I am responsible for about 300 of these views

    Edd Brown

    Mrskujellifeddy im probably responsible at least 1000 of them every day. Since 2012

    scott stines

    Ill take credit for 200

    Clayton Ritchie


    Clayton Ritchie


    Jonathan Frieze

    Get in line my friend I need 4 speakers around me to keep from going o lord a stray

  78. David DeVillier

    drinking song right there

  79. jeff dubuque

    the gold standard of country and western music.

  80. David Hill

    the Cadillac of country music

    Braylon Maynard

    So old and slow?

  81. Choff C


  82. Matthew D

    If this is not confirmation that Jones was the greatest ever, nothing is.

  83. mark davis

    No one could pull your heart strings like Jones The day George died is the day the music died R.I.P. George Jones

    Douglas B.

    +mark davis
    Well said, very well said...

    Your Mama

    mark davis We still have a couple country outlaws left with us. Nobody could, can do it like the possum. God his voice is so smooth and like silk.

  84. Jim Gallagher

    Best country voice of all time


    +Jim Gallagher Amen.


    No argument about that.

  85. Murp h

    One of the great American Vocalists --- a treasure --- his work will live

  86. Joe

    he was the king in the seventies and the eighty's and then in the nineties he was kind of old news for a minute but I blasted him in the nineties and everybody hated me but I kept it turned up all the way you're the best George Jones

    Mike mcelhaney

    i did too

  87. Douglas B.

    Nobody can sing a country song like that man, he was the expert and always the best. RIP, George....

    Logan Spence

    Keith Whitley could


    Keith had his own style too

    Douglas B.

    OK, I'll check it out...


    Douglas B. But nothing matches the Possum

  88. Anonymous C

    Peyton Manning on steel guitar

    Jolene Martin

    looks more like drew breeze

    Malcolm Tudor

    I thought he looked kinda familiar.

    Killers Eddie

    Anonymous C Hahaha! Great catch.

  89. Nelson Lugo

    Haber, I appreciate your quite informed comment very much. Gracias Mahalo and Thanks.

  90. b geralds

    good ole stuff

  91. Brian C

    The band is awesome!

  92. Dewey Veer

    great mix and vocals tight as ever! excellent performance!!

  93. Colerain Fan

    Good stuff from the good old days.  Smart, poetic, and just the right amount of twang.

  94. Charles Crockett

    i miss ya George

  95. country571

    my friends ,,,Mr Jones …kiss ass and take names ,this is how Country music is thks mkm

  96. Robert Thole

    Good shit!

  97. Deanna Estrada

    Love this song!!!!

  98. Mark Stevens

    James Taylor wrote and recorded the song in 1977, with Linda Ronstadt doing background vocals..So whoever said George's version was a "cover" was correct...

  99. Nelson Lugo

    oh, yeah, forgot to say, I think Whitley did it better. o, wait - what?  Whitley's dead. 

    George Haber

    +Nelson Lugo Keith Whitley is truly of a kind...Ol' George is in the same category...As F.Scott Fitzgerald said about a pretty girl, "After a certain degree of prettiness, one pretty girl is as pretty as another."