Jones, George - A Picture From Life's Other Side Lyrics

In the world's mighty gall'ry of pictures
Hang the scenes that are painted from life,
There's pictures of love and of passion,
And there hangs a pictures of peace and of strife,
There hangs pictures of youth and of beauty'
Of old age and the blushing young bride.
They all hang on the wall, aw, but the saddest of all,
Are the picture from life's other side.

Yes, The picture from life's other side,
Someone has fell by the way;
A life has gone out with the tide
Aw, That may have been happy some day;
There a poor old mother at home
She's watching and waiting alone,
Just longing to hear from a loved one so dear,
It's just a picture from life's other side.

Now the first scene is that of a gambler
Who'd lost all of his money playin',
And then his draws his dead mother's ring from his finger
That she wore long ago on her wedding day.
Aw, it was his last earthly treasure, but he staked it
And then he bows his head that his shame he might hide,
Aw, but when they lifted his head, they found he was dead,
That's just a picture from life's other side.

Now the last scene is set down by the river,
Of a heart-broken mother and babe,
And as the harbor lights shine and they shiver,
On an outcast that no one will save;
And yet she was once a true woman,
She was somebody's darlin' and pride,
God help her, she leaps, for there's no one to weep,
It's just a picture from life's other side...

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Jones, George A Picture From Life's Other Side Comments
  1. TDK189

    It's sad that you can't find an original recording of Hank Williams Sr's version of this song on YouTube. There's a lot of covers but none of Hank Sr's recordings.

    the winner

    +TDK189 I reckon they've blocked some versions of this tune. I had a version posted by Hank Jr. And they blocked it from being posted. Weird they do that for certain songs.


    Yea, it is weird especially if they're blocking the original versions of those songs that they're blocking.

    Lois Moreau A version done by Hank.

  2. Anne Marie Haugland

    great song,,, sad and still so good ,,,done by many artists,,, george do it real good ☺ thanks for sharing brent ☺

    the winner

    +Anne Marie Haugland thanks for listening Anne

  3. bruce wouters

    you paid your tribute. to the true king of real country

  4. Richard Murdoch

    this song is sung now Hank would agree

  5. Steve Adkins

    Beautiful George singing his heroes song. Don't get much more prettier then this!!

  6. Matthew Palmer

    Didn't even know the Possum did this one. I like Hanks more, but this is great.

  7. Dicedude

    This is more Bradley Kincaid's song than Hank's.

  8. Celestino Esquibel


  9. Sammy Craigars

    *Smith's Sacred Singers

  10. Sammy Craigars

    Not a Hank original. The Sacred Singers wrote this #. Woody Guthrie covered it also...and maybe The Carters trio.


    george done an excellent job with hanks song !!!!! this song among a lot of hanks songs sure makes ya think

  12. Michael o' sullivan

    Beautiful thought provoking song.