Jonathan Butler - Trials Lyrics

Trials, situations, frustrations
They try to rob my patience, but I'm
I'm gonna make it, I'm gonna break it
'Cause I'm more than a conqueror

Standing on the edge of the cliff
I want to fly but my wings are clipped
To reach ahead for my destiny
But something's pulling me

I've got to try, got to find the way
I'm going to hear every word You say
Make it plain, make it clear to me
Reveal this mystery


I'm trying to do my best you know
I'm trying to go with the flow
Seems like I've been swimming upstream
But my strength is failing me

I'm going to wait, I'm going to stand my ground
I'm looking up even when I'm down
'Cause I know that You’re in control
So I keep on pressing on

[Chorus and out]

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