Jon Lajoie - Vaginal Hubris Lyrics

Yo, This song's dedicated to a very confident woman
That's right, this goes out to my sister in law, Jenny.

What? What?
She's proud of her pussy, her peach, her bearded clam is well groomed.
Thinks that she's the real deal, all other pussies are cartoons.
Her vagina is a church and her clit is the steeple, her vulva's one of Barbera Walters' most fascinating people.

She's got Vaginal Hubris, Vaginal Hubris
According to her vag all other pussies are useless.
Vaginal Hubris, Vaginal Hubris.
Her pussy confidence is unbreakable like Bruce Willis.

She said you're never gonna leave, I've got the best sausage wallet.
Other guys would kill to get inside this cock socket.
I said, You may be overconfident you see, cause there's a lot of fresh fish in this vaginal sea.
She said, My pussy is a 10 and your dick is a 3, you'll never find any better so you're never gonna leave.
I said, Guess what girl? I'm leaving, I want out of this.
Cause your way too confident and it's my hypothesis that you've got Vaginal Hubris, Vaginal Hubris

If her pussy made movies, it'd be Stanley Kubrick.
Vaginal Hubris, Vaginal Hubris.
She assumes that her Muffhammed Ali never loses.
Vaginal Hubris, Vaginal Hubris
If coochies were the News, She'd be Huey Lewis.
Put your hands in the air if you ever really get when you take off your underwear.
She may be overconfident, but maybe her pussy sings and dances like Fred Astaire.

Let's get on the highway, taking the car pool lane.

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Jon Lajoie Vaginal Hubris Comments
  1. Omar Gaytan

    This was amazing

  2. Anthony VonGeek

    I miss The League....

  3. Tommy Siro


  4. doublequarterpounderwithcheeseandextraonion

    This is funny but the show sucks major balls

  5. doublequarterpounderwithcheeseandextraonion

    The only funny thing to come from this horrid show

  6. Shimra Greenes

    Muff-hammed Ali lol

  7. khue2626

    Who is the girl in this video, isn't she in the adult Industry?,
    Btw she's incredibly beautiful.

  8. depa 1976

    lmao I LOVE the league! it's where I first heard this song.

  9. baby Joker

    I freaking love it you guys are just haters

  10. 4NHK0

    she's hot,i'll do her

  11. nite pipes

    Foggy Fresh is really good too, like this but for kids. ( no cussing and stuff) let the kiddy's check him out  his "Christmas" song is really good.

    nite pipes

    what do you mean fake?

  12. Lanet Brown

    I haven't seen Taco sing on the show in ages aside from commercials for Tacocorp.  Is he still supposed to be a musician?

    JMW 708

    He's to busy with the EBDB BnB. Lol

  13. Michael Ackland

    Taco 😂

  14. Candy Makowski

    haha wtfff!!  

  15. Blitz Ghost

    Lmaopmsl!! Sausage wallet! Lol

  16. GeneralZod99

    If coochies were the News, She'd be Huey Lewis.

    I want a new twat.  One that won't make me sick.  One that feels real tight.  And can take this 12 inch dick.

    I want a new twat.  Or maybe some real good head.  One that is not too dry.  Or with lips way too red.

    One that doesn't have an infection, wondering what it is.  One that craves a shot of my creamy jizz.  My exxxxxxxtra creamy jizz.

    I want a new twat.  One that won't queef.  One that don't cost too much.  Or look like old roast beef.

    I want a new twat.  One that won't go away.  One that keeps me hard all night.  And makes me cum all day.

    One that doesn't have an infection, wondering what it is.  One that craves a shot of my creamy jizz.  My exxxxxxxtra creamy jizz, baby.

  17. supervegeta101

    Wait, did he just imply Stanley Kubrick is overrated?!

    Bruce Wayne

    I think he just means what she thinks of her pussy, and is saying Stanley Kubrick=GOAT director

    Ben Taylor

    @Bruce Wayne I don't think I ever saw GOAT, but I really enjoyed 2001 so I'll have to check it out.


    @Ben Taylor  GOAT=Greatest OF All Time. Maybe you were being sarcastic, in which case never mind.

    Keelan Watlington

    I think what he's getting at is the fact that Kubrick is considered to be one of the most self-confident directors in the business.

    Alejandro Alonso

    Kubrick was great but he did have a great deal of hubris.

  18. daniel julin

    i just knew this would be a real song i love jon lajoie !!! :DDD

  19. Max Kellerman

    Currently watching this episode lol

  20. LGDXJawsdakiller

    Eminem - Rock Bottom

    joseph surant

    what are taking about that song has a a small guitar lick and the vibes effect on the keys

  21. GUNSRBETTER#7.62X54

    hes just so. gotdamn funny...

  22. Vegard Nyeng

    this somehow reminde me of the beat used on gayfish ... have to watch it now 

  23. Paul Hollowell

    the comedic value here is ridiculous !!! rap is funny, his actions are funny, the video omg i laughed for like 5 min! fuckin vaginal hubris!!!hahaha

  24. Yordan Mishev

    you suck!

  25. bob gunter

    pussy is a ten dick is a three

  26. Grysham

    Great, now I can't get rid of my erection. Thanks a lot :(

  27. Bal Sagoth

    The Lemon Party is the only party that genuinely looks out for its constituents.

  28. chopfire

    Hey factory black, i dedicate this to you. And its now ur ringtone.

  29. Jack G

    Her name is actually Jenny Goatse and she's a well known organizer for the Lemon Party.

  30. Zemmed14


  31. ABDStillLegit


  32. 707whiteboy1

    ohhh i agree sir

  33. monotonesarcasm

    Better than Lil Wayne.

  34. Ramie

    She assumes that her Muff-hammed Ali never loses. Fuckin' love it

  35. fclavijo

    Muffhamed Ali

  36. Alena Stepanova

    WHY did i google it!!!((((((((((((((((((

  37. Alena Stepanova

    you are evil.

  38. Macaully McHulkin

    If you don't get it, you should be watching his TV show The League.

  39. Pewdelia

    hes rapping this about his sister in law or something? LOL

  40. hanson666999

    LMAO Awesomely weird song XD

  41. hanson666999

    LMAO Awesomely weird song XD

  42. species

    holy shit shes hot! love the second video! thanx man

  43. myfriendseun

    are you really implying that kendrick lamar is not good?

  44. frankjohnson123

    I'd bring that pussy down to an 8.

  45. damezverot

    might also find her as: stoma. uses variety of names

  46. Johnny D

    Envy Adams, come on.

  47. TheNosfarratu

    It's *Au pair* and she is ok, but not as hot as Sophia nor Jenny.

  48. Johnny D

    And the o pear is the hottest.

  49. Shang Tsung

    But Sophia Ruxin is WAY hotter

  50. Milos R.

    I love how they are not nodding their heads at the same time at the end 1:35

  51. DMParker43

    Shit looks like rainbow trout

  52. dscribbz

    And Mark Duplass (the guy who plays Pete) plows that shit all the time.

  53. Shane Kalafut

    Sausage wallet, Cock socket hahahahah

  54. Matthew Raseri

    she is going to taste my penis hubris

  55. Karl Karlsson

    his beats are pretty good

  56. matt2battproductions

    thugs on bmx

  57. wantedwanted21

    name ?

  58. Alex H

    Vaginal Hubris.

  59. SohLoh

    MC Does'nt know what irony is?

  60. mcgeeSmith34

    "Sausage Wallet"??!?!?!? OMGLOL

  61. shane gallagher

    his cousin dude, im serious

  62. chef aaron

    try the veal, child

  63. RAMIN S

    freedomliberty21 lol

  64. AcuraCSXTypeSK20

    Where the fuck did he get that Bentley?

  65. CFO34

    is that kid, Taco's Eskimo brother?

  66. MetallicSon

    Lol sly guy

  67. junior Luna

    ill fuck that lol

  68. Adrian Muñoz

    Try the Veal

  69. Sean Young

    try the veal

  70. Vladimir Georgiev

    more clips here: rrt[dot]hit[dot]bg

  71. RamRocket

    and your dick is a 3 *holds up 4 fingers*

  72. TheCause41


  73. LoveJones1982

    Sausage wallet lmao

  74. shane gallagher

    his cousin

  75. Fluinpwnz

    0:50 and 1:02 white panties

  76. dominikkeul

    if you don't know the word hubris use fucking Google. It's not that hard

  77. Jonathan Hales

    To be honest, the girl that plays Jenny actually looks my school guidance counselor, Jamie French.

    |:0 SHE IS HER! D:

  78. TheAdiala

    Who's the chick?

  79. akeagleTL

    I'd like to take that pussy down a notch.

  80. keverc

    Taco is the man.

  81. Sexyomgguy

    he's actually a pretty good rapper.

  82. Archie Archie

    this epizode in the league is so funny,jon lajoie made that series awesome and funny as hell

  83. strupulf

    Thank god you're here, captain obvious!

  84. cloudparter

    Lost at muffhommed ali.

  85. KMAC

    I just dont get at all how their comment means theyre not intelligent enough to know what it means.

    A lot of things can sound different from what they are. Fear boner might sound like a condition to some, for example.

  86. srdzenda

    Who else came for the thumbnail?

  87. Bad Hair Man

    A THREE?! It's a FOUR, at least!!

  88. Dennis Dee

    25 free subscribers - bitly(dot)com/RmxqEp

  89. Clever Metaphor

    reading arguments backwards makes them more suspenseful.

  90. vogonsrock

    Hubris is a well known and used word in the uk

  91. Liuba Toma

    vagina,vagina,i wanna have sex with your vagina

  92. Barrie Evans

    "Muffahmed Ali"? Priceless.

  93. Japster Jizolm

    Youtube commenters are sub-literate? Nothing new there