Jon Lajoie - Please Use This Song Lyrics

[Hook 1:]
Please use this song in your commercial
Please use this song in your commercial
I need the money, so please use this to sell something
Please use this song in your commercial

A fast food franchise, office supplies
A brand new hair dye, a dating website
A suicide hotline, a new way to exercise
A preview for a movie that is coming out in July
A political campaign, a new video game
A medication that you didn't know you should be taking
Any product any service this is the right song
Your target audience will be singing and dancing along

[Hook 2:]
Please use this song in your commercial
Please use this song in your commercial
I need the exposure, my house is in foreclosure
So please use this song in your commercial

Oh to have a song in a national campaign
Millions would hear my song and they would say
"Have you seen that commercial?
You know the one about that thing?
The song playing in the background is really great!"

A credit card company, join the military
A new way to make yourself less hairy
Life insurance, medical insurance
Cat insurance, insurance insurance
Financial institution, the one that took my house
If you use this song maybe we can work something out
Any product any service this is the right song
Your target audience will be singing and dancing along

[Hook 1]

[Hook 3:]
Please use this song in your commercial [x2]
The music industry's dying, but consumerism is thriving
So please use this song in your commercial

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Jon Lajoie Please Use This Song Comments
  1. Armchair Quarterbacks APP

    This guy has hidden creative brilliance that is not nearly recognized as much as it should be.

  2. m4ssee

    Kinda sad how rock used to be all about anti-establishment and sticking it to the man but now all it's good for is selling shit on tv.

  3. Luis Santiago

    Fuck me this is still perfect.

  4. ANT06p

    Was this song actually used in something?

  5. Jich & Saria

    Imagine Dragons, *the song*

  6. Conner Huss

    The best part is that he gets his house back at the end

  7. Steven S

    Dude, your so talented. Coming from me, thats saying something because all I ever do is sh*t on people on youtube

  8. Brandon Schofield

    Well done sir

  9. Mr.Bankz

    Who is still listening to this song in 2020?


    The shooting at the end aged well...

  10. Archetypal Memes

    still waiting for prostitute hunter 5 to come out

  11. Ale

    Am I the only one who miss Show me your genitals?

  12. Pablo Sebascobar

    another one of jon's masterpiece.

  13. hailtz

    Wow, your voice is so good! I am impressed xD

  14. Pablo Sebascobar

    jon where are you
    we miss you:(

  15. Ethan Hebert

    Just realised this go to 1:02 then go to the first Amazon echo commercial

  16. Emre Memis

    If it was played in your commercial, I'd definitely buy it!

  17. Darrell Mackinnon

    Still got love for you, Jon. Make a comeback series.

  18. Bobcloney Productions

    I can’t even imagine how long this took.
    Firs you gotta hire a band for the background music, singers for backing vocals, a producer to mix the song, a camera and lighting crew, lets not forget about all of the actors, locations and sound stages, and wardrobe for the actors, just so much stuff I can’t even wrap my head around it. I know this is common for films and tv, but seeing where Jon started, it’s really cool to see. Big props to everyone, so proud of Jon, seeing how far he’s come, etc.

  19. Trurl

    The irony is, he released his song under a Creative Commons license. So they don't have to give him money if they want to use it in an ad.

  20. chattycathydoll

    This is the best Christmas song ever created.

  21. Kotoko !

    Where's Elon Musk?

  22. Viennery

    I miss when Jon was making fun YouTube content :(

  23. Hesher Wolf

    Lol this song would fit so perfectly in a Movistar ad

  24. Legend of Nibbaheem

    He looks like Sami Yusuf (an iranian singer)


    Play this at 1.25x speed and it sounds pretty awesome actually.

  26. Riotheoriginal

    This is amazingly brilliant!!! Love Jon Lajoie

  27. mohamed sabri

    Lol this man is genus

  28. Rameez Khamkar

    He just look like zaid ali

  29. Luan Espedito

    1:00 actually looks like Trevor in GTA V

  30. Martina Matějková

    Who is the insurance lady? I love her :)

  31. High quality Cancer

    It’s kinda sad.. it’s about a guy in band we’re a financial institution took the singers house and he’s forced to make a song to promote brands to get money for his house.. it gets more desperate towards the end with the drums and music getting crazier and switching up and him saying “maybe we could work something out” is him trying to get his home.. sad undertone that no one commented about

  32. madman86 86172

    The girl singing about cat insurance is kinda hot,or is it that just me? 😁

  33. Jonnyboyyy11

    That’s ford sponsor tho

  34. Hope .M

    This is brilliant

  35. Shaurya Rajput

    This dude is God Tier

  36. Ian Edelman

    still a masterpiece in 2019

  37. Randell Darcky

    A song with actual meaning. Your songs are quite enlightening.

  38. György Mohl

    The amount of work put into this video puts big companies to shame

  39. samvader3

    I miss him so badly

  40. Aaron Toft

    Amazing!! I want more!

  41. Ibrahim Musa channel

    Lmao this is hilarious and brilliant

  42. Daniel Nutter

    God has it been five years already?!

  43. Julio cesar Moncayo briones

    I'm still intrigued by what this man did in a moment "every day guy" Which I think is the best rap song in the world

  44. Cassandra Rose


  45. Sklo Invrs

    This can cure cancer.

  46. Carly Long

    Why does this song put me in my feels

  47. Nighbot


  48. Jason Mackintosh

    funny as

  49. Christopher Hall

    Last Jon Lajoie song. :(

  50. Justin Bright

    I played this video as a test at a breakout meeting for a major bank I was the tech for. An attendee asked me, "Is this a real song!?"

    No response.

  51. Amit Romano

    2:39 The Financial institution moto... genius

  52. TehMysteriousCrow

    Prostitute Hunter lowkey needs to be a real game.

  53. George Perakis

    Basically every Imagine Dragons song from the last couple of years.

  54. Sebastian Rożkiewicz

    Anyone knows how i can skip this commercials? Ad blocker doesnt work

  55. gravijiga

    It tries to be friendly and appeal to everyone and thus appeals to no one in the end. The fallacy of this kind of music

  56. wyrmy's weirdness

    I love this song. It's catchy

  57. Błażej Muszyński

    Who else thinks that the insurance girl is just the cutest?

  58. JTMusicbox

    Prostitute Hunter 5, starting MC Vagina. Why has this game not come out yet???

  59. Hugo Cornellier

    This is legitimately a really catchy song lol

    Hedgehog The Sonic

    Right !!!

  60. Johnny Aparicio

    How much for the song?

    MESS Art

    Two bowls of soup

  61. Flin Grin

    Zombie Chorus Guy is giving life another go

  62. jychilly

    Annoyingly catchy. No wonder they hired Jon to write "Catchy Song" for Lego Movie 2.

  63. Anonymous Gentleman

    fuck, take my money

  64. Vwc3r

    The Progressive lady is on point.

  65. goth9ever

    This song is so good it's almost, radio friendly

  66. war2theren

    Taco is a lyrical genius

  67. JTMusicbox

    This song is so amazing! It’s your best work! You’re a really great musician. I mean, you’re no MC Vagina, but really good. Let’s be honest. Not everyone can be THAT famous.

  68. Константин Кузнецов

    Также вже було в Тартак -- "100 процентный плагиат"

  69. Goth Pop TV

    _"Please use this song in your advertisement"_ would have been so much better than commerce show.


    We got a funny guy over here

  70. Goth Pop TV

    It's catchy, but why commerce show?

  71. Jill Talks Music! [she/her]

    Accurate summary of the entire Imagine Dragons discography

  72. Infamous 17

    Who watching in 2019

  73. Hayden Tenno

    The music industry is dying. It shows how good music was years ago. Now we just have shitty bogan songs

  74. kidspartan1111

    Is this on Spotify?

  75. Joseph Gott

    How was this 5 years ago?

  76. Keffas Corp

    This is a sad song? Im rigth?

  77. Dominik Pagórek

    2019 :D

  78. Fiend God

    "Hilarious Alcoholics" sounds like a good movie.

  79. Alexander Kray

    Looking for his new material, well this is new to me, and it sucks!
    Sorry Jon! Used to love your style, now you're wack bruv.
    Sincerely, Manchester Forever...

  80. TzanLee

    can i use it?

  81. Marwan Soudi

    This guys is brilliant all over....His songs are awesome in the most catchy way! man he's good!

  82. L Garagem

    Happy - Pharrel Williams. Every ad played this song!

  83. doombuggy123

    Omg. Is this really loud and painful and overproduced on purpose? IM YELLING IN MY HEAD OH JESUS

  84. Loo Sky Dragon

    One of the saddest fact about this channel is that video is almost last comedy one and for me is the best SO SO SO far,seriously is the one of most amazing music videos I have seen,hope one day see him making videos like this again.

  85. JoeYoshiFan

    1:00 MC Vagina The Game?

  86. broncojonnes

    I'm just a regular normal viewer mf

  87. Calvin Kleinkiller

    Yeah, this is how i heard about Coldplay.

  88. Dj B

    Nah its shit

  89. Manuel Valiente Cifuentes

    prostitute hunter 3 xD

    Manuel Valiente Cifuentes

    5 meaning

  90. Philly

    Accidentally uses show me you genitals in the commercial*

  91. Colt Taylor

    This dude is a legit musical genius and he was about 7 years before his time.

  92. Kayla Philpot

    All youtubers in 2019

  93. Technibility

    5 years later and just as amazing.

  94. himanshu upadhyay

    Song writers IQ:- "GODS LEVEL"

  95. Alex

    5 years old today

  96. Person_with_a_camera

    still one of the best videos on youtube, period. 
    Production quality out of this world!

  97. magical poop

    I kill people with guns how no idea but these were good times

  98. DarkSage1756

    i completely uninstall my adblock for this