Jon Lajoie - Nine To Five Lyrics

What's a nine to five office job?
That sounds exactly like what I want
Young man, that is one party
you may not be able to handle

Nine to five, nine to five
Monday to Friday live
Nine to five, nine to five
Cubicles and neon lights
Nine to five, nine to five
Stay till six, get overtime
Nine to five, nine to five
We motherfucking love our lives

Wake up in the morning at six
Breakfast with the wife and kids
Pack yourself a lunch, a ham sandwich
A juice box and carrot sticks
Cafeteria food is expensive
It may not fit into your budget
Hop on the bus, public transit
Or carpool for the environment
Leave early in case there is traffic
Bring a news paper or your favourite music
John Mayer, Tim McGraw and Styx
And Jon Bon Jovi's greatest hits

Get to work at eight fifty five
Five minutes early, so you have the time
To pour yourself a coffee and say 'Hi'
To your coworkers, "Good morning, guys!"
Talk about the shows that were on last night
Or a sports event, if you're a guy
The boss walks in and says
"Look at the time, everybody get to work, it is nine"

Nine to five, nine to five
Bathroom break at 11:05
Nine to five, nine to five
Quality chairs that support the spine
Nine to five, nine to five
External calls, make sure to press nine
Nine to five, nine to five
We motherfucking love our lives

Photo copiers, fax machines
And casual Fridays, you get to wear jeans (Yay!)
How crazy is that, wearing jeans to work
On the tenth of every month wear Hawaiian shirts
Hawaiian shirt day, Hawaiian shirt day
Who said an office job wasn't a part-e
Health insurance, paid sick days
Bring baked goods to work on Tuesdays
Jill's muffins are always a hit
"What's the recipe Jill?" "They're from Costco..."
"Still, good choice." "Yeah, good choice, they're nice and squishy."

Staplers, keyboards, calculations
Work-related conversations
"Hey, did you get my work-related email?"
"Yes, I got your work-related email."
"Your Tron screensaver's really rad."
"Thanks, I like your Star Wars mouse pad."
"It was a gift from my dentist on my 30th birthday."
Clock strikes five, it's the end of the work day
Home by six, in bed by ten
Wake up and do it all over again

Nine to five, nine to five
Why do I always feel like crying?
Nine to five, nine to five
This is not what I dreamt of as a child
Nine to five, nine to five
Everyday someone commits suicide
Nine to five, nine to five
We motherfucking hate our lives

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Jon Lajoie Nine To Five Comments
  1. besl lu

    Poor Hawaii people, for them hawaiian shirt day is just another day..:(

  2. besl lu

    is there audio of refrain beat somewhere?

  3. Mojwa

    Good song for such bad Monday like today....

  4. Wido

    On casual Fridays we get to wear jeans. How crazy is that; wearing jeans to work?

  5. Super Hans

    "this is not what I dreamt of as a child"

    so much gpoy

  6. Arminius Invictus

    My life in a nutshell

  7. jacasforever

    11pm to 7:30am are my hours it sucks

  8. euphoric

    This is must be recognized as the official anthem for the middle class.

  9. Bri Carol

    my life after i graduate college haha

  10. Hannah Alvestad

    We had Hawaiian shirt day on school. I was like: "HAWAIIAN SHIRT DAY! HAWAIIAN SHIRT DAY!"
    All day long, and noone understood what I was talking about.

  11. Shetland James

    Hawaiian shirt day! Hawaiian shirt day!

  12. BlackWyvernFS

    @ghaschel Hah

  13. breakdownification

    this song kicks ass

  14. Rij88

    6 to 5 -.- everyday -.-

  15. darren kong

    reminds me of the office

  16. TheStreetsVÉVÖ

    0:54 morning guys!

  17. Guilherme Haschel

    %dislike_number% persons did /NOT/ understood this joke.

  18. Thor Odinson

    9 to 6 u mad bro

  19. Yodeler

    trippy shit, would be one badass music video

  20. sweetncrazygurl

    y no video? i want a video!!!! lol
    awsome song btw

  21. Andrew BLALNALALA

    4 people by their lunches at work

  22. Jamie

    im doing work experience this week, now i understand what hes on about :')

  23. John F30

    he sounds like flo rida here

  24. aestheticpardox9

    @jackorelha1 just the american work day

  25. gjms

    Dude! wtf... the song's really catchy!

  26. ilikelittlepuppies

    god, it's sad song, really ;(

  27. couch

    I love how some of his awesomest songs are the ones with the least exposure.

  28. Roman

    Another good song by Mr Lajoie but seriously I think my job is much worst than a 9-5 :(

  29. L. H

    it just means that you work from 9 am to 5 o clock in the evening =)

  30. Jack Orelha

    what is a nin-to-five job
    I'm brasilian, so I don't know

    Guilherme Parreiras

    Um serviço de 9 da manhã até 5 da tarde.

    Espero que você ainda esteja vivo kkkkk

  31. omfgaragorn

    best tune ever

  32. JustAnotherYorkshireman

    what are the lyrics to this song, I've looked on the internet but noone else seems to know either!!
    some bits are too fast and I can't understand what he's saying!!

  33. Soda

    One of his best works. Unbelievable I haven't heard it until now.

  34. MrFreak0r

    lol i currently earn an equal of $3,92 per hour and i work from 8 to 5:30, on an study-related internship basis.
    a 9 to 5 would be extremely good. less hours, the shit begins later and you get paid more...
    pls dont complain about your miserable 9 to 5 life, think about all the poor people that don't even have food before you complain...
    cool song btw jon!

  35. Daubster

    That's actually a pretty sick beat.

  36. dorgrim

    @quantomintomentum Some jobs are fun. Mine is a blast, but its 9pm to 5am lol... id rather have 9am to 5pm

    someones got to be up for fires lol

  37. 398lori

    best song ever hillarious

    caftira food expensive haha

  38. Barackolli Obama

    @quantomintomentum yea its just as long as school but at different times

  39. ttocsisme

    Jon Lajoie should do some dubstep it would be 2x the ear rappage

  40. quantomintomentum

    this song is amazing. So sad that it's actually true for so many people. And yet somehow people tolerate a 9-5. I seriously don't think I can cope with a 9-5.

  41. Barackolli Obama

    Cant wait to get the album but i have to wait till christmas to get itunes cards

  42. nick sabatino


  43. Dj KOLEGA


  44. darkilustrisimus

    FIRST cool guy

  45. KEVRO

    20 by god 6ths.

  46. Kyraxcis

    Glad my friend showed me this. 8D

  47. Ville Anttinen

    fucking awesome, jon's still got it!!!

  48. a Nilfgaardian

    this is surprisingly catchy...

  49. Ryan Orlando

    Jon's lost it dude im sorry...

  50. Kurtis Van Loon

    c-c-c-combo breaker

  51. CyndiNoName


  52. LedZeppPF


  53. hidudes0


  54. TMWDBD