Jon Lajoie - Mel Gibson's Love Song Lyrics

My heart is on fire like a burning cross
Compared to you, others are at the back of the bus
You're as beautiful as a swastika
And baby, I want to tell ya

I love you as much as I hate other races
religions and sexual orientations
I love you as much as I love Jesus Christ
Who was brutally murdered by money-loving kikes

I love you
That's why I punched you in the face

I have something to ask, as I get down on one knee
Will you blame yourself if you get raped
You slutty pig in heat
Uh, sorry, that came out wrong
I meant will you be my wife
I wanna be with you for the rest of my
extremely racist and homophobic life

I love you as much as I hate other races
religions and sexual orientations
I love you as much as I love Jesus Christ
Who was brutally murdered by money-loving kikes

I love you
That's why I kicked you in the face

A pack of niggers couldn't keep me from you
I love you as much as I hate fags and jews
Together forever like hate and the human heart
Together forever like hate and the human heart

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Jon Lajoie Mel Gibson's Love Song Comments
  1. Señor CuddlesWorth

    This song got me laid

  2. Nathaniel Higgers

    I love Mel Gibson so much.

  3. Wignat Fedposter

    Anyone else unironically agree with the song?

  4. Knight Wing

    This song makes Mel Gibson seem more likable than he actually is.

  5. Jimmorrisoninparis

    This, but unironically

  6. Muffinfordinner

    Ballad of the Trump voter.

  7. HughJashole

    this is gold

  8. Emperor Chicken

    Gibson's new ice age!?

  9. Dr. Tiggy

    You know...
    Jesus of Nazareth did get in trouble with the local Jewish powerbrokers who were on the Roman payroll and preferred the status quo in Judea. Just sayin'.

  10. Matt Rodríguez Gancedo

    someone on the last day of 2018?

  11. Jönni Heinistö

    Im geniuinely jealous of your talent, this song is just too fucking awesome.

  12. Eathan garskey

    Why did they block out Neighbors?!?

  13. Carlos Magno

    Eta ca horoscope bom

  14. Ryan Brown

    I looove you.... That's why I punched you in the face.... Mc vagina is one of the greats if you can't enjoy it and laugh then don't listen lol I hope sir lajoie had an epic return to the tube of you...

  15. Jonathon Trejo

    Zelda Majora's Mask: Anti-Mel - PART 49 - Game Grumps brought me down memory lane again.

  16. Joshua Plunto

    Very funny......for a delusional libtard. Sometimes mislead ppl still have a hysterical sense of humor. I can respect and appreciate that.

  17. Dark 757

    did mel gibson ACTUALLY made this? or is this just a joke?

  18. J S

    This and his spoof of Macca are classics of the good old years of YouTube.

  19. Kimmo Laine

    Mel Gibson went on a sensitive mode. :')

  20. RotInPixels

    I'd smash

  21. Vasil Stanev

    I play this every time I want to re-assure myself that pouring time , energy and enormous talent into a piece of art can still produce a fucking pile of shit. Applies both to Jon and Mel.

  22. Kagan Roy


  23. HeadofIbis

    I'm a poor Jew. All the other Jews laugh at me at Jew conventions.

  24. gigglesvideo

    Mel Gibson is a good guy. This song is bs.

    not your damn business

    Mel Gibson is a good guy......and this song is awesome.

  25. MaxMeadows326

    its like a crash test dummies song.

  26. Gilbert Mendoza

    lmao too funny

  27. Riderman88

    FYI ...mel gibson is not racist and did nothing wrong .

    Grim Jim

    Just like hitler. Both cruelly misunderstood.

  28. Stone Rain Productions

    hilarious. don't take it seriously people, just having fun at Mel's expense

    Bob Sacamano

    Thank you for letting me know.

  29. Klmp13

    You love me that much? It's so hard to believe!
    I mean, seriously, I can't really believe it...
    Like, at all.

  30. FlyingPaladin

    Trump's theme song

    Kagan Roy

    Eh that's more mike pense. The Trump theme song would be one of the mc vagina videos.

    Dr. Tiggy

    @Kagan Roy lol I like the way you think. Dunno much about Pence, but you hit the nail on the head with Trump.


    @Kagan Roy rofl, yes

    Patricia Ilges

    The other Mc vagina videos are the theme songs for irresponsible Liberals who love vaginas even more than Trump does because they're banging so much that they always get pregnant having too many kids who taxpayers pay for, or they get too many abortions or leave too many innocent kids orphans. Then there's that playboy leader of theirs who got oral sex during his breaks while he was president. We certainly can't leave out all the Hollywood celebrities accused of sexual harassment and abuse, either. Saying it's a Trump theme song isn't just retarded, it's simply just more hypocritical bigotry again!!! LOL

  31. Salt diet

    do u have this in a ringtone

  32. Salt diet

    so basically he hates her

  33. Alexia Adder

    did Cartman write this? xD

  34. TheGroumpfy

    Does anyone know the chords ?

  35. David Schmitt

    god damn it Taco! I am done canceling my ebdb prime account!

  36. douk nouk kem

    there's literally nothing wrong in this song

    it's all true

  37. Jerome Grozen

    Atheists can't stand Gibson because he made an incredible movie about Christianity, which they have a burning hatred for (hypocritical assholes). Joli hates religious people (hypocritical asshole).

    Michael Heath

    +Jerome Grozen The Passion was way too over the top especially everything right up to the crucifixion.  Dude I seriously doubt a fucking Navy Seal could take a beating like that and carry his own cross to his death without passing out and or dying from blood loss.  And the reason he gets made fun of is because he's a complete dickhead, not because of The Passion.  Seriously if South Park has taken a couple shots at you, there's no way you're not a dickhead.

    Dylan Greene

    +Michael Heath You're kind of forgetting the part about him being a god, performing miracles and some such. It's a lame-ass god that can't take a good beating.

    Michael Heath

    While your Avatar is one of the greatest I've ever seen, that show was incredible...  I'm confused on your response.  Even if Jesus was the son of God in the flesh, I doubt that's anywhere close to how the torture went down like they portrayed in the movie.  He would have been dead before being nailed to the cross.

    Dylan Greene

    @Michael Heath This jesus person is a pretty terrible god, how can an omnipotent being be even hurt by human means?

    Michael Heath

    Well he wasn't an omnipotent being he was the son of God in human form.  But I guess so was Hercules so what excuse did Jesus have for not kicking some ass?

  38. Trevor Vizinski maina

    someone tab me this song please

  39. Sanguine420

    USUK! I alone am best! Nah, I fucking love you, man...

  40. Thugger21

    Some of the shit Jon thinks of is insane especially this

  41. Kurosaji

    TRUMP 2016

  42. Richard Szeidermann

    Happy 60th birthday Mad Mel Gibson Wallace!

    Salt diet

    I don't get it

  43. Joe Larson



    Führeriously funny

    Rob Watzmann

    You came to the Reich place 😂

    Sam-pson Smith

    want some juice?

    killa -wolfegang

    how did u get that name?

  44. not your damn business

    mel"the jewsalyer" gibson.
    best man ever.
    ohhh my god he is so handsome.

  45. Bren sYd

    I don't often find myself laughing at Jon Lajoie songs... but I do sing and recite them for like 4 months after ive heard them and I admire his ability and humour

  46. 黒月

    I have never heard a more beautiful ballad. Truly heartwarming.

  47. djole94hns

    If /pol/ had a wife: the song

    Kagan Roy

    ahaha its funny because its true

  48. Jeremy Segal

    not very subtle...

    Stephen Slack

    +Jeremy Segal

    Jeremy Segal

    @goldenstalionMCOM What an uncivilized thing to say.

  49. yourmother

    Is it weird that this song describes my life?

    Julian T.

    It _is_ a little weird for a woman to say "I love you as much as I hate X", yes. I hope you don't say that to your kid.

    But everybody's a little weird; it's normal people we should be wary of.

    Julian T.

    @Scarlet Lane
    How come I see you on every second comment section in this site? Do you live in Youtube or something?

    Julian T.

    I know.

    Scarlet Lane

    @Tim Clarkson Pretty much

  50. FridayTeardrop

    that is really true love ... i tell my wife all the time i love her this much like general Custer hated the natives but for some reason as a cherokee she doesnt understand it and instead tried to kill me several times for that remark ...


    +FridayTeardrop Youre lucky .My wife keeps throwing piranas in my bathtub.But i love the way she poisons my coffee just a little each day.


    @yellow6100 lol who says that she doesnt do kindo the same? lol before we met she was married to another guy who was an ass so she put x-lax into his beer regulary and he wondered why he got the shits rofl

  51. Ma Serus

    tego nie da się słuchać

  52. SuperSaiyan Ganga

    this truly touched my soul. it was played at my wedding

  53. jonah r.


  54. theamazingfartpants

    Mel Gibson is the biggest twat on Earth.

  55. Lj Arencibia

    I'm actually a Mel Gibson fan but this is some funny shit


    Did he ever said he doesnt like him ? Maybe he just wanted to make a funny song too.

  56. Math Dusk

    such a beautiful song

  57. Misty Bunton

    I like that

    Julian T.

    All women love a man like that... when they're alone... at night... in bed.

  58. noyoudontknowmeand

    I cried, beautiful. 

  59. PaulMykol

    Mel was such a hunk back in the day. his true colors came out. My question is why the fuck does Jodie Foster still stick by this POS?


    Uhm, cause he's awesome?


    @Red Crow I revert to Jon Lajoie's vid. he says it all.

  60. Euphemism

    "Together forever like hate and the human heart."  That is so accurate it makes me depressed.

  61. Jason Todd

    I want someone to sing this at their school talent show.

  62. Stephen schmidt

    Can we all get off our high horse and just appreciate humor? 

    Seriously, all you religious zealots and all you haters of religion as well, just atop trying to over-analyze and let your hair down and laugh a little bit, OK?


    The Fractured But Whole

    @Stephen schmidt Have you seriously never heard that saying, once is chance, twice is a coincidence, the third time is a pattern, it isn't my fault you fucking took it literally and are too stupid to see it for the metaphor it is.

    and don't act like Christians are somehow better people they only do that sort of thing because of their religion, there are just as many Atheists/Agnostics who do good (and bad) because they want to not because a book said they have too . . . in fact a person who isn't religious and that helps people in need in my opinion is a much better person than a person who does it because their religion dictates they should, religion (especially Christianity) is slowly dying out because people are beginning to realise that you don't need a God to be a good person . . . people that argue against this are just afraid that without religion binding them everyone (including themselves) would see what a terrible person they really are


    This is as ironic as people that yells out EVERYBODY CALM THE FUCK DOWN!


    Christianity in its very fundametal its unversalistic and individualistic, so it's stand in exact oposition to any form of tribalism like racism.

    Patricia Ilges

    @The Fractured But Whole, you're amazingly too ignorant to see how stupid YOU actually are!! Stephen Schmidt didn't act like Christians are somehow better people and he never said anything of the sort. YOU are the one acting like you're better than Christians are.

    It's asinine thinking ALL religious people, Christians in particular, only do good because the Bible says so. Normal people are well aware that there are good AND bad in ALL religions, beliefs, non-believers, races, cultures, countries, salaries, political parties, etc., but that completely leaves you out!!

    I know atheists, non-Christians, other non-religious people, and non-whites who are racist and homophobic, too, and I think YOU are the biggest hypocritical piece of garbage ever!!

    You haven't realized that you don't need a God to be a good person, which makes you not only the biggest bigot ever, but the biggest idiot ever, too. I'm never amazed, though, by the sarcasm and rudeness of anti-religious and anti-God trolls.

    If you ever stop YOUR hating, perhaps then you can talk about who good people and bad people are, but not until then because as of now, you have absolutely no idea whatsoever what the difference is.

  63. BigDog91527

    i luuuv you... that's why i punched you in the face

  64. pistoleta _

    Im not from usa so i dont know really why he uses Mel Gibson for the joke...  I just know hes an actor and he made some movies, but nothing else, can somebody explain? thanks ^^

    Scarlet Lane

    +pistoleta _ He is a racist piece of shit

    pistoleta _

    but how does ppl know that? i mean, what has he done or said ?

    Vered Leffler

    you have google my love....

  65. Tyler Potts

    This song is therapeutic. Whenever I have to deal with politically correct and/or emotional bullshit, I turn to this song to calm my nerves, to remind me that freedom of speech is still embraced somewhere. Thank you Jon for not giving a fuck.

  66. J. Faust

    I love you. That's why I punched you in the face.

    totally not a flower

    i just saw the same video

  67. Destructor429

    Wicked Funny But I still think Mel Rocks! 

    Vital Signs Critical

    It's becuase if you was in his shoes you would have done the same thing.

  68. Nekminnutguy

    This is the most beautiful thing I have heard, I am actually crying from the beauty of this song

  69. The Nikkerman

    this is definitely a song based on funny shock value

    The Nikkerman

    not who its about but what he say's.

    Tyler Potts

    Well, maybe if you are new to Jon Lajoie's stuff then it may seem shocking, but for those of us who are familiar with his stuff, it is typical Jon, and we love it.

    Patricia Ilges

    @Tyler Potts, my son loves Jon Lajoie and the first video of his I saw was the "Genitalia", and I don't think I've laughed so hard lol. This guy is absolutely hilarious 😂 lol!!

  70. tommyguncrazy

    How lovely

  71. Martin Payer

    So much lol.

  72. Kayspaify

    He might be a racist but he was right about the Jews.
    Fucking NWO.

    The Nikkerman

    Glen beck-Christian, Bernie Maddof-Christian, Rush Limbaugh-Cristian. Point is, they all were Christian and all con artists. Heck think of how Manny con artists their are WORKING for the church. preachers making money on bull shit schemes and using god as an excuse.btw nice profile pic.

    Cam Smith

    @Nicholas Blackman Madoff is as Jewish as he could possibly be. He and his wife were caught on CIA wiretaps actually blaming "the gentiles" for their plight in the end. What's Christian about him?


    @Nicholas Blackman Glen Beck's not Christian he's a Mormon, which is a religion that deviates greatly from the bible. And I don't know of any "church" they all could be working for with all the denominations.

  73. WP14 net

    The picture with Mel smiling is just perfect with this song.


    P.S. Jon, do you have a version without the editing "Pack of [bleep]"?


    I'm pretty  sure it's impossible to make an unedited version because the, "bleep" is hate speech so i don't think Youtube would keep it up.


    It's part of the joke.

  74. Marko Lovrenc

    lol ivana čao :)))))

  75. Georges IV

    this is the very opposite of lol,

    Sarah Wright

    Would that be olo, or just lol again?


    @Billy Wright crying in silence


    @mrkiky in a good way?

  76. Marek Marc

    You're as beautiful as a swastika... that's the sweetest thing I've ever heard


    Swastika is the oldest known cross symbol (found in paleolithic caves) and is worshipped by multiple cultures around the world as a symbol of sun, life and luck. This is actually why nazis used it to begin with - they wanted it to bring luck to them. so yes, swastika IS a beautiful symbol.

  77. obscure741

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  78. xgent3

    That's why it's funny. you don't expect the bleep; it's so random

  79. connerspencern

    This song actually has a very lovely melody, that's the sad part.

  80. rujan maharjan

    I looked at most of the responses but I believe that it's a decent vid. My younger brother just would like to become exceptional with women. He figured out a lot from Master Attraction. (Google it.) The tips for attracting girls from nightclubs in those emails from that website got got him his first sexual encounters in around 2 long years. I was really pissed though due to the fact I heard them all.

  81. Blackyonbi Kage

    They are made by mars people

  82. Gray

    And the others aren't because...?

  83. Brian Policoff

    One of the best things Ive ever put in my ears.

  84. wellthatisgr8

    John rules

  85. w2gMk

    So you say, that other racist words don't offend others?

  86. TheArgonianbeast

    i think it's because it was blocked out in the article.

  87. Wade Wright

    what song is this themed after?

  88. Kathie Roussel

    Well! Well! Well!

  89. alexwmartins

    this song is so beatiful that i want kick that cocking sucking bitch wife.... wait i didn't meant i wanna love her forever

  90. I shot Santa

    This is just great!Love it!Fuck Mel Gibson!

  91. The Green Knight

    Man made word is the most important thing to our existence as a species. The only reason we got to where we are today is because of our ability to make words and put meaning behind those words to create a language, allowing us to communicate, collaborate and grow together as human beings. Every great achievement in human history could not have been made possibly without man made word, so don't shrug it off as something without meaning.

  92. Palette Of Dreams

    I hope you realize this is tongue in cheek... xD

  93. Himawanta budiwanto

    That was good information. I stumbled upon this coz my best mate came to be a lady-magnet He started getting women magically. I found myself amazed. He acted like it was normal for a while. He then explained it to me while he was wasted. He said he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you wish to know about it... He is on a date now with a stunning girl...

  94. JASIFC

    strangely touching...

  95. edojh96

    i just want to be part of this chain of comments :)

  96. Drake Vest

    Yes, they pretty much travel in flocks from the ghost men with pointy hats