Jon Lajoie - Chatroulette Song Lyrics

I thought maybe I'd find a friend
Or maybe I'd meet a girl
Have a great conversation with a stranger
On the other side of the world

Or maybe learn something new
About a culture or a place
Connect with another human being
But every time I press new game

All I see is
Guys jerking off
Guys jerking off
Just penises and cocks
And guys jerking them off

Hold on
This guy's not jerking off
Maybe he's like me
And he just wants to talk
Hi, how are you?

"Nope, there he goes
Uh, dude, that is a lot of cum"

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Jon Lajoie Chatroulette Song Comments
  1. Smit Doing stuff.

    still true.

  2. Subr Subrr

    This is what happens when you keep asking people to show you their genitals.

  3. Joachim Janke

    play that song in a loop, open chatroulette, sit back and enjoy :D

  4. Adam Kahane


  5. 80s And Stuff

    Underrated. This might be Jon Lajoie's best

  6. Eric Bittner

    I was super young when this came out and I really didn't know humor. But this is still halrious

  7. Evvie Walton

    I just luv Jon lajories music

  8. Subr Subrr

    I wonder if he ever ran across Steve Kardynal

  9. regularguy8888

    This song applies to what actually became my life when I otherwise thought it would be a philosophical adventure

  10. Wido

    Dude! That is a lot of cum!

  11. jyrzah

    The feel when Jon Lajoie uploaded a new video....

  12. Andrew Garfield

    I can't masturbate with this...

  13. Burak Osmancık


  14. Macent

    It's been YEARS since I've watched these videos and I still remember some of the words XD

  15. Jasmy G

    5 years later, still true *sigh*

  16. ArmanGhotra

    Ah yes, this is a radio friendly song.

  17. Silenced9 Trujillo

    dammit i immediately went on chat roullet and it was just people wanting to talk

  18. Jordan Comfort

    two years work....

  19. waccotaco

    Over 5 years old and still fucking stupid yet hilarious. Canadians.

  20. Birk Dietrich

    Jizz in my pants

  21. helgah89

    you were much...penises... :D


    @helgah89 the smiley face, you liked it you perv


    I C U R happy about it ;)

    Julian T.

    +ZebasG -- Of course she would, she's a girl. It's like you liking a nice pair of tits.


    +Tyler C. Ew lol no girls don't like seeing random hairy 40 year old men jerking off on the Internet. She probably put that face because she thought it was funny

    Julian T.

    @Felicia Pretty sure most of them weren't hairy 40-year-olds. And a stiff dick is a stiff dick.

  22. Tara Spencer

    I'm going to marry him

    Julian T.

    He's seen too many dicks. He's damaged goods.

  23. VCVerse

    Anyone else notice that his background differs? His computer shows a counter and something else, yet outside it, is a plain white wall.

  24. SkyExplosion

    My girlfriend said she tried chatroulette before and this is exactly what happened haha. It's not all guys jerking off but it does happen sometimes.

  25. CuckoldNolifer666



    +homersimpsonovich Cockrulette*

    niyaz ahamed


  26. PensGspFan

    It's funny because its true !! Lol

  27. Shroctopus

    where the fuck has jon been? he hasnt made anything in ages

    Jelco Burger

    He has been working as an actor in shows like "The League", you should check it out :]

    Thiago Neves

    @franzlimit I don't give a fuck

    Azrael AoD

    yea check the league its REALLY funny and they feature some of his songs on the show

    Julian T.

    Have you checked this channel lately?

  28. Hoshimaru57

    I went on exactly once, after hearing this song with my friend.
    We actually found 2 cute German girls and had a conversation with them and sang and danced. They got bored though. I guess not enough dicks. A shame.

    Julian T.

    You shoulda whipped it, bro. You shoulda whipped it out...

  29. KurotresinaAnka

    If theres face recognizing softwares why theres no for cocks too? 


    I want this played at my funeral


    +FLUFFYBUNNIEZ Cause you saw a lot of guys jerking off during your lifetime?



    Nils Scholz

    @Daky1001 hahahahahha :D

  31. Dan Hazing

    this is how i feel every time i go on omegle lol


    +Dan Hazing haha same here

  32. The Metal Goddess

    cool jack in the box.mad at me then un friend me.

  33. no youtube name

    813 people are dirty chatroulette jerkers

  34. CaptainShadowGaming

    true story about chatroulete same shit happens on omegle to

  35. Luuk Janssens

    show me your genitals

  36. kulerage

    I went one once when I was like 11. Never went on again.

    GNU Bernie Sanders 2028 Elite GNU Emacs User

    he's obviously past age 11 now why is this liked so much


    @GNU Bernie Sanders 2028 Elite GNU Emacs User who knows

    GNU Bernie Sanders 2028 Elite GNU Emacs User

    @kulerage HMMMMMMMMMMMM

  37. Derek Heiberger

    Is chatroulette really this bad?

    Джамиль Ахундов

    Never been to Chatroulette but I used other video service and let's just say there were penises...

    Andy Bumstead

    Nearly that bad. Sometimes me and my friend would get on and the first person we would get matched with was beating off

  38. Keel

    Such a tearjerking song );

  39. pistoleta _

    i ended up placing my hand on the screen and just take it out if there was not somebody jerking, after  a while i abandoned that sick place.... this song is completely real.

  40. A Better Me

    I can't even.. This is my LIFE.

  41. Austin Reed

    omg so true im dying

  42. Chris Hudson

    what would the genre of this be? I'm serious. The piano sounds really good and i want to find songs that are similar to the lyrics.(minus the jerking off part). I'm doing a terrible job of explaining this.

    Knowledge Wanderer

    Ballad ?

    Kenny James

    If you want comedy with this piano sound then Bo Burnham is your guy.


    It's a power ballad. That's not narrowing it down much, but the power ballad style is defined by the song having a gentle style with a strong message, and building up to an emotional climax.

    Chris Hudson

    great answer

  43. Castle

    hii how are yOUU UUUUUUU

  44. Lady J

    omg im subing just because my last name is lajoie

    Lady J

    no im no my moms account im making my own though but my name is Jamie LaJoie


    sorry that last guy was me


    @TheCoolKidzOTB oh


    @TheCoolKidzOTB >>>i know

  46. KVX Faye

    Chatrullete and Omegle

    Julian T.

    What nationality had the best dicks, Kathryn?

    KVX Faye

    +Tim Clarkson what

    Julian T.

    You completely forgot what the video was about, haven't you?

  47. Allvater Wōđanaz

    hahaha lol

  48. Александр Слепцов

    That was in South Park. IDK, who was first


    Which episode? :D

  49. UnityProGames

    so right ....

  50. Toothpick91

    Are you and Spencer Rice related ?

  51. LoreleiMission

    Oddly I did have a few interesting conversations with people on the other side of the world.  But also saw a lot of fappers.  lol

  52. Unique Sell

    This video..... 

  53. Trang Trần

    His eyes are so captivating

  54. EliTroyer

    Megaupload was illegal, as much as I loved it. It had to be taken down.

  55. Deepesh Thapa

    I want to discover ways to have more sex. My good friend has started going out with a 10 basically because 60 days ago he signed up to a site called Master Attraction (Google it if you desire to learn how.) I’m so jealous since I would like to fall madly in love too. I’m gonna look into this Jake Ayres man’s emails and discover if it might help someone like me. Strange point is, my friend once had Zero joy with girls. How can you change that quickly? His girl’s a fucking model!

  56. Mayco de Souza

    He discribed my Chatroulette experience :/

  57. Eay5paev

    Lol this video is so spot on!!!

  58. Pedro Lopez

    for real.

  59. Lionel Landry

    Life changed

  60. JazevoAudiosurf

    guyyys jerking ooooooffffff

  61. Ms Trololol

    So beautiful, I'm crying :') ♥

  62. cadavericmaggot


  63. Mary Jane

    lol jon lajoie looks exactly like my dad minus the grey hair

  64. Destiny Mitchell

    Lol so true xD

  65. alexwmartins

    beatiful song.. oh wait... it's not.

  66. Matt Guinn

    dang that guy cam fast

  67. Metalnerm

    Funny guy, normally they take out their dicks in front of pretty women :D But I´m really happy for you :)

  68. EnigmaticMindofLirio

    I don't know whether to feel impressed or sorry for you.

  69. Max Power

    I could easily beat that

  70. adka datka

    I got banned because i was singing show me your genitals...

  71. Amanda Cooper

    XD Omygoodeness. Lol, I guess I got really lucky then...cause I met a guy, made a friend, he just wanted to talk, he lives on the other side of the world and we learned things about each others culture :p ..poor jonlajoie...

  72. Christopher Ortiz

    That guy probably listened to 'Too Fast' and thought it was a challenge.

  73. Daniel Ogden

    im on your side, he should know how to spell.

  74. Vince Kisbakonyi

    what the fuck dude o.o

  75. Charlie fonnesbæk

    I know that, but he's being a total dick about it and I didn't even mean anything by it, I just thought I was being nice... and it's pretty weird to be that aggressive because of something I wrote half a year ago

  76. CelticJ

    It was clearly not on purpose though...if he knows how to spell "knew" I'm pretty sure he knows how to spell "now"...

  77. Charlie fonnesbæk

    i'm not a grammar nazi, but if you use a completly different word I feel obligated as your fellow man to correct you so you don't get misunderstood by someone another time

  78. gougou354

    nice job grammar nazi, now fuck off

  79. godalful

    I wrote a bassline for this. I'm kind of ashamed of myself.

  80. Messy hair Matt

    be sure to check out my channel

  81. ClackJam

    challenge accepted

  82. Austin Pierre


    in other words: oh.. sorry

  83. Alex Hess

    The end sounds like the song Fear Boner from The League

  84. Nhu82SJH

    True that

  85. Okkane14

    Hahahah this is fucking epic, there are some good people there tho

  86. Joe Roberts

    Nah I was joking

  87. Austin Pierre

    Jon Lajoie made a song that had those words in it.

  88. Austin Pierre

    And, let me guess, you're a girl too? Or you're gay.

  89. iamdooingyermom

    I remember one time on chat-roulette a guy also with a mask but a mask full of colors and he was screaming and doing some big movements with his arms and he was looking in the air or top left and right of his room like if he didn't notice me. Was funny!!!

  90. Slunkboyz3001

    I remember one time on chatroulette, I met a guy wearing a gorilla mask playing a guitar, i started tapping on my desk with him & we made a little song.

  91. alexwmartins

    this song is beatiful(after seeing chatroulette site) forget is not

  92. Joe Roberts

    I'd rather see penises and cocks and guys jerking them off

  93. sriten joshi

    lady-magnet - and he's fat He went from a no-one into being amazing. He acted like it was natural for quite a while. He ultimately admitted it two days ago. Turns out he makes use of the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you wish to know about it... He's seeing a sexy chick...