Johnston, Daniel - True Grief Lyrics

Once upon a stage
And he been a phrase
The public has come to see
The sa-adest singer

And he's playing, playing the song
And it's a classic
And his fingers, fingers are bleeding
And his heart is aching out loud

And the people are clapping and clapping and clapping
And the song he is playing just goes on and on and on
And it seems like it will never stop
Then everybody gets up and does a hop - yeah

Then the entertainer
Chained to the piano
Gives a nervous grin
To the massive crowd

He says here's one about
The day I really broke my heart
And he sheds a tear, the audience applauds
Everyone shouting - he's so sincere
I can't believe he's here

The he does his famous
Song of sorrow and his melody of pain
And he bows
And the curtain falls

And the white in his eyes
Is reflecting light from the ceiling
As he prays alone a silent prayer
To his lover whom he lost
Whom he sings about
Whom he thinks about all the time
He sits for a little bit
And then he writes another hit - ohohoh

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Johnston, Daniel True Grief Comments
  1. Lyle Ugleman

    the improv bit staring at about 3:00 is incredible

  2. psy

    It's absurd the lack of views his music gets, I'll never understand :/