Johnston, Daniel - Spook Lyrics

Well, a message to all you hicks out there
Every time you stop and stare
At things you don't really understand
And you think you own your own land
You might

But there ain't nothing else nowhere
There's never been a thing anyplace
There isn't any face you've never seen
There isn't any dream that you know

'Cause you don't know much
An you never been any place much
'Cept for your own

I'm some else from nowhere
I come to your house to scare
I'm gonna tell you now, right now
You've nothing more to fear but fear

Love is alive
Love ain't no jive
God is alive
Love ain't no jive
No jive

So you better listen up in here
You better think about your darling dear
You better think about the good
And you better do right
Or I'll fight cha all night
I'm a spook that cha don't really like

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Johnston, Daniel Spook Comments
  1. Len Numia

    i dont kill nobody in video games if the runaway right

  2. Len Numia

    Its back the text