Johnston, Daniel - I Had A Dream Lyrics

I had a dream about you
You were the queen of quite a few
And I was there, but you didn't care
I didn't matter somehow

The band played and you sang a tune
And the stars fell down from the moon
And you smiled a smile that parted the sea
But you didn't notice me

Your eyes filled up the sky and they were blue
And you had a weird monkey there with you too
And you danced a jig and tipped his hat
And you turned around with a grin so fat
And he was me

There were lights and fireworks and cannons going off in your honor
And I was worried
But a man said "Don't worry, nothing can harm her"
And I grabbed the microphone and I stood all alone
And I looked up at you, and you looked down at me
And then you said "Off with his head"

I had a dream about you

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