Johnston, Daniel - History Of Our Love (Broken) Lyrics

She was apart from me
I found another girl for a while
It didn't work out
I was just a loser, poor loser

Love, it let me down
Like a nightmare, you weren't around
Love, there was none
Probably somewhere else
There was no fun

No one was there
I thought, "What's the use?"
Till I found out I'd lost her again
And so soon

Love, it disappointed me
I thought it was true
But it was taken from
Love, oh can't you see
Someone lied to me
And how I suffered

If there's any justice
Let it be forever
Some fear that justice could be never
But it's ever

Love, it kept me going
To make it through with my broken life
Love, I had a chance
But it was gone before I knew it

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