Johnston, Daniel - Folly Lyrics

Those good natured artists never gave a hint of pain and suffering
I guess it had a lot to do with a good upbringing
Ring the bell and the dog comes to supper
Radio blasts as we all share the same feeling

Tomorrow's gonna come
Does your light shine bright on entertainment tonight?
As the cows stand in line waiting to be a burger
Oh, how they suffer

Every birthday cake that ever sat in front of my face
I was sure I'd make it through to the next year
I've seen all kinds of things but Marilyn Monroe was a true star
She was so voluptuous a sex god for the poor

Rocking and reeling the evening away
As the TV burns a hole in our minds
What folly is this?
What can we learn from their mistakes?
How to make mistakes
Little dolly

There is work to do the working class should know
Take all their pay and everything's ok
They know these more to life then trivia and celebrities
And how often their disappointed with them

The good loving blessings of the U. S. of A.
Help us make it through the darkest of nights
I feel the crumby side of the show-business life
As promotional papers fill the wastepaper baskets
As the living ask it why? Oh why, oh why...

The audience at the movies was restless and tired
It had been going on for about an hour
And no one had caught the gist of it yet
The candy and the soda pop pacify the lie
The movie is fake and it influences our lives
And so we learn to act as fake as the movie was
We all practice and rehearse in from of the mirror
But we're not really there

Oh, oh the sadness of the earth
Oh, oh the sadness of the earth
Only because I love you
And I'll always be true
Because I love you
And I'll always be with you
Because I love you

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