Johnston, Daniel - Bloody Rainbow Lyrics

Swirling hypnotic
Disrupts the girl
And the skull-headed spider
The milk was low cal
But what did it matter?
All of her hopes had been shattered
Thrilled to the minute
Bloody rainbow

Away in her chamber
She remembers a love affair
Steamy hot romance
She couldn't care
Looking through her record collection
No one was there
Thrilled to the minute
Bloody rainbow

She's always thinking
Things could turn out right
Like walking the dog
Or flying a kite
Systematic routine blight
All alone and lonely at night
She fell asleep with the TV on
Thrilled to the minute
Bloody rainbow

What a tribulation
There's finally salvation for the dead
It's the good things that they said
It's the good times that really last
We almost have come from the past
Thrilled to the minute
Bloody rainbow

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Johnston, Daniel Bloody Rainbow Comments
  1. Subtle Q

    Such an honest, emotionally free song.
    Always use your FREE WILL to support independent music.

  2. A Weeping Empathy Music

    I came here after listening to Built To Spill's new cover of this song... they both are good, but Daniel just really transcends.. RIP Daniel Johnston

    God Bless

  3. John MacDaniel

    Special song writer. Built to Spill has a cover of this that is being released.

  4. Devon Monaghan

    bye daniel, i will miss you 💔


    we sure will.

  5. Alex Werkmeister

    Reminds me of Neutral Milk Hotel... A lot. If you like this, you'll most likely like NMH.
    Sure, it's not what most people jam to these days, but fuck most people.

  6. Ryan Matthews

    @AuroraTheDragon No but your ability to spell is indeed a joke :)

  7. Frances Moon

    This song just made my day.

  8. EdAmes1221

    does anyone know the chords?

    Billy Jahnke

    EdAmes1221 I know its been 7 years but just to help you out im pretty sure daniel only knows G

    Chris Embry

    @Billy Jahnke If you're good with lyrics and tempo, all you need is two chords. Anything more is vanity.

  9. kyler McDonley

    @ChristianMierda ME TOO!!!

  10. Rajajaja Rajajajajajaja

    @forrizzle28 Just because someone doesn't like it, doesn't mean they "don't get it", it's just not for everyone.

  11. kyler McDonley

    i think its about the true nature, none like it.

  12. Jack Kraus

    now i get it, its low fi i just am not a big fan of it. dont think of me as a hater i heard his whole story and its very sad and i regret that previous comment so, sry

  13. suhijo

    jajajaja yeah!!

  14. myles jarvis

    Not everyone appreciates genius. That's why theres bands like Nickleback

  15. kyler McDonley

    my faviorate

  16. Kiegan Boersma

    He's all about lyrical content, coming from him. If other people sang it, it wouldnt punch out as well - it wouldnt be as genuine, it wouldnt be from him. Alot of his songs let you really dig into his head, not to mention his amazing sketches.

    google the documentary on him, and try not to fall in love. i dare you

  17. Jack Kraus

    im not trying to be mean im serious. this is supposed to be bad right? im not joking im serious i dont know

    Chris Embry

    You'll never know, Jack. Enjoy your life of mediocrity.


    @Chris Embry I second your comment, Chris.

  18. Aldo GP

    the correct term is homophobe, and you're stupid

  19. Bestia Queen

    great lyrics for a homophobic

  20. Memoryscreen

    oh the mi of it all

  21. Christian Martinez

    You have a friend in me Daniel Johnston! You're my friend. I freaking love you so freaking much. I'm as obsessed with you as you are with the Beatles!!

  22. kowtpr187

    is this 2008?

  23. IRH

    Fantastic lyrics, even for Johnston.