Johnny Reid - You Got Me Lyrics

You got the moon
I got the stars
And we got tonight, baby
Right in our arms
When that cold wind comes
Howling 'cross the sea
I got you, and you got me

I got your heart
You got my soul
And your eyes
They are the way
Of letting me know
When that cold wind comes
Howling 'cross the sea
I got you, and you got me

I got you, and you got me
And as long as we're together
We got all we'll ever need
From the sunrise to the sunset
Through the night and in our dreams
I got you (Yeah I got you), you got me

I got you, and you got me
And as long as we're together
We got all we'll ever need
From the sunrise to the sunset
Through the night and in our dreams
I got you (Yeah I got you), and you got me

(Oh yeah)
I got you, you got me

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Johnny Reid You Got Me Comments
  1. Bitter Buffalo

    What's with the lip syncing and looking into the mirror

  2. Kim Charbonneau

    My friend passed away from cancer and she had the coolest car..and we listened to Mr.Johnny Reid.all the time..thank you xo

  3. Jack Linklater sr

    This song reminds me of my late bro he really like this song

  4. Iris Simpson

    Just cant explain the felling when i hear that song its amazing the music is awdime you are amazing love it

  5. marie clark

    I just love this guy. His music makes me happy.

  6. Robby Hufnagel

    Ja ,wir haben uns lieb Song.Jetzt wird Liebe gemacht....

  7. Diana Hayse

    I like this song.....

  8. Roderick Spence

    and people pay to see him

  9. Lacey Lee

    Guess who’s done with your B S that would be me

  10. Ann Barnes

    My favourite song
    Could play it all day

  11. Angelina Pascuzzi

    This Sony is so emocional i love it

  12. Ruth Boykin


  13. Yvonne Caligal two

  14. Nahid mohemed

    If you can't get along with yourself how you what to understand other people if you don't love yourself how you can love people the truth

  15. Rosie Duval

    Love this singer

  16. Tommy Butler

    I am playing this song for AMANDA Taylor I love this girl and she knows I do love her God bless Amanda. Always and for every

  17. Alkohol izm

    This guy has no idea how big of a hit he is on the rez

    Kimberley Ongahak

    Yes indeed

  18. Luciano Barone

    Love him

  19. Maryann Stone

    Love voice

  20. billclorraineg

    Beautiful song great singer. Lorraineg.

  21. Josephine Grandjambe

    He's so awesome....loves him so much

  22. Mikey_Suze Four

    Yikes there's 806 haters of this song! :-(

  23. min.a sinisin

    a little of Rod Stewart...

  24. Penny Leonard

    Love love love 💕 this song is my favorite love you Johnny

  25. Nahid mohemed

    You should send this to your wife or girlfriend see the change we can change people's personality be giving

  26. A. Jumbo

    Good song. Real country.

  27. Nahid mohemed

    Only chance we have to prove to this life only once

  28. Dayna Maidens

    I play this over and over and over and over ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  29. Dr. Bill

    I love the song but my ex was a musician, and I had to sing this sing 10 times a day. I haven’t heard it in 6 years. Doesn’t sound as good as it used to. 😆

  30. Pat Fitzgerald

    I can’t help it I love him,,,he still my sweetie

  31. Tunde Saliu

    I love this music

  32. Nahid mohemed

    You deserve it all

  33. Jo-Anna Bushman

    We have been so in love .... he called me up , sunny late morning of summer and said he heard this song on the radio. He came over in the afternoon and we both been watching this video . The part of the video they talk on the phone ... he said to me " it's just like us " Even though it was many years ago, I am watching it today July 14 of 2019 it brings back the memories of that summer's afternoon . We are still in love and we always will be. He crossed over on June 29 of 2019 .

  34. Lacey Lee

    A woman like you is a seXy song


    how does he only have 22k subs??!!!

  36. Jane Woods

    Just can't pass these tunes up. Great artist for sure who really pulls you to the messages of each song.

  37. olga eva parravicini

    Una mejores música romántica para bailar con alguien

  38. Jean Budgell

    Awesome voice. Love it, love it, love this song.

  39. Penny Duncan

    I love love you let your feelings out

  40. maragret Downs

    Love this Song xx

    Bernard Gurney

    Me 61 me love thiz songz tearz rllin down now feel like screamin good muzic hagd Amen

  41. I change my name to much

    Why do i cry when i hear this?

    Try to guess

    Bernard Gurney

    Cool muzic me too cryin lil tearz love muzic for mother's wife love one's hagd Amen

    I change my name to much

    @Bernard Gurney well my grandpa liked this song but he died of cancer

  42. Bernard Gurney

    Me 61 still dancin good day

  43. Audrey Duchesneau

    im i the only one listening to this song -awesome singer love him -try it some time you well feel fantastic

  44. Alice Jerome

    GO SUB TO MY SON IT'S Play fulNinja355

  45. R-Dre Nelson

    oh my god. i love this song.............

  46. Maxi Argenta


  47. Myrna Barager

    His show is not to be missed. What an entertainer!

  48. Zalera

    This is My Grandma and Grandpas song<3
    My Grandma still listens to this after he passed, he passed before I could barely know him

    It’s still sweet that she still loves him the way she looks at the moon<3

  49. Juliette Dezobry

    Beautiful 😍

  50. Grant Johnson


  51. Dean Asby

    oh wait..... rod stewart

  52. Dean Asby

    Great song.... but maybe he should get bryan adams to sing it

  53. Audrey Miller

    Love my Johnny !

  54. eric crane

    2019 baby....

  55. maragret Downs

    Love this Singer xx

  56. Angela Thorne

    and man

  57. Sissy Bear

    I don’t mind this song at all 🤗🤗🤗

  58. ingemar bjornson

    I try to sing this to my lovely wife but I get so choked up I lose my voice.

  59. Diane Hayse

    Love the way he sings this song. But,I love Ronnie McDowell more. Just saying.....

  60. lisa tran

    I loved all your songs just like my the gift to me :-)

  61. Diane Hayse

    I'm still kicking my own butt for never hearing of this man. Cause he is a GOOD singer. Awesome really!!

  62. moosehunter96

    Bra låt och röst!

  63. sahra ecker

    Great Song

  64. Helena Jordaan

    I love that song and the face a thousand.

  65. Stella Ercolani

    Women are irreplaceable, each unique...

  66. Stella Ercolani

    Beautiful in every way.

  67. Stella Ercolani

    What a sweetheart!

  68. Stella Ercolani

    Sweet love

  69. Liz Cook

    Love this mans wonderful

  70. Clara Roberts

    love this music so beautiful.

  71. Suzanne Trapper

    Belle chanson 🤟🏼

  72. Geri Grey

    Feeling Love for DMC in sucka nucka tonight and tomorrow nd 4 ever

  73. marchie s

    Hope to hear this song sung to me , hopefully , one fine day :-)

  74. Bossome 223

    my sister in law loved johnny ried..playing all johnny reid, songs rip my beautiful sister in law..Bonnie..we missed you and love you more than words can imagine

    Infidel GlockDoc S.

    Bossome 223

  75. Christina Chief

    To My Husband 💞

  76. Alcira Zalazar

    Quiero la traducción de la letra

  77. Connie Williams

    yes u are really really really sweet

  78. Connie Williams

    sweet sweet sweet sweet voice

  79. Connie Williams

    sweet voice from day one and always Awesome

  80. Berit Samuelsson


  81. Christine Oppenheim

    wow, that is a bit; shocked; and figure …...need to move forward

  82. Christine Oppenheim

    know that tomorrow; and day after tomorrow, that I have to wake up without my friend;

  83. Christine Oppenheim

    people deal with this all the time

  84. carolyn kennedy

    Love your songs.You are awesome.

  85. Marguerite LeBouthillier

    beautiful song love it beautiful voice

  86. Adrienne Tyler

    Rip kristen noon. Love you Ryan tyler

  87. Audrey Brewster

    wow what a voice

  88. jacque ranger

    just the right amount of gravel in the voice

  89. Marthe Morais

    Love the style of your music and your voice

  90. QTee

    Btw, is all i ever ask from a man - time, kindness, and most importantly, respect.

  91. QTee

    You really think a woman like me doesnt deserve better than that?

  92. Brimarma

    One of my favourites... Feels like heaven 💖

  93. z. gamer


  94. Nora Thom

    Love this song

  95. TMLkid Mike

    My mom favourite song

  96. Diane Edgar

    I love you, Johnny Reid! The Voice! The Voice! The Voice! Blessings, from Above! Thanks be to God! Amen! Amen! Amen!